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  1. I have a set of tricked out , race ready Birdshead 32's about to go up for sale this week if any interest.....NOT CHEAP................
  2. I definitely know.....I already have 2 sets of boogies. 1 vaquero n 1 in single six 32 plow handles.SAY HELLO TO MATT FROM WINDY. Take care.
  3. I don't need one but it's so beautiful, I'll take one too. WINDY CITY RED...
  4. I have 3 of these covers.. Not only are they functional, they are absolutely beautiful on my guns.
  5. Thanks, really liked the wool one.. Have a ton of others.
  6. Some stages have 6 or 8 so you should consider a belt that holds 10 to be safe.
  7. We have put on 3 front wheels over the years. Now we travel with one as a spare. DEFINITELY the Achilles heel of the cart design.
  8. Thanks. I must have an old book. Mine only listed 38, 44. 45 lc
  9. How much for the cigars?
  10. I'm changing bullet weights on 32 H and R from 100 gr rnfp to 78 grain rn using VV310. I WAS using 2.0 gr with the 100, but can't find a formula for the 78 grain with VV310. I checked the VV web site to no avail.....ANY HELP/SUGGESTIONS would be appreciated.
  11. There's one for sale on here. Slick Mc lade had 1 I think.
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