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  1. Hey Al, Tell me about these and why you don’like them.I might let you screw me again. Chinaman

    1. Lonesoms Al SASS37893

      Lonesoms Al SASS37893

      They don't come out of my SKB all the time. If I could get them to come out I'd keep them as I like the soft recoil.

    2. Chinaman,SASS32908


      Al,Are they as soft as Winchester featherlites?

    3. Lonesoms Al SASS37893

      Lonesoms Al SASS37893

      Never shot featherlites so I couldn't tell you if they're as soft. The velocities on these are 1050 fps. If I could find a way to get them out of my SKB I'd keep them. So far the ones I have shot about half come out. When you're a gamer that doesn't work.

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