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  1. See this is where the RO III Manual comes in handy... it tells you that two revolvers and a rifle or shotgun, cannot be "in hand" at the same time. No, it means that it's really the luck of the draw... and to think we got rid of "rank points" because folks thought the same thing... Actually, I think those same 4 people have to on your posse... Because the only four I care about are the TO & Spotters. The rest of them are simply an audience for me to play to! Remember, the game IS about entertainment!
  2. Tease! Posting a picture of a video... and not attaching the video!
  3. Hmmm... fixed it? I really kinda wanted this '73 to remain a 45 Colt gun... I did buy it second hand, from a friend that'd had two extractors replaced by Uberti... the second time it went to VTI while someone from the factory was there. Came back in perfect shape. It's never seen a factory load, and has seen exactly one squib in the 35 years I've owned it. Put the factory parts back in, and it works perfectly! Again! So... I took my much newer 1860 Henry and installed the parts in it... In the 1873, it wouldn't go into battery with a round in it, while in the 1860, it will. No the lever is still not parallel to the lower tang, without a trigger block safety, it locks up tight, and cycles my dummy rounds from magazine to ejection perfectly. I'll test fire it tomorrow... and call PGW.
  4. Aye, but there's no professional version of our game. So it remains a game.
  5. Or mechanic skills, plumbing, electrician... whatever! I installed a C45S carrier in my Uberti "73 along with a PGW Super Short Stroke kit... Finally got past the carrier/bolt interference... and loaded up several C45S rounds with a 160 grain bullet. Went to cycle the first one... chambers fully, but... the lever is about 3/8" from contacting the trigger block safety! With the factory links in, it works perfectly... I've had this rifle since 1987, and it was my main match rifle until 2014 when I replaced it with a 18-½ Border Rifle. I did the same modification on that rifle and everything worked perfectly, no additional massaging necessary. What sez the peanut gallery? What'd I do wrong?
  6. Game... because as much as we'd all like to be... none of us are professionals.
  7. But... neither can be shot faster two-handed. But, both can be reloaded faster.
  8. The 30º rule came about sometime in the late '90s... seems too many folks were dropping guns and the prevalent 45º holsters got named as the culprit. As I recall... Always thought it was a silly comment on the "nanny-state" mentality that many folks have... instead of blaming the users of ill-fitting holsters, just change the angle so a fallin' out takes more effort. My wife used the same Bill French built 45º X-draw for the ten years she competed and never once dropped her pistol... when she went from a Ruger Blackhawk to a Colt SAA, he made her a new, proper fitting one. Edited to add: The game has evolved in the intervening years... it's not nearly as physically demanding as it once was. We don't throw ourselves from standing to prone, or jump from prone to kneeling or standing as we once did. Now that I'm almost 40 years older than when I started, I have a new-found respect for those in their 60-70s back then to even attempt what we thought was fun!
  9. Look stuff up everytime I see a WTC thread... then compare that to the early ones I have... sometimes give that answer just to mess with Pale Wolf...
  10. A little over 3 years ago I found myself in Sedalia, MO... And could NOT resist visiting both Sierra bullets and Starline... and since they're right next door to each other, it's REALLY convenient! Anyway, I was looking for some .32-40 brass... and since I was there I picked up some .30-30 & 45 Colt brass. They didn't have any .32-40, and weren't taking back orders for it. As explained to me, (or how I understood their answer), they run brass based on demand. After receiving enough requests, they will put "back order allowed" on the website, and when they have near their target quantity on order, they run that brass, filling back-orders and providing some for stock. It was rather impressive seeing their in-house "store" with barrels and barrels of brass just sitting there! And as you can imagine, the majority of the on-hand stock is not for "cowboy" cartridges. Like Cholla, last year I backordered 45 Colt brass and actually received it within a week. Sometimes you're at the front of the line and wait longer, or your's is the order that puts them over the top!
  11. As explained a LONG time ago when this came up... The SASS Wire is open to all interested parties, in order for newbies, and others to learn about SASS, its goals, events and how the game is played. As recent threads have shown, not even active members agree on how it's played... or should be played, rules and structure. I've seen more newbies posing questions rather than giving "Their Expert Opinion". Sometimes those questions may invoke comparisons to gun games they currently play. At times those may come across as criticisms, but are (IMO) really an attempt to understand the differences. Cutting off that avenue of introduction has been deemed "not good for growth".
  12. And yet for 35+ years I've shot .375 out of my Uberti 1851s. three 2nd Gen Colt, one Signature Series, and one ASM assembled of Uberti parts (left overs from the Colt 2nd Gen run).
  13. Griff


    Pretty sure he was talking about p/us... I'm sure there's a good reason Mopar is the 3rd place American car manufacturer...
  14. I can only add that during discussions at our club, it was pretty much the consensus that no change was needed for the shotgun, since they are stage open and empty, and in nearly EVERY case, they are already cocked. A fact that suffered from very little debate back when shooters were called for having their hammered doubles cocked as they approached the line or staged their shotgun. The only change I saw was from "berms" to "downrange"... and was mentioned at our club as we don't have "berms"... Seemed elitist to make that distinction.
  15. Uberti & Henry are manufacturers. Cimarron is simply an importer. They, along with Dixie Gun Works, Taylors import Ubertis. My steel framed 1860 was imported by EMF, back before Uberti cut them off, (long disturbing story there, not belonging here). The two manufacturers are slightly different. When Henry introduced their copy, they said they reverse engineered an original 1860 Henry. Maybe they did, but, in order to fire modern ammunition they had to lengthen the carrier mortise. Not a big dealio, as Uberti did the same. The good thing about the Uberti, is that "go-fast" parts for the Uberti '66 & '73 fit! Another point is that they're not quite as expensive. As for the follower... you either learn to count to five, and move the support hand, use a spacer stick, build a fat, ugly handguard... or... buy another model rifle! The Uberti, in 45 Colt with a C45S carrier will hold 18 rounds! The 45 Colt with its straight walled case has several work-arounds to minimize the impact of powder fouling in the action, (mainly around the carrier).
  16. When regular folks almost always get the call RIGHT, (note the many "no calls" above), it seems to me that most of the ambiguous complexity is by folks "THINKING" and not reading what the rule actually sez, and trying to insert a comma here, or a period there, let alone the extraneous "and", "then" and "after," among others, to the written word. Maybe I don't read EVERY WTC thread, but I don't see that many TGs and/or Rules Committee members chiming in.. Maybe a good exercise would be look for the positive in our rule book, versus seeking out what feels negative... !. It is short, sweet, and well... not cumbersome.. 2. When printed copies were provided, it fit in the shirt pocket... (Note, shirt pockets are legal in CAS) 3. It is easily downloaded and carried around on the ubiquitous smart phone... (Note, smart phones are not listed as illegal items in the back of the rule book)!
  17. Griff


    Non-responsive. While it may be better at sealing from chamber gases during the actual firing... once the extraction process begins, its rearward movement sucks those very same gases back onto the case making them only slightly less dirty that other cartridges... How do I know this... I ran a hundred new cases thru my Lightning and only found 97 in my backyard range.... That's standing in one spot and firing all in groups of 10... not running around a stage with the ejection port facing in several different attitudes...
  18. Griff


    Photographic proof that shiney cases before being used are no asset in aiding brass pickers to clearly spot and recover brass in grassy, rocky, dirt, or especially a combination of all three environments. For your brass to be easier to spot, it should look like the bottom photo AFTER being fired! Quit fooling yourselves and figure that trick out... report back in detail.
  19. Griff


    "Best" is such a subjective term... I've used a vibratory cleaner for more'n 40 years... It works very well... In my experience it's not "best" for cleaning cases after firing BP in them... After sliding along a goodly amount of the "learning curve", I found that using a sonic cleaner was "better"... I truly suspect that "best" is very much like participating in a match... Some folks think the "BEST" way is to move thru the scenario and shoot as quickly as possible. And then there are folks that might be at the other end of the spectrum and feel that at all costs one should be penalty free. Still others seem to think costuming and appearances are the end-all and be-all of participation. Exactly which outlook is "BEST"? Transference of what one perceives to be a problem onto a possibly related or very dissimilar subject is indicative of something... But, I slept thru that part of my psychology class and can't help you Snakebite!
  20. The references to the RO III book, is a tongue in cheek reference to using some uncommon good sense. Or, in the venacular, "common sense".
  21. If you want light recoil, try 15 grains of 3F Goex behind a round ball, a lubed Wonder-Wad in a 36. caliber 1851.
  22. Even if he wasn't scored with the "out of category" procedural due to the prior rifle procedural... he still earned it. A second infraction of the "out-of-category" rule in the same match would result in a SDQ for that 2nd occurrence.
  23. Of those, definitely the Goex 2F. Take the Pyrodex out and mix it in with some potting soil for the flower garden... Makes a really good fertilizer... pardon the pun, but it'll make an explosion of flowers... use plenty of water in you mix... so you don't get an actual explosion...
  24. Although... as point of grammar, we don't "load" the cylinders until we're at the loading table. You can however, "CHARGE" each chamber of the cylinder with powder, lube or lube-wad, & ball howsomever & wheresoever you may wish. And, if you load rifle & shotshell ammo with BP or a qualifying sub, you can shoot in Frontiersman... which is a single handed shooting category. Some places even offer Cap & Ball Gunfighter... for double your fun! But, if you're the weak hearted type, you can fire your cap guns in any category and any shooting style allowed therein.
  25. Well... I finished the short stroke installation and the C45S carrier in my old Uberti 1873 (mfg'd 1986)... and it only holds 19! More'n half that 20th cartridge sticks out the loading port! I'm not sure if cutting the magazine spring & the follower will allow that much more cartridge inside! If it weren't such an onerous, time consuming task, I'd just take up that practicing like true champions do... maybe after retirement!!!
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