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  1. To answer some of everyone's questions, I found a phone number and the part in question is only sold by very few vendors and really it's not all about the part it's about not replying to those that have a question about a product or service that you offer.
  2. This vendor is well known, not one you find while searching the net.
  3. No phone number in the contact information on the website, just an email, or I would have already called.
  4. I have emailed a vendor 3 times about a part I ordered and installed. It is a bolt on part and requires no fitting by a gunsmith. After installing firearm did not function as before so I reinstalled the original and the problem disappeared. The so called improved part was .30 of an inch shorter than the original and there is no adjustment to make it work as it is a replacement part. I don't want to start bashing this vendor as they are suppose to be reputable but I am at the point I want something done about what I feel is a defective part. I would appreciate any ideas., Al
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