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  1. The Astros had it figured out and maybe the Red Sox too.
  2. I’m hearing from a local source that used to play pro baseball that MLB is talking about vacating the Astros 2017 World Series win. He frequents a coffee shop out here and while I was waiting for my order I heard him telling a couple of other guys about it. I know college championships have been vacated in the past but I don’t know if a pro sports championship has been vacated.
  3. Yep, I wondered how he got the Mets gig when he was one of the main players.
  4. My wife and I just finished watching the show. Ken proved he’s the best. I answered one question that none of them could, The What town is Snowmass located near in Colorado? Aspen, I grew up just over the mountain from there.
  5. From what I’ve read and heard the players were heavily involved, in the know, whatever. An ex Astros pitcher, Mike Fiers came forward with what he knew about it and detailed it pretty good. It looks like the whole team knew about what was going on and the manager and front office didn’t do anything to stop it. In September of 2017 a warning came out from MLB and 6 days later the Astros started up the same sign stealing operation again. There’s going to be a whole bunch more come out on this in the not to distant future. The new manager of the NY Mets was a player at the time and he was one of the guys beating on the trash can with a bat to signal what pitch was going to be thrown. How can he still have a job?
  6. That’s me in reverse. We bought the 30’ motorhome thinking we’d go camping a lot with our two dogs. The dogs died and out of the 49,800 miles on the coach when we sold it about 42,000 miles were by myself, Mrs. Lose does not like camping.
  7. If you’d like an education on the sign stealing that’s been alleged go to YouTube and look at jomboy media’s videos. Early on most people thought he was nuts but as he dug up more dirt his credibility grew and so did MLBs interest in what he uncovered. There sure isn’t much being said by players so it makes me wonder if a lot more teams were doing the same thing. There’s more to come, I’m sure.
  8. Alex Cora is the alleged brain behind the Houston Astros/Boston Red Sox cheating scandal. Some are saying that a lifetime ban from baseball is on the table and I agree with it.
  9. Yul Lose


    Well said.
  10. For one person this is just about right. I had a 30’ diesel pusher RV but sold it last year and downsized to this.
  11. Second half might be pretty entertaining.
  12. Clemson looks pretty dang good tonight.
  13. IMHO, the Dahyers (Latin for dodgers) as much as I hate them should be given the title. The Astros cheated, plain and simple when they won the series in 2017.
  14. Not an Ebike but electric, Here’s one that I built for a mobility scooter.
  15. OLG will get you lost, RR. Cajon is just north of where the 15 and 215 come together in San Berdoo. Take the Kenwood Road exit on to old Route 66 north and you’ll see it on the right.
  16. Wouldn’t that be something???!! I’d like it too.
  17. Maybe Blackwater will give us an update??
  18. I’m hoping for a good AFC championship game but after seeing KC today the Titans have to be playing their best ever defense to keep it close. What an offensive display by KC!!!!
  19. Will do. I’ll be out there this coming weekend and will post more progress pictures.
  20. Yes it is!! The way things are looking it’s going to be a great CAS venue, I loved stage one on the old range and it’s the only one that they can’t duplicate because it was a movement down range type of stage.
  21. I’ve got a place for you to park your wagon with all the hookups if you make it this far south.
  22. KC woke up!! Oughta be a great second half.
  23. You did very well Kris, congratulations.
  24. They’ve scored two touchdowns in the first five minutes of the game!!! Getting off to a start like Tennessee yesterday.
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