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  1. Uberti 1866, 24" in 44/40. Nice action job by local guy, polished hammer and trigger, brass magazine cap. No short stroke. Unknown round count, but I'd guess at 300 by the dents on the top of the reciever. $1,100.00 Uberti 1873 24" in 45 colt. Stock gun with a low round count (about 100) with some of the most vivid case I've seen on a Uberti. $1,200.00 Both plus $20 shipping to your FFL Photos in a minute
  2. Like he said! It will NOT chamber nor shoot 38 S&W. It WILL chamber and shoot 38 Colt and 38 Special.
  3. "unexpected Bill", Best alias I've seen in years I love it!
  4. SOLD A pair of NM, 5.5" new model , stainless, Ruger Vaquero's in 38/357 mag. They are both stock, no work done on 'em. Both have boxes, one probably not the original. No marks, dings nor marks on 'em $2,000.00 shipped to your FFL Photos in a minute or so
  5. Sold pending funds. 2 blue/case 7.5" Uberti Cattleman revolvers in 38/357mag. 1pc wood grips, no work done to 'em. A few serial #'s apart. Unknown round count. 4 "click" actions $1,100.00 delivered to your FFL
  6. I've got a blue 45 ACP cylinder for an original model Vaquero. I need a blue, fluted 44 mag cylinder from an original model Vaquero or New model Blackhawk
  7. I've got a 3 die set of brand new Lyman 40/65 dies for $65+ shipping
  8. Careful boys, area code 435 is Utah, not portland. I'll check and get back to ya'all
  9. I've got a set of RCBS old style. 1st die resizes only, 2nd die decaps and expands, third die seats and crimps. $30+ shipping
  10. Glad ta hear you're still kicking! This place has gotten 200% worse since ya left and it gets worse every day. Ya did right to move when the gettin was good! Mudflat
  11. Nice AMT "Hardballer" 45 Auto. Adjustagle trigger and sights. Comes with 1 original magazine. Some scratches here and there and a pretty good "idiot" mark that I didn't do! $800.00+ $15 shipped to your FFL
  12. Uberti small frame P junior "Lightening" birdshead with a 3 1/2" barrel. Front sight has been filed for 115gr bullets. Original box and paperwork. $500.00+ $15 shipping to your FFL
  13. SOLD pending funds Blue original model Ruger Vaquero 45 Colt with 7.5" barrel. Spring kit and polished hammer and trigger, smooth gun with some blue wear on the muzzle and a light "drag line" on the the cyl. No gox $950.00 + $15 shipping to your FFL
  14. Lady T. Her friend was Buffalo Belle., both from my nexk of the woods. Call me if you need any more info. Mudflat
  15. 100ea new Winchester 270 Win brass $50+ shipping SOLD 100ea new R/P 6.5X55 Swede brass $50+ shipping
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