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  1. Congratulations Doctor Harp, finally after all those years and hard work. It has finally paid off. Best wishes to you and Sam in the future. Love ya Pick & Josie
  2. Hi Johnny, at our club we use five pistols, most of the J W shooters either have three holsters on their person and carry two, one in each hand, or have a pistol rack they can carry their pistols to the stage with. You are right, you need to make sure they have a safe place to stage their pistols and to re-stage them after they shoot them. When shooting J W I only require them to shoot a maximum of 4 shotgun targets even if the stage calls for more shotgun targets for regular shooters, it just eliminates unnecessary issues and since are shooting against other J W shooters it has never been an issue. I only require them to hit the shotgun targets, they do not have to go down. Also even though they only shoot 4 shotgun targets I let them load 5 rounds in their pistol, hammer over empty chamber. This allows them an extra shot in case of a miss without having to reload. If the 5th round is not needed just take it to the unloading table remaining in pistol, but the live round cannot be under the hammer, there is no penalty for the extra round this way. If they would go to unloading table with loaded round under hammer all penalties would apply, S D. Hope this was of some help. I'm sure other clubs have different variations but this seems to work for our club.
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