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  1. Howdy Tell,


    I got your check for $200.00, thank you. I will fill the tickets out an email you photos of the tickets. Do you want me to send you the stubs also?


    Good luck.



  2. Howdy PD,


    I'm interested in those buntlines but it would take me a few months to pay them off. How quick did you want your money?


    Yul Lose

    1. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

      Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

      Wow, this never showed up in my "in Box"
      No rush

      Take as long as you want
      I'll just keep 'em in the safe.

      Should I mark the "SOLD"?




  3. Howdy Fireball,


    I'll take the shell holder rack and shell holders. My address is: 


    Hunter D. Baskins

    29302 Anthony Road

    Valley Center, Ca. 92082


    Give me yours and I'll get the gold on the stage.


    Yul Lose

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    2. Yul Lose

      Yul Lose

      I'll get it out this morning.

      Thank you.

    3. Fireball #7709 Life

      Fireball #7709 Life

      Got your check, thanks!

    4. Yul Lose

      Yul Lose

      I got the shell holder rack a few days ago but got to busy to let you know. Thank you.



  4. Howdy JNH,


    Sorry I missed you at EOT. IFYou get out here later this summer give me  a call, I'd like to buy you lunch.



    1. Jim No Horse

      Jim No Horse

      Thanks Yui...lunch sounds good...will call when I have a better ETA...Jim

    2. Yul Lose

      Yul Lose

      Sounds great. PM me when it gets closer and I'll give you my phone number.



  5. Howdy David,


    i havent heard or seen you around in awhile. Is everything alright? I'd like to get my gun cart back if I could. A lady wants to take some pictures of the first one for an article she's doing on me and my gun carts. 


    Take care,


    Yul Lose

  6. I found more fabric, by the way so it's almost done. I'll build and install the locking bar also.

  7. Howdy Deacon,


    Dont let Blackie Cole undermine your sale of these fine pistols. If you listed those on gunbroker or gunauction you'd have no trouble getting those prices. If you leave them on here long enough you'll sell them here also and you'll get your price. They are well worth the 2k. Blackie says a lot of crap and not many people pay attention to him anymore.


    Good Luck



    Yul Lose

    1. Steel-eyed Deacon, SASS # 60770

      Steel-eyed Deacon, SASS # 60770

      Yul,  I very much appreciate your message.  I chose to take the high road and not respond back to him but I did have the urge to post that my cancer doctor used to charge less than he does now too.  I did not post it on the wire because I am not looking for a sympathy sale but I am seeking the money to pay off cancer bills.


      Thanks again and I hope to shoot a match with you some day and tell you thank you in person.



    2. Yul Lose

      Yul Lose

      Howdy Deacon,


      I'm sorry to hear about your plight with cancer. I hate that word. I wish I was a little more flush and I'd help you out and take something off your hands. I wouldn't drop the price anymore unless you're desperate because I do feel that someone out there wants them and will pay the price.


      One thing I've found with Blackie is if you ignore him he'll more than likely disappear. 


      Wishing you the the best of luck and good health.



  8. Howdy MM,


    I was at a match on Saturday and one of the shooters on my posse was very interested in a 16 gauge 1897 so I told him about yours and gave him your information. I hope you didn't mind.



    Yul Lose

    1. Mudflat Mike, SASS #20904

      Mudflat Mike, SASS #20904

        Sounds good to me, I appreciate it!


  9. Howdy SS,


    My address is:   Hunter D. Baskins 

                               29302 Anthony Road

                               Valley Center, Ca. 92082


    Give me yours and I'll get the gold on the stage.



  10. Thanks PD. I'll keep you posted. Are you still coming out to the Western regional at SLO this August? If so you could just bring it with you. I'd pay you a lot sooner than that.



    1. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

      Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

      Good Evening Yul:

      I don't think we will be out West this year.

      My second knee replacement will probably keep me grounded, and Dakota Skipper is up for some weaving classes in August in Massachusetts.

      I've set it aside for you & will keep it safe.

      Have a nice week.


    2. Yul Lose

      Yul Lose

      Wow a second one!! Well I hope that one goes well also. I appreciate you holding the SG for me and I'll keep you up on when I send the gold.



    3. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

      Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

      My pleasure my friend.

      SLO in 2018 is on the calendar

      I should be able to move faster than just hobbling around like walter Brennan!

      Looking forward to shooting with you


  11. Howdy PD,


    man id like that 16 gauge but I can't swing it right now. Are you in a hurry? I've got some guns going up on an auction site tomorrow and also have some cash coming in on a couple of gun carts but not for about three weeks. Let me know how much of a hurry you're in, would you?




    Yul Lose

    1. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

      Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

      Hey Yule Lose:

      No hurry at all.

      I'll put it back in the safe for you & we'll do the deal when you are ready.

      Thanks pard



      Good Day Folks:

      I have a Lefever Nitro Special, 16 gauge side by side shotgun. 

      Serial #2975XX

      Marked "Lefever Nitro Special" & "Ithaca Arms Co. Ithaca, NY" on the barrels

      Very nice condition. 

      28” barrels have shiny bores and good bluing with some wear here & there and just a few rub marks & minor dings -- nothing major that I can see -- no dents that I can see. 

      Don't know the chamber length or choke -- All I have are 2.5" brass hulls, and they fit fine. 

      Matching numbers & double triggers.

      Splinter forend -- minor gouge on right side.

      Stock is good with a few scratches -- no major issues

      LOP is about 14 ¾”. 

      Leather butt cover -- I never took it off, so I do not know what is underneath it.

      Action locks up tightly, top lever very near center.

      I have never shot this gun.

      I bought it from a guy who was selling off his dad's guns, but then I found a 16 gauge hammer double. (I love hammer doubles)

      I plan on shooting BP with brass hulls -- by the time I got geared up for it, the hammer double entered my stable, so this hammerless gun became expendable.

      Very nice little double!


      $425 shipped from me to your FFL.

      Please be sure your dealer will accept this shotgun from a private citizen.

      First "I'll take it" posted here gets it.




      Here are links to the pictures.









      Thanks for looking

      PM with questions


  12. I think I have what you need. I'll be out in the shop in the morning and let you know.



    1. Rolan Kraps, SASS # 24084 Life

      Rolan Kraps, SASS # 24084 Life

      Thanks Yul,

      I'll wait to  hear from you.



  13. Howdy J. Bar,

    I've been wanting to load .357 Sig for years and have never attempted it. Would you care to share your load if you get one worked up? Thank you and I enjoy your comments and input on the wire. Your pard, Yul Lose.



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