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  1. Hey Cat,

    Trying to find how to send a PM on this new wire.

    shoot me an email at, yakimastubbs@aol.com. 



  2. I guarantee the phone is not smarter than we are. What you're describing, above, are the same issues I'm experiencing. I see the full screen alright.....all that is available.
  3. I do not have Internet access out here where I live; I use my iPhone. I've turned the phone on and off, logged out and back in to the SASS application, etc., so short of dancing naked around the campfire, waving a spear and burning chicken feathers, I guess I'm stuck. :-(
  4. I am unable to get to the area in the Forums to turn on "view signatures." My name (alias) does not appear at the top of the Forums forms (pages). I have signed out and signed in again, hoping to reset (reboot my sign-in) the forms...this did not work. Please advise. Cat Brules As you are in the Group Members, you should have the same features as all members. I don't know why you cannot see your alias and avatar in the far upper right of the forum page. Did you restart your computer? If not, try that. I checked your settings and View Signatures was already activated.
  5. My above statement was the "nice Cat" that my wife wishes that I be all the time. Now, my wife gets up and we leave before tshtf.
  6. Yes, fox or coyote. One night, somehow, a coyote scared my little white and black hen, Blanca, into flying out over the pen and took her. I followed the trail 1/2 mile to a very large brush pile on my neighbor's place, crawled in there about 15' back, through an opening and shot a female and 3 pups with an Ace-equipped contract 1911. I gathered up as much of Blanca as I could find and brought her home. I was cut up and scratched pretty good from that. I have a very soft spot for my animals, too. But, I've had coyote go after my horses, too, but the horses gang up on them. Depending on where you live, the likely suspects are coyote, fox, skunk, raccoon, bobcat, or Chupacabra:-). In town, if your cat goes missing, it's probably fox or coyote.
  7. The thing I will not tolerate is when I'm in a restaurant and some brat (not an infant) is throwing a fit and the parents are allowing them to do it. This is probably my number one trigger....it just infuriates me. The parents and the restaurant management. I will finally get up, go to the restaurant management and tell them that we are leaving because they haven't put a stop to the disruption.
  8. yuk yuk :-) While I'm not a big fan of the Patriots, I think they'll win.
  9. Why haven't you called Bear Creek Supply and ASK for the heavier bullets? It is pretty much a one-man shop, so leave a message and call back if you don't get an immediate answer (209) 874-4322 .... Steve 19406 Yosemite Boulevard Waterford CA 95386
  10. There are three or four I recall. The Mean Joe Greene (Coke) ad was one, and the Upside-Down Clown (Bud Light) ad is another. Here they are: Here's the sequel to the Mean Joe Greene Coke ad. :-) :
  11. I THOUGHT I heard horses shouting. I checked. Mine wuz just munching hay, though. On the other hand, maybe it was Hardpan just raising hell in his office. :-) :-)
  12. Lee makes an inexpensive, attractively priced shotgun shell reloader, the Lee Load-All. It's available in 20 gauge. I suggest you investigate that option to start with, then see where you can get the best deal. It may be your best option, given what seems to be your limited requirement. I had one in 16 gauge and it worked very well. I later switched to 12 gauge and decided to use commercial shells. Start with this link. http://leeprecision.com/shot-shell-reloading/shot-shell-reloading-press/ Cat Brules
  13. Prolly so, but peeves would impart a rather bitter flavor, methinks! :-) :-) And, likely still taste like baked rat....prolly. :-)
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