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  1. I started out with a Hartford 92 in 38 special and that worked out financially for me at the time. I still shoot a 92 in 38spec occasionally but prefer my 66 or 73 in 44/40. The new Rossi 92 is fairly affordable and I would chose that over the Henry Big Boy just because of price. If they want a Henry Big Boy then that is what they should buy. I switched to black powder after two years is the main reason I switched to the 66 and 73. When I shoot smokeless I use my 92.The Henry shoots good out of the box but I did need some work on the new Rossi to make it shoot smooth. Wishing them a good experience in SASS whichever way they go with a rifle. DC
  2. Most of the 38 spl come with the Navy grips but I like either grips. Thanks, DC
  3. Thanks for the reply but I already have a pair in 45 Schofield. DC
  4. I am looking for a pair of 1871-1872 open tops in 38 spl. looking for shorter barrels but will look at long barrel as well. Thanks, Diamond Curly
  5. Lassiter will make it a pleasure to shoot after he does his magic on it it. Well worth the investment.
  6. Loading 44/40 is not as bad as you here. You do have to take your time getting everything set up then your time will improve. I enjoy the 44/40 round. You will crunch a few cases at first but hand in there and it will get easier. Great round for black powder.
  7. I shoot an 87 in black and practise is always good. The hardest for me was not slamming the lever after the first shot. When I load I try to lower the barrel when I put in the shells. The gun is stock heavy and this works better for me. Try different ways to load and practise the way that feels best for you. I love shooting mine.Just have fun!
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