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  1. mechanical trigger. you'll have to ask Boogie how he does it I'm just happy to shoot his works.
  2. Up for sale is my hardly used Stoeger 12 ga 3" Supreme shotgun. Has Shotgun Boogie full race upgrades. Additionally, the rear stock was narrowed a bit by Johnnie Meadows to make the grip more like an SKB diameter. Options include the following: Adjustable chokes; Oversized front bead; Stay open function; Safety modified (missing :-)); Almost perfect wood; Used less than 4 matches; LEVER WORKS IN BOTH DIRECTIONS (great for lefties). $800.00 firm or only trade for an AR pistol in 9mm. Easier to find a Unicorn these days. Any further questions let me know. Thanks
  3. I have several D bar J hats and believe them to be the pick of the litter. Good deal for anyone.
  4. I know, can you believe that. Whew.
  5. what are you gonna do without a chin? Hard to eat?
  6. BTT getting ready for the weekend. all dressed up n nowhere to go.
  7. if you sell these,,,,,,what are you going to use to dance in? Windy
  8. yes, work done by Lassiter rather than someone dressed in black using his name.
  9. I have one I'm going to list tomorrow or Thursday. Stoger 12 ga. Shotgun Boogie full race ready. over $500.00 in upgrades adjustable chokes big brass bead rimmed tubes stay open single trigger safety removed grip thinned by Johnny Meadows to make it closer to a SKB grip AND LEVER OPENS IN BOTH DIRECTIOBS FOR A LEFT HAND SHOOTER AS WELL. Used in 3 matches.. over $800.00 invested..Will sell for $800.00 shipped to your FFL
  10. Up for sale is my recently acquired 1887 lever gun, 20 inch BBL. PW87-0023XX, Made in China (what a shock). Thought I'd like to try it. Big mistake. Used in 1 1/2 matches, maybe 18 rounds shot thru it. Lots of fun but I just can't give up my SKB's and I don't wanna take the time to learn how to use it like Lassiter :-). It's so new there's not even a gun cart nick in the wood (see pix). Has Lassiter drop 2 installed. $800.00 shipped to your FFL Questions? No trades at this time unless you have a AR15 9mm pistol with brace. Easier to find a Unicorn these days. Windy
  11. not before, but did now thanks
  12. What's the barrel lengty of the 66 and is it short stroked? Raceshots@aol.com
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