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  1. Nick makes his own conchos also. If you ever get down this way you owe it to yourself to visit his shop. He’s a big supporter of SASS shooters and he’ll usually have a table or booth at larger matches. If you’re coming to California State in April Nick will probably be there. If you ever get a chance to camp with him he is one heck of a good cook also.
  2. Anything with yams or sweet potatoes I detest. Most everything else I’ll eat unless it’s a bug or a snake or a lizard. I’m rapidly losing my taste for cauliflower. Lingua (tongue) tacos are very good. I ate dog one time but didn’t know it was dog until a couple of days later when I was told about it. Went on a trip through Taiwan one time to a bunch of little towns not named Kaichung or Taipei and our tour guide told us that if we had to ask what it was then don’t eat it, that was politer than turning your nose up at it when the server told you what it was after you asked, they eat a lot of gross stuff over there. I was started on hog fries at a young age and over the years have had mountain oysters from a number of different species, calf, turkey, lamb, yak, bison, elk and a couple of more but can’t think of them right now.
  3. Good point but unfortunately people post that information quite often in their responses to someone on the classifieds. It just opens the door for this stuff to happen to them.
  4. Well, if you want to save $40.00 come out to EOT and work as a Waddie. You’ll be rubbing elbows with all of the shooters and helping SASS pull off another great World Championship. As a Waddie you get to attend all of the after hours events and see it all. I’m not sure what you think $40.00 should get you besides a badge but some of the evening events will be open to you where they’re not open to the general public.
  5. Baer Creighton is an old moonshiner and has quite a story to tell. It took me a chapter to really get hooked but once I did his first book turned into a really good read. It probably isn’t for everybody but if you like a gritty, backwoods read you might like it. This is the first one and there are 3 more and I’m looking forward to them.
  6. It really is a great range and getting to shoot there twice a month is a real bonus. Posse 2 was a lot of fun wasn’t it, VD?
  7. Laying in bed last night and looking at the big TV hanging on the wall that we never have watched since it’s been up there I wondered how many other people have one hanging there that never gets watched. When the grandkids were younger they’d go in there and watch kids shows and movies while we grown ups visited out in the living room but those are the only times that I recall the TV being turned on. My wife and I are both pretty avid readers so we read in bed instead of watch TV. How about you folks, do you watch TV in bed?
  8. She’s got this thing about cauliflower and a few years ago instead of making mashed potatoes we had mashed cauliflower, not to bad the first time or two but God made potato’s for a reason because they are better mashed than cauliflower is. Well she quit mashing cauliflower and now she cooks it with chicken stock until it’s a near liquid and calls it soup. She put some beef in it a couple of times ago and it was a lot better. This time it was just cauliflower and veggies.
  9. Man, I’d probably be drowning in it if I said that.
  10. I’m liking cauliflower less and less now days.
  11. I’ve thought of flushing it down the toilet while she’s gone to work in the morning but she’s very astute and will wonder where all of the soup went aaaannnnnndddd then she’ll think I like it so much that I’m eating it all for breakfast and then she’ll cook more of it.
  12. Yeah I’ve hinted that I’m not a big fan but she dumps more stuff in it thinking it will make me like it more.
  13. Mrs. Lose likes soup and she has come up with a cauliflower soup recipe that she thinks is divine, me, on the other hand has trouble choking it down. Yesterday, after a great match up at the new Cajon range I pulled into the garage and opened my door and the wafting odor of a new pot of cauliflower soup just about made me turn around and leave. I thought we had finished up the last of it on Thursday for lunch but boy was I mistaken, she cooked up a pot of it yesterday that you could swim in. Anyway, as I’m sitting here staring at a big bowl of soup, I’m trying to figure out how I can break the news to her that I’m sick of cauliflower soup. Any suggestions? Have your mates ever insisted on fixing stuff that you really don’t like but don’t have the cajones to tell them that you don’t want to see it again? Nowadays she fixes it about two or three times a month. Help!!!
  14. Last time I was out there they’re still using those kilns plus a few more.
  15. FJT, it was great to see you back and I enjoyed our short visit. Hope you and Hud will be able to come out to Cajon more often. Nice range, isn’t it?
  16. Mrs. Lose gets hers locally and she gives me a back massage with it mixed with avocado or olive oil every morning. I feel it helps my lower back pain and helps me through the day she used to have very painful arthritic hands and since she’s been using the CBD oil her joint pain in her hands has disappeared. I tried it for my hand pain and it didn’t help but a supplement, ArthroMax has done the job.
  17. My thoughts are with you and the Mrs., UB.
  18. I joke about quitting but I never started. I was raised in a family where nearly all of the adults smoked. My grand parents on both sides smoked heavily and so did my folks. Mom quit when I was in my early teens and I remember how hard it was for her. They didn’t have the nicotine patches and such back then or if they did she didn’t use them. When I was about 10 years old my cousin and I found a cigar that my uncle had laying around and we decided to try it out and it made me sick to the point I had dry heaves and that was the end of my tobacco use. My brother started smoking in high school and the last time we were together he was lighting one up right after another, being in his house was not enjoyable. My step dad smoked until just a few years before he died. He hid it until he finally did quit. He’d tell people he quit but he’d do it on the sly and you could smell it on him. CS, I sincerely hope you can overcome the pull that tobacco has on you because you will be so much better off. After visiting with you on the phone awhile back I’m pretty sure you’ll win the battle.
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