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  1. got a cpl USFA's that the varnish is thinned out on. Thinking of re coating but not sure

    what varnish or if it's a thinned varnish, etc.

    Also how would I get the old varnish off without damaging the cch?


    anyone have any experience doing this ?


    my thanks in advance

  2. Walmart corporate months ago stated all handgun ammo and any 223/556 rifle ammo is also being phased out  at ALL stores!!

    hunting and shotgun ammo will still be

    carried at stores that have a market for it.

     Mine closed out their handgun ammo at

    50% off weeks ago! 
    I feel safer already!!

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  3. No as none is needed as grips are exempted from the ESA requirements as are knife grips as are piano keys....... any Ivory made to be a part of somethings as in grips, keys etc under 7 oz are exempt I  alsoverified this with the dealer I bought the from this afternoon .

    However no sales to CA, NY,NJ and HI as they have their own restrictions.


  4. The Win/Miroku's have a weird FP set up, unlike the Uberti or so it seems to me?

    Is there say a 1 pc setup for the Mirokus? I know there is for the Uberti's. Or does

    the safety catch in the Mirokus preclude that? If there is a 1 pc who sells it?


    Has anybody listed which parts interchange between the 2? I know a lot can be

    made to fit but looking for drop ins.


    My thanks in advance and sorry if this was asked before.

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    Got a cpl of the usual questions as to why selling.......

    Have medical bills to pay and I don't live on credit

    or I'd be keeping these for sure!

  6. As stated all questions should be in an IM, are you interested in purchasing or stirring the pot?



    To clarify there is an ESA exemption on elephant ivory if it's part of something such as grips or knife handles. They just have to be under 7oz. and attached to the pistol. 

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  7. Has a cpl inquiries about trades the ONLY things I'd be interested in

    USFA 45's in 4.75 or 5.5" bbls

    USFA 38's in 4.75"

    New or LNIB ONLY prefer the premiers with case colors

  8. As the title says these ARE consecutive in 45 Colt, 4.75" bbls with genuine ivory stocks as well as the hard rubber stocks.

     These are 1984 manufacture , when SAA's were a regular production item. These however went thru the custom shop and

    boxes are so marked. they were from a custom order of 6 SAA's  !!  Dealer bought all 6 from the estate and I managed to

    get 2 when he split them up. These are NIB with all paperwork (paperwork was never opened ).

        Asking $5400  NOW $5000  for the pair.  If it seems high take into consideration Firstly they are a consecutive pair,

      Secondly  figure the cost of ivory and then the fitting!! These are special in that they have blind escutcheons, meaning screw

    is only visible from one side!

     NO sales to CA, NY, NJ or HI, sorry.

    If you have any questions or comments PLEASE IM me for a response.





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