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  1. Welcome back, wondered where you were.
  2. I'd love to try W3G but Piru is a bit to far for me. If there were W3G offered a little closer to home I'd be at each match. I guess the problem is finding a venue for it and down here IMO the only venue that might have a place for it is Cajon. Norco wouldn't be welcoming because they've pretty much turned into a public shooting range now and the other venues that I frequent wouldn't know what it was.
  3. I must admit that when I shot with the Regulators up at Cheyenne in September that that lunch after the match was great. Occasionally JJ up at Cajon will have a hotdog lunch after the match and it's well attended and appreciated. We have a great facility at Escondido Bandidos and everytime we have a potluck or BBQ it's pretty popular but I don't know how it would work on a monthly basis. I usually do a shoot thru to get the fire going and stuff so the shooters won't have to wait to eat when all of the steel is put away. I don't know if I'd want to do that every month.
  4. At our monthly we don't have a lunch at any of the clubs that I shoot at. The Cowboys usually has a hot dog or taco vendor. The other clubs have restaurants near by that we frequent after the match. At Escondido Bandidos I grill buffalo burgers and hot dogs a couple of times a year. No one wants to stay around after a match in these parts and NO ONE wants to stop for lunch halfway through.
  5. Mrs. Lose finally had enough of my selective hearing loss so she lined me up with an audiologist. I must say having hearing aids has been life changing. The ones that I got were not cheap by any means ($6,500.00) but they are very good and the factory has been very good at repairing them the two times that they've needed it. They are Oticon Alta Pro and I got the blue tooth feature but I seldom use it. The Bluetooth feature was an extra $287.00. I still have selective hearing on occasion according to Mrs. Lose but not near as bad as it used to be.
  6. Strange, my better half said the same thing about a buffalo hide display in my house.
  7. Those two Miruko's look like they came out of my gunsafe. Better go check!!! LOL.
  8. PBT! This may be a better finish die for you than the factory crimp die that I have for you.
  9. Pm me your address and I'll send you some .45 brass and maybe a set of dies if I can find them.
  10. Count me in. After what I saw last week, I see no reason not to.
  11. Sounds like a great idea, Del Rio Pete. Why don't you get it started under its own header and I'll see what I have to help you out.
  12. PM Lefty Dude or Beartrap, they can probably answer your questions.
  13. IMHO, requiring SASS membership to shoot a local match would be the death of many small clubs. For whatever reason, and they've been beat to death on the wire, some folks will not join SASS. Quite a number of the pards that I shoot with have no interest in shooting a match above a local and there is nothing wrong with that.
  14. IMHO if you attend EOT at Founders Ranch it is like one big family. Misty and the entire crew at EOT really go out of their way to make EVERYONE feel at home. What you have to remember Longcolt is that a lot of folks still have these things called jobs and it's tough to get away wherever you live. Expecting the California attendance to be like it was in the old days is dreaming. There are plenty of new friends to be made and they'll treat you just as well as your California pards and if you want a party the Dooley Gang really knows how to put one on.
  15. Yep, SP, the doc has given me clearance and as of right now I intend to be there.
  16. I've been to EOT quite a few times. I'm planning on being there this year. There are a few that still have the boycott mentality. If they haven't got over the move to New Mexico by now they never will. I don't see why that would stop someone who wants to go to EOT from going. I doubt anyone will get a rope because you went to EOT.
  17. Howdy J. Bar,

    I've been wanting to load .357 Sig for years and have never attempted it. Would you care to share your load if you get one worked up? Thank you and I enjoy your comments and input on the wire. Your pard, Yul Lose.



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