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  1. I’ve been sleeping on a Tempupedic for the last 15 years or so and love it. I replaced one motor drive unit at no cost. The massage feature is a waste of money , IMHO, of course because the massage is minuscule if there at all. I sleep with my head elevated and that’s a nice feature never tried the Sleep Number but have heard good things about it.
  2. I dropped a rifle with a Leopoldo scope on it about five years ago and damaged the scope and sent it to them and about 10 days later I received a new scope, no charge. They are a good outfit.
  3. Great information right here, if anyone knows the long range shooting science it’s OLG.
  4. Hoping for the best outcome for your bride, safe travels.
  5. Very cool. I’ve never seen this before, thanks for posting, PD.
  6. Arizona has lots of snakes. Wimmen aren’t fond of snakes in the fridge, that’s for sure.
  7. Were shooting 8 stages at Cajon on Saturday.
  8. I used to live in Casa Grande and I made buckles and belts out of rattlesnakes too. I had more people bringing me snakes that I could handle. One morning I got up to leave for work and there was a paper bag on my front door step. I looked inside and it was a couple of big rattlers that I thought were dead, they weren’t. I put them in the refrigerator and left for work and about an hour later my soon to be ex calls me and tells me there is a rattlesnake coiled up in her refrigerator. Needless to say snakes weren’t allowed in the refrigerator again. Turns out a couple of Indian guys that worked on the roads out on the reservation had caught them and dropped them off during the night.
  9. I came home from shooting a match out in the Imperial Valley last night to find my wife watching a program about the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. I watched the rest of it with her and when it was over she told me that since it was her day off tomorrow (today) that she wanted me to go see a movie, Jojo Rabbit, with her. I thought it was a kids movie but boy was I wrong. Well on the drive over to Cinepolis she told me that a friend of hers liked it so much she’s seen it 3 times but her son in law who just saw it last week said that he didn’t care for it that much. I was really in the dark as to what it was about and at first I thought it was some kind of attempt to make Adolf Hitler look all nice and kind and cuddly, you might say. I recommend the movie, there are some humorous parts but it is a war movie none the less.
  10. Used to have a Makita stamped on my forehead but about 2 years ago I got a Milwaukee drill/ angle drill/ impact driver set for Christmas and man are they nice. The batteries run and run.
  11. I was at a Faith Hill concert about 20 years ago and my ears are still ringing from it, it was so loud it was painful. Went to an America/Three Dog Night concert back in 1988 and it was very enjoyable not obnoxiously loud and everyone was well behaved, maybe the Mary Jane smoke in the air calmed everyone down. Went to one of Neil Diamonds later concerts down at the sports arena and he was not near the performer he was the first time I saw him. Garth Brooks and Reba McIntyre down at Miramar Air-station was memorable but we were so far away they looked like ants, getting out of that thing took hours because there were so many people there.
  12. It’s going to be an interesting season.
  13. A friend of my wife’s won some Rolling Stones concert tickets and offered them to my wife. She asked me if I wanted to go and I said no. I’ve been to a few concerts and didn’t really enjoy it, incredibly loud and crowded, anyway she’s going with one of her sisters. If you had the chance to go to a Stones concert would you go? I doubt they’ve got many more in them as old as they are.
  14. Where have you been? Electronic sign stealing is totally different than what’s been going on since baseball started and you know it. If electronic sign stealing is so widespread where’s your proof?
  15. I had a 1973 Airstream LandYacht for about 15 years. I drug it all over the Western US and Canada. Make sure the hubs have Bearing Buddies installed so that you can grease the wheel bearings. I was building a mountaintop communications site up in the Laguna Mountains east of San Diego and was living in the Airstream up at the site and one night the front of the trailer came crashing down. Seems the jack had rusted enough that it collapsed. Drove into El Cajon and got a new jack and used a forklift to lift the trailer up, installed the new jack, besides having some brake work done and replacing a water pump that’s the only problems I ever had with it. I sold it to my sister and brother in law in 2001 and they are still using it. It had the aluminum roll top/tambour doors and the fabric that held them together rotted away so about five years ago I built all new tambour doors out of oak and canvas and they turned out pretty good, Airstream uses a different kind of door now. If I had the money I’d buy another, they are pricey but very well built.
  16. How do you know it’s widespread? I’ve heard no other accusations of this type of cheating against any other team except Boston and that report is due out within the next week or two. These Astros players admitted that they were all involved in the electronic sign stealing. So what you’re saying is if the Tribe gets to the World Series and loses to a team that got there by cheating you’d be okay with that?
  17. I agree, Charlie. Wonder how many high, inside fastballs Astros cheaters will face this year on the road or at home for that matter? The Astros owner didn’t help their cause in the press conference yesterday.
  18. 1854, coffin builder or outlaw ( coffin filler).
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