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  1. I have another pair for sale but if you want them shiny it’ll take a little work.
  2. They’re yours. PM me your shipping info and I’ll give you my mailing address.
  3. Years ago I shot at a club no longer around and they were very lax about calling procedurals, many of them very obvious and in my view intentional. On my first stage at one match I got a procedural and I called it on myself and the posse leader actually argued with me about it. Well I decided that I’d intentionally “P” on each of the seven next stages. Out of the next 7 stages 3 P’s were called and 2 of them were over ruled by the posse leader. At the beginning of their matches they would state in the safety meeting that ALL SASS rules apply, obviously they did not. I’ve called procedurals on myself in quite a few instances that were obvious to me but totally missed by the spotters or TO. Dumping rounds after a obvious procedural just to pad your score is cheating in my book.
  4. I’m listing this stainless ROA pair of conversion cylinders for sale but they are also pictured with a pair of ROA Buntlines that I’ve got for sale. Should the Buntlines sell before these sell then these are off the board if the buyer wants the package. There are 2 new ferrules and 12 new firing pins included. $450.00 insured and delivered.
  5. I don’t think Pioneer offers these anymore but this is a new kit and the lifter lever will need some fitting to make the rifle run correctly. The instructions are included but if you run into trouble Joe at Pioneer is very helpful and can talk you through it over the phone. I’ve installed a couple of these in the past and it’s not that hard to do, just takes a little time and patience and you’ll be really pleased with the results. It includes the aluminum carrier for large caliber (44-40, .45 Colt). $175.00 shipped.
  6. This is a pair of after market cast brass grip frames for Old Army and certain other Ruger revolvers. I installed them on Old Armies and they do function but will need a bit of fitting to make them competitive. I was going to build a set of blued Old Armies with 4” barrels, these grip frames and Belt Mountain quick disconnect base pins but I like my Old Army pair with octagon barrels so much I lost interest in the project. I paid $750.00 for the pair and will sell them for $650.00 insured, shipped and delivered to your door.
  7. Here’s a pair of T&C stainless conversion cylinders for the Ruger Old Army. I had the cylinders bead blasted to match the bead blasted Old Army’s with octagon barrels but I’ve since switched to Kirst conversion cylinders and won’t be using these. I’ll include a couple of new ferrules and 12 new firing pins. With a little buffing you can return the cylinders to shiny stainless steel finish. $450.00 insured and delivered to your door for the pair.
  8. I’m sure the Mrs. has asked you what you’d really like for Christmas and you’ve hemmed and hawed around. Well here’s your chance to get the guns of your dreams, not quite Three Foot Johnson caliber but I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to truthfully say mine is longer than yours at 99% of the matches that you sport these at. Rowdy Yates from Lee’s Gunsmithing built these. I got them from Prairie Dawg with the intention of shooting Josey Wales category but I doubt I’ll ever do that. I’ll include the two sets of holsters also (if you want pictures of those PM me). These are very cool guns and the style points ad up in a hurry. Christmas Special pricing $3,999.00 shipped to your door with guaranteed Christmas delivery. Conversion cylinders have been sold.
  9. Sneaky Devil, resurrecting that thread in the classifieds.
  10. Roger Rapid puts out a great manual for Lightning owners and if your brother is handy at all he can probably get the rifle running fairly easily himself. On all of my Pedersoli Lightnings the feed/jam issue was caused by the cartridge stop lever not coming up high enough to always stop the next round in the magazine. RR’s manual addresses that issue and others. If your brother doesn’t want to try and fix it himself, RR can get his Lightning running as can Lassiter. Lassiter can do the slam fire mod also.
  11. 30 years April 2022, we’ll have lived in this house and have never had cable. 400 feet south of the house the cable company line crosses my property and for the first 15 years or so we’d get an annual letter telling us that they’d be extending their service area and we’d be getting cable but it never happened. I drive by a lot of the houses in their service area and most of them have satellite dishes.
  12. Changing it is fairly simple. Do an alias search to see if your new one is available or not and then if it’s available call the SASS office and send them $15.00. Yul Lose previously Hoss Hungright (it’s available).
  13. PM me your email address and I’ll send you some cart pictures.
  14. The ones that I build all break down into 3 easy to handle and load pieces. There are lady shooters than use my carts and load and load them with no issues and almost all of them built from hardwood.
  15. Our daughter in law is quite the baker so she volunteered to bake the pies. These are the pies that don’t need to be refrigerated and there are 3 more in the refrigerator. My wife used to bake 12-15 pies every Thanksgiving and would start baking them on Sunday to have them all done. She’s much more relaxed this year.
  16. When they’re getting something for free they don’t look at anything else.
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