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  1. Howdy ya ole Friendly Curmudgeon:

    Sorry fer the Mistaken Identity,,, I'm sure that fellow wasn't near as hansom or up-standing as Ya is .. And probley older and stouter ....

    Anyway my loads have failed to damage any of our Targets ... Bullets are soft cast and the loads used by me are a ballistic match for loads left to me by my granddad, in other words I am shooting loads just like the real Cowboys of the 1870-- 1890s used ....  He left me loads in .45 colts dating from 1874 - 1919 all loaded with real black powder ( over 1,000 rounds ) I tested a few from each different lot ...

    He also left me ammo in .38 WCF dating from 1882- 1896 ....

    My first real job was working on a Ranch the Marketed 40,000 steers per year , My granddad started Ranching in 1866...


    Jabez Cowboy

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