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  1. To come back to my own thread (finally right?) I picked up USPSA because its good to practice under pressure and if done right can be acceptable defensive shooting practice. I shoot it with a G19 that won't be winning nationals but I am decent shooter working on what I want. One of the fun things of Cowboy I expect for it to be is pure fun and getting my son into it. So while I am not going to worry about being that speed demon, finishing in the top 50% is always a good goal. Also since I don't think I'll be carrying a single action as a CCW, developing that muscle memory is not as important as on the plastic fantastic. Safety is a bit of an aspect too since different grips and barrel lengths affect how you shoot the gun combined witha cross draw is a whole new set of skills to pick up and I never want to be unsafe.
  2. I am going to buy my second pistol after the taxman gives me back my own money. I have a Cimmaron pistolero which I like but have been thinking of getting a birdshead for the second pistol. Is there any great disadvantage to having different pistols? I am not worried about winning nationals or being the top shot at local matches. Its the same as USPSA, I am a C-class shooter and will never make GM because I don't have the time or motivation to make GM. I love the look of the pistols James Garner has in Maverick(the new one) and heck we do this game for fun so having a look is a want also. So any downsides to not having matching pistols?
  3. Great to see SASS out there yesterday. It was a long drive back to New Hampshire after the show last night but it was nice to be able to rejoin right there at the show and get some questions answered. I was the guy who was about 10 years out of date. Nice to meet you all there.
  4. So I went and bought a new Cimarron Pistolero to get back into this fun game and as a woods gun. Its been years since I had a good steel and wood gun (I like my combat tupperwear). What is the best way to clean the shipping grease off the gun and not ruin the wood?
  5. Hi all, I used to be a member a long time ago. I started shooting USPSA and while I enjoy it I really do miss Cowboy. More fun, more friendly and now I have a buckaroo I can bring and being in my forties I have more disposable money than my late twenties. I have since lost the badge with my number. My questions are: Can I request a new badge with the same number or do I need to order a silver one. Are the polymer coated lead bullets okay for Cowboy (Sprit of the game and all that) since I have lots from USPSA. Why was I away so long? Thanks all.
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