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  1. Bob you have always been the resident poet laurate, our sage advisor and mentor in critical thinking. In a nutshell you have shown the path to true enlightenment. Thank you Gateway Kid
  2. Yeah, I guess I am kind of a slow learner. Beginning to catch on though. Was never really observant to the news or what was going on around the world. Now you cannot get away from it and quite frankly the current situation scares the bejebbers out of me. What really is bothersome is the way some (including a few on these forums) make excuses for the destruction of our way of life and pardon extra ordinarily bad/perverted behaviors as just another form of self expression. Sad really. Regards Gateway Kid
  3. Similar to my experience. Didn't even need to go to the socialist web sight for BLM or occupy "anything" Just posted his picture that was captioned "self defense is a personal responsibilty". No commentary from me just the posting. I got over 100 responses in less than an hour and almost all of them told me "I should watch my back", "we will find you", "you redneck racist m@therf#$ker", "lets see what you say when someone blows away your family", "hope someone blows your head off a$$hole". And those were the milder ones! Reported the comments and about another hour or so later I found that I had violated their community standards and my account was being suspended. I guess like most things liberal the only standards they have are the "double" kind. Personally don't really mind being banned from such a pathetic community of losers. Such is the "tolerant", "diverse", "inclusive" and "peaceful" left! Regards Gateway Kid
  4. Got my cup Bulleit gift set for last Thanksgiving. Got another with the glasses for Christmas. Got the bag (magnetic closure) as a promotional gift in February. Another in green when I tried their Rye whiskey. Thinking I may need to see if there is anything else out there. I like Bulleit! Regards Gateway Kid
  5. Good point. By the same token the janitor at GM has no clue what the CEO will be doing next. But those on the board of directors certainly do know, in detail. That said without the "useful idiot", the janitor, the facility would be messy and somebody would eventually notice that something is wrong. I believe as a society that is where we are right now. Just beginning to notice because of the strong indoctrination of our youth. Hoping our response is not "too little too late" Regards Gateway Kid
  6. Around here you would fit right in. Normally start with something other than SG so moving to it and bringing it into play is crucial. Kind of unusual to start with SG in hands. I practice moving to the left and right to get SG as well as moving to left or right when done. Have fun Gateway Kid
  7. Cleaning rod. Hoppes #9. plenty of patches or old cut up t-shirts. nylon brushes for parts. bronze brush for bore. Only time I use a bore snake is for a quick pass down the bore if I am at the range and caught in the rain/snow/sleet and want to be sure it is dry. Regards Gateway Kid
  8. You have certainly faced more than your share of difficulties in the recent past. I will certainly lift you up in my prayers. I know that you have an inner strength (that many do not) to face up to these obstacles and you do not have any "quit" in you. I believe in the power of prayer and know that you will overcome all of these hardships. Respectfully Gateway Kid
  9. You Think!?!! <rant mode on> The left/liberals/progressives/socialists/communists (feel free to pick a term that you choose) hate repeat hate anything that does not conform to their world view and end goal. Remember they are always most liberal with other peoples money and they firmly believe they are the only ones who can/should lead. If they understood economics they would embrace capitalism for lifting the oppressed up out of poverty. If they understood human nature they would know that any form of socialism is doomed to failure as there will always be some who want more for them selves, some work for it, some forcibly take it , some use governmental pressure to steal it and no amount of singing Kum by Yah is going to change that. If they understood that law and order is the bedrock of society that allows citizens to participate in their community they would be coming after criminals every day to keep them from harming those who cannot defend themselves. They would see that condoning and decriminalizing these behaviors leads eventually to an overall breakdown of societal norms between citizens. If they understood that addictions of many types divert productive people from accomplishing the goals they have in their life and producing a better society for all they would not be so gung ho on legalizing drugs, gambling, prostitution and pornography. Anything in excess has potential to derail a person and make them less than they could otherwise be. If they understood business they would not be attempting to create a "class envy" between income levels. Those differences come about for a lot of reasons but one commonality is that sitting on your hind end and expecting someone else to pay your way in life is not a long term viable strategy. It is simply jealousy and laziness. BUT and this is a very big but, they see themselves as a superior human and the great unwashed masses should simply follow their leadership. In their opinion this will provide wealth, power and control for them and peaceful existence for the masses as the masses are led by the superior man. The big question is this, if their viewpoint is so obvious why do they need to indoctrinate those without any real world experience to get the masses to see they are correct? Why do they need to lie, exaggerate, slant or simply ignore everyone else who doesn't agree? Why do they need to rewrite history rather than taking some time and learning from it? Pretty sure you know the answer. The only history we really need was written 2000 years ago and the only laws we need were written in 10 sentences on some rocks. <rant mode off> Regards Gateway Kid
  10. Unfortunately you are probably right. I was brought up that hope springs eternal but todays politicians send me into tears pretty much all the time. Their behavior is that of the kid in school who was always picked last, or who could not get a prom date and they are out to make everyone pay for not putting them on a pedestal when they were younger. All the best Gateway Kid
  11. Just a few questions for the "governor". 1. How many "ghost" guns have you actually seized in the course of solving a criminal investigation during the past year or so? And how does that number compare to the previous year or so? If you seized 5 "ghost" guns this year compared to 0 last year that is a 500% increase that certainly sounds scary but is statistically meaningless when compared to the number of firearms used in huge number of crimes in your state/major cities. 2. How many unserialized firearms have you seized this year compared to last year? See the above comment. For that matter how many "assault weapons" have been seized, particularly those without serial numbers? 3. How many "deceptively" designed guns, that is guns purposely built to look like a toy, but that are actually a real gun have you seized? Is this a real thing or one more pipe dream from a delusional politician. A LEO facing down a firearm of any type is unlikely to be able to identify toy/real anyway, particularly in the dark when most crimes seem to occur. Since the current politically acceptable answer is to throw your officers under the bus because they make a wrong decision (in a split second situation) I cannot see why they would not respond to any form of a gun as if it was real in any case. And for a bad guy to bother "disguising" a gun as a toy seems like more effort than a POS bad guy would see fit to put forth. Since New York has pioneered so many successful crime prevention strategies, fired case required from manufacture, no bail required desk tickets for an evergrowing list of crimes, single patrol officers in high crime areas, stop and frisk, may issue concealed permits (only available to the well connected), decriminalizing various drugs and quantities of them, ignoring repeat offender mandatory sentences (after implementing the progressively more severe penalties in the first place). The list is endless. How about a simple "do the crime do the time" and get these animals into a cage where they belong, let them serve their full sentence, no parole or probation for repeat offenders, reparations to the victim of their crime and no social benefits until repaid. Any of these would work better than going after windmills in your best Don Quixote imitation!!! Regards Gateway Kid
  12. Who do you think was on stage as the entertainment ??!? Regards Gateway Kid
  13. Stealing this and sending it to a couple engineer friends. (and their wives) Regards Gateway Kid
  14. Not laughing, but when I lived in Denver my house was at exactly 5,280 feet. My current home is at almost 4,600 feet in Grand Junction. My wife has crested 27 of the 54 fourteeners (14,000 feet plus mountains) in Colorado and I have completed 20 of them. Much younger and better shape then but oxygen content not really a problem. Like they say pressure is relative. Couple of friends skydive occasionally will have to ask at what altitude they jump and whether their aircraft even has oxygen masks. Regards Gateway Kid
  15. 39 years for Sharon and I as of September this year. Since I never expected to see my 25th birthday (long story) I consider that quite an accomplishment. Should probably get around to asking Sharon what she thinks someday . Regards Gateway Kid
  16. Unsolicited plug here. Two years ago Cholla made me a hat band and belt buckle on relatively short notice, got them into my hands quickly, and the quality is really, really good. Still use the hat band as part of my match persona and drag out the buckle for other events. Well done, Cholla. Too bad I am not going to Border Town would love that bolo tie and knife sheath. Regards Gateway Kid
  17. Used to be all I used in my AR platform rifles (small rifle) and my 9mm pistols (small pistol). One of the reasons I switched to Federals was because the CCI's became unavailable around here. Never had a FTF in a stock gun from any primer until I started using the "lightened" springs in my cowboy rifles. My rugers still don't seem to care what primer I use but I learned my rifles were generally more reliable with Federals. At this point I pretty much exclusively use Federals in everything but would not be (to) worried if I had to switch to something else. I could always tighten the strain screw ('73) a quarter to half turn if need be. Regards Gateway Kid
  18. Wishing you all the best in your endeavors. At the present time there are many articles being written about how Australia should be considered a wake up call to those of us in the States. Every time I see an article, thread or email regarding those down under, I begin to understand a bit more how valuable our second amendment is and how it must be defended vigorously. All of the Aussie's (and Kiwi's as well) that I have met have had an amazingly persistent focus on those things they wish to work for. Certain that you and your council will be the same. Again good luck Gateway Kid
  19. Primer ignition depends on lots of things, springs being only one of them. How light a spring are you planning on using? Heavy springs are used by many mfgs. to ensure function in the face of poor fit and finish Have the guns been tuned/smithed to be smooth without burrs, glitches or parts dragging against each other. slows down the hammer fall especially with light springs. Is the firing pin extending correctly the proper distance out from its bushing. to short and you will get a light strike, to long and it is subject to damage. Is your hammer pull to full cock then squeeze trigger to release? or do you let go while slip hammering and occasionally only pulling the hammer back most of the way? again to short when cocking can result in insufficient hammer speed coupled with light springs equals misfires. Is the cylinder correctly indexed so when the firing pin strikes the primer it is centered and not off to one side. Off center strikes with sub par primers can fail to correctly compress the "pellet" that goes bang and ignites your powder. Fairly certain that the more "gunsmith" types could better explain all this but these are some of the things to watch out for. BTW if I haven't welcomed you to the game HOWDY!!! Gateway Kid
  20. That would explain all the people wearing makeup and mascara in New Orleans. Up here in the west we have renegades and rogues who would rob trains, banks and such because their behavior was outside the norms of polite society. Just having fun with ya CB Regards Gateway Kid
  21. Clever girl!! and smarter man to follow that advice Regards Gateway Kid
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