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  1. My first wife MAJORED in Home Ec at SFSU class of 1972. She sure could sew up a storm. Seamus
  2. We only got two of the big three networks where I lived. Once we traveled to visit my sister in Chicago and brought her our old TV set. As the folks were setting it up I helpfully informed Sis that “It works best on channels 2 and 13”. Seamus
  3. A $5 bag of BIC razors and a $2 can of Barbasol last me about a year. With a mustache and chin whiskers and shaving maybe twice a week it’s not much of an investment. Seamus
  4. I recall years back seeing the place in Vallejo with the submarine on the roof and later wondering whatever happened to it. Google shows that there is still a Horse and Cow bar in Bremerton WA and I believe there was one in San Diego fir a while. Be interesting to find out what happened to the sub. Seamus
  5. The term second front referred to the Russians desire that the Western allies invade the Continent. They did not consider either the North African or Italian campaigns significant enough to merit being considered to be a true second front. Seamus
  6. I recall hearing some time back that if you use grits you should use the original, not the instant type. Not sure why but that’s what I use in some of my big bore BPCR ammo. I load it with a Lee Dipper. Seamus
  7. I’m 72, seven years retired. Recently was the first ever time I had to buy a box of paper clips. Seamus
  8. “A Face in the Crowd” is a great movie. Who’d expect good ole Sheriff Andy Taylor to play such a creep. Another good role where Andy Griffith plays against type is in the underrated “Hearts of the West”. Seamus
  9. Victory Models in my opinion are much underrated. Who know what that piece did when it as still chambered in .380-200. A piece of history for sure. Seamus
  10. I like that quote in the first post “… and PROVED it.” Seamus
  11. Absolutely! The line at the escape tunnel is that long! Seamus
  12. Working there you could update the old Johnny Cash song One Piece at a Time. “We’ll it’s a 30, 32, 38, 44, 45…” Seamus
  13. Here is the latest incarnation of this travesty from the new season of Big Sky. Seamus
  14. The California requirements noted above are consistent with the federal law which allows out of state drivers to pass through any state with a firearm as long as it is carried in that fashion. Seamus
  15. Perfect for that midnight reloading session. Seamus
  16. Hi Chantry Ian’s video specifically addresses this issue. On the Chinese made.45 ACP Broomhandles the bolt is not held by the clip but instead by a notch on the rear of the bolt which locks into the hammer. Pulling back on the hammer releases the bolt to close. He mentions is the reason why they could use two five round clips to load the gun. See his video on Warlord Pistols at about the six minute mark. He also states that he’s never seen an original five round Chinese clip and that .30-06 and other clips do work. Seamus
  17. Looks like they could have used 5s and 10s. Seamus
  18. A couple of folks on the forum PW linked to made similar comments but I am inclined to trust Ian’s statement that the .45 Broomhandles used five round clips. Maybe they were originally used or copied from rifle clips. Seamus
  19. Thanks PW. Not sure why they’d not use a 10 round clip but I believe Ian if he says they used two fives. For the rest of you pre-verts the interweb has plenty of what you’re lookin for Seamus
  20. A friend of mine whose father had a large collection and owned a small gun shop for a while showed me this little five round brass stripper loaded with five old .45 ACP rounds. Has anyone ever seen one like this or have an idea what it was used for? Thanks for any responses. Seamus
  21. Most of my real close friends are gun guys. Some friends are not gun owners. But I’m not really friends with anti-gun people. Seamus
  22. I think that all of our Moms had the right response to that type of request: This isn’t a restaurant! Seamus
  23. Hi Fretless I gotta add one thing too, nothing to do with this thread but I must say that your interests are among the coolest and most diverse I’ve seen on this site. Seamus
  24. Not in my experience. If I don’t instantly answer in the negatives I am accused of saying “yes”! Seamus
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