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  1. Those were engraved that way when I bought them a few years ago here on the Wire. I’ve never got a definitive translation on what it means but a few on here thought maybe it could be law enforcement related. I like it and asked SOG to preserve it when he did the bead blasting.
  2. I met Snake Oil George at EOT last year when he came to shoot the match and pick up the gun cart that I built for his grandson Creek County Kid. CCK bought one raffle ticket for the LOCAS Gun Cart raffle in 2018 and won so we agreed that I’d bring his cart to EOT in 2019 and he could pick it up. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to attend but his grand father, Snake Oil George and his wife were there and they picked up the cart. I’d talked with him over 5 or 6 days at EOT and he told me that if I ever wanted octagon barrels on a set of pistols he was the guy to do it. I’ve admired his work for many years and I decided in June to see if he’d do the barrels and some bead blasting on one of my favorite pairs of Old Armies. Well today I got them back and they are absolutely fantastic. The UPS guy is a gun guy too and I opened them up and he was amazed at how nice the barrels and bead blasting look. Saturday at Cajon they’re going to get broke in.
  3. I believe his alias was Bull and he was a real life bank robber. His day job was a detective for a police department but in his spare time he’d rob banks in San Diego and Orange County. If I remember correctly they named him the “grand pa bandit”.Former police sergeant arrested in SoCal robberiesThe Associated PressArticle Launched: 10/31/2008 01:52:15 AM PDTRANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif.—A former police sergeant was arrested in connection with a series of bank robberies throughout Southern California.Frank Holder, whom investigators had dubbed "the Grandpa Bandit," was arrested Wednesday near the scene of a bank robbery in Rancho Cucamonga after being described by witnesses, FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said.Holder, 61,got his nickname because witnesses described him as a grandfatherly figure, Eimiller said.The 30-year-veteran of the Pomona police department, who was also wanted in connection with thefts in Escondido and Glendora, was booked on suspicion of bank robbery, she said.Pomona police Chief Joe Romero said news of the arrest came as a shock to people who had worked with Holder, who retired in 2004."It is totally out of his character," Romero said.
  4. Right on there, Garrison Joe. I broke the one on this one about 6 years ago and Jim Bowie tried his darndest to get the broken end out of the hook screw and couldn’t so he gave it back to me and suggested where I drill the hole if it came to that. His hole location was spot on and after the hole was drilled it came right out. It’s much easier to replace the hook screws before they break, I’ve done it on all of my Winchester 1897 16 gauges.
  5. Peterson’s bacon maple bar.
  6. I just ordered four more boxes of bullets from Scarlett yesterday, we’ll see what happens.
  7. Breaking the bead cord probably won’t matter much, I’ve done that a few times and the tires are still doing the job. The lube does make it much easier.
  8. Get ahold of Bear Trap up at Cajon. Cracker is selling a liberty safe like you’re looking for. It’s on Cajons FB page.
  9. Yes, most of them around here do that.
  10. Wow!!! How about a notched dovetail log affair next time with front and rear deck, hot tub overlooking the shotgun range?
  11. So is OLG not old enough yet? Sounds like fun, by the way.
  12. How much do you want? I’ll bet I have more than you need.
  13. I was encouraged to go down and donate plasma to use in the vaccine research. I guess S.D. is a hotbed for covid-19 vaccine research and testing.
  14. Sense of smell is still coming around. Today I smelled the Balistol for a bit but it’s gone now. My doc says that could go on for awhile, nothing to worry about.
  15. They’re the right ones. I use the bicycle paddle tools about six of them and a spray bottle with 25% Dawn dish soap and 75% water in a spray bottle. You’ll be surprised how easy it is with a little lube. The key is to keep one entire side of the tire in the rim and fit the yellow foam tube into the tire and then apply the spray and use the paddles to lever the tire and foam tube on. After you’ve done 50-60 of them it gets pretty easy.
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