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  1. I have started using Birchwood #77 to run the first patches through rifle and revolvers and does a great job. I spray my shotgun with Windex, with vinegar, wait about thirty minutes and run a tornado brush through that takes out all of the snot then two patches with Ballistol and all done. Hot water and soap is also good for cleaning. I do clean the nipples each time soaking in a solution while I am cleaning the other revolver parts. Once you find a routine that works for you it doesn’t take that long. Welcome to the C&B world. DC
  2. Our Governor has requested everyone to wear masks outside the home. I needed to go to the bank but not sure I should wear this mask
  3. I like my Outlaws much better than my old 58’s. The trigger guard on the 58’s smashed my fingers but not an issue on the outlaws. Have fun with them. I looked at your new revolvers in classifieds and if I switch from C&B I will look for a set in 44-40 as well. Enjoy! DC
  4. I will still pay the $375.00 for the Dragoon & holster shipped. Thanks, DC

    1. Sonny Blue Sky

      Sonny Blue Sky

      I can't do that If it doesn't sell I will just keep it. But Thanks

    2. Diamond Curly SASS#57086

      Diamond Curly SASS#57086

      Thanks for the reply. DC

  5. I checked out our local USPO  and a UPS office and they want between $85.00 - $110.00 plus $45.00 more for a box to ship it. Sounds too high for me but just letting you know. Rates have really increased this past year. Thanks, DC

    1. The Telemark Kid

      The Telemark Kid

      Hi Diamond Curly,

      Wow!  That is a lot to ship, but I need one and I'm ready to pull the trigger.  Please call me so I can get your money going to you;-)

      Thank you so much!

      Kirk, aka: The Telemark Kid

      541-482/180 eight

  6. I have got an older Lyman new army that I can give you a deal on that I have had a long time. it has an eight barrel that you can cut down. Let me know what you think. DC

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    2. McCandless


      Sounds like a plan. Will do.




    3. McCandless


      Diamond Curly,

      My apologies, I thought I had sent this out.  But, I just saw the envelope still sitting on the corner of my cluttered desk/work-top.  I'm trying to send this out via Priority Mail, but the post office site won't take this, William Edick, 239 Bailey Colorado 80421.  Do you have a city or town name I can plug into that line?



      Again, I'm sorry for making you wait on this.


    4. Diamond Curly SASS#57086

      Diamond Curly SASS#57086

      The address is 239 Bailey Drive, Bailey, Colorado 80421. I forgot to put in the city, thanks, DC

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  7. I traded for the revolver 10 years ago and never shot it. It appears to be the black powder frame according to the front to faced owl head grip. I would prefer a FTF sale in Colorado but would ship if buyer pays fees and shipping. I will include 100 rounds of ammo as well. Asking $90.00. Pics available with an e-mail. Thanks, DC
  8. I try to get to the range for my Swede 96, glocks, Ruger LC9, TC Renegade, various 22 rifles and pistols about once a week. I do shoot pistols at home but not rifles.
  9. I shot with him when he lived in Colorado. Rest in peace pard.
  10. I would not have a problem allowing someone to shoot Frontiersman with the 58 carbine. It would not take that long to exchange and cap the new cylinder in the carbine. I have shot with one pard who shot a percussion shotgun with preloaded paper shot shells and that was a lot of fun to watch. I agree that the cylinder should be capped on the line as well. I shoot with South Park Slim and he is a safe shooter so could handle the transition well. Looking forward to seeing him at a shoot with his carbine.
  11. I looked at Buds Guns and the only have 45's left. They will let me know if they get any in 38. Thanks, DC
  12. I would not be at the loading table either if someone capped a cylinder outside the frame and then replaced the cylinder. The original post did not say what brand of caps he was using or what size cap. I have had good luck replacing any of the three caps that Dawg mentioned with Remington #10. I use the back of my in line capper to seat the caps because you do not have to have that much pressure to seat the cap. I have used other cap brands and was not pleased. Put on better nipples and use Remington caps and he will not have to squeeze then to make then stay in place. Works for me.
  13. I tried wearing the flap holsters for a few monthly matches and it was fun. What I found out that to make it effective I had to shoot every match with the same set up or it was not fun. Give it a try and see if you like it. Good luck.
  14. I started out with a Hartford 92 in 38 special and that worked out financially for me at the time. I still shoot a 92 in 38spec occasionally but prefer my 66 or 73 in 44/40. The new Rossi 92 is fairly affordable and I would chose that over the Henry Big Boy just because of price. If they want a Henry Big Boy then that is what they should buy. I switched to black powder after two years is the main reason I switched to the 66 and 73. When I shoot smokeless I use my 92.The Henry shoots good out of the box but I did need some work on the new Rossi to make it shoot smooth. Wishing them a good experience in SASS whichever way they go with a rifle. DC
  15. Most of the 38 spl come with the Navy grips but I like either grips. Thanks, DC
  16. Thanks for the reply but I already have a pair in 45 Schofield. DC
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