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  1. Henry Harrison you are so WRONG!! He did in fact retire as a captain from I believe Grantham, NH. Don't know where you came up with your part time

    auxiliary officer nonsense. But he was a POST sworn LE officer for over  4 decades!!

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  2. This is a limited edition by Winchester for Davidson's and come with it's

    certification as such. Comes with a 22" bbl and not the std 28" . Shorter

    bbl is  generally  more accurate as it's stiffer and has less harmonics.

    Also much handier if you actually want to hunt with it.

     Super rich bluing and exceptional presentation grade wood. Usual

    marbles sights along with marbles tang sight as is usual for all

    traditional hunter model 1885s. That's just lint on the forearm pic.

    Brand new never even chambered a round, not a mark on it!

    NIB with all factory paperwork,  asking $1400  to include shipping.





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  3. A rifle with a semi buckhorn rear if you add

    a marbles tang sight do you have to drift

    the rear sight out? Or will you merely sight

    thru the rear sight if you use the tang site? 
    sort of a co-witness type thing?

    my thanks in advance

  4. Nope I just didn’t sell all I had , just as I hung onto some primers. 
     While I sold 10k of 9 brass there’s still about 25K sitting in my garage!

     Found some loaded 9 so I’d just as soon not load if I don’t have to. Selling this to cover the loaded ammos cost as it’s not cheap!

     Any other questions?

  5. Drifter  You are so correct!!

    Everything is fine until that package splits open ( best of worst case scenario's). the the feds come and

    put you up in the grey bar hotel. Then they take all your guns at the same time they take you! then there's

    bail, legal;l fees , etc.  How much you making on those primers or powder?!

    That said you can't fix stupid you can only numb it with a bat!!

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