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  1. BTT, will somebody please buy these so I can put mine on here. LOL
  2. unrealistic if you're expecting one with work done on it.
  3. pretty deep waters. good luck
  4. I'll take the Willie Nelson narrated dvds and the John Wayne 4 DVD set. WINDY CITY RED
  5. that johnny is one hell of a guy. I speak from personal experiences.
  6. Cody usually does cut n weld. Don't know if that changed. Either way, great gun, reasonable price,,,,,won't last long on here.
  7. I have a very expensive pair of totally tricked out Ruger's. Octagonal barrels, short stroke , custom grips, everything. if any further interest, let me know. Windy City Red.
  8. Lol , besides my wife, I have enough keepers. This one's gonna go on the market here as soon as I can figure out the value. Oh, you know I'm talking about the gun, not my wife right?
  9. dear boulder, I dropped it in the mail box,. hope it finds it's way to you. after added pic, anyone have a guess on value so I can post it here.. Thanks again. Windy City Red
  10. I have this old Smith & Wesson revolver which I picked up in trade. however, I can't figure out the model and therefore the value. I've been told it may be a airman issued gun as it's marked US property. if anybody can help me with the model and approximate value I would appreciate it thanks Windy City Red raceshots8@gmail.com update - gun seems in pretty good condition considering it's age. serial number on cylinder matches number on the frame.
  11. what do you estimate shipping n ins. to Tucson, 85705?
  12. the 97 looks great, the 97 sounds great, the 97 shoots great when it's working. The only problem with the 97, they break at the most inopportune moment :-)
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