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  1. no case feeder as even when I had my 650 I hated the noise!! I merely loaded 20-25 cases in the tube and refilled as needed.
  2. Standard Glocks come with a 5.5 lb connecter giving you a trigger pull of 5.5 lbs. they used to call them 3.5 lb connectors but most will not have a 3.5 lb trigger pull, more like 4.5 lbs. So now Glock just calls them minus connectors.
  3. Selling off all my plastic fantastic s to buy more cowboy guns, Besides my real guns are 1911's and Hi Powers!! Bedsides Joe said to! Consecutive pair of 9mm G17's NIB with 3 mags and all the goodies! The Glock 17 Gen5 uses a new frame design without finger grooves for versatility while allowing a customizable grip with included backstraps. A built in flared magwell allows for speed reloading. An addition of ambidextrous magazine catch and slide stop lever accomodates left and right handed users. The barrel rifling and crown has now been improved for increased accuracy. Current production Gen5 pistols now include front cocking serrations. Retail for $1294 .... $1K plus $75 shipping. I can install minus connectors in both for $30. Hows about $1050 shipped and I’ll throw in minus connectors in both? any smudges in pics are just dry or oily spots. These have the newest shiny nDLC finish. thanks for looking
  4. Y'all missed the point! The caliber wars are now officially over!! The 9mm is more powerful than the 45acp, there that settles it!! Had a guy at the range tell me once... ." Everybody KNOWS that the millimeters is more powerful than the calibers"! Guess he was right all along!?
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