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  1. According to the teller the pens are not 100%.
  2. The teller told my wife that these would have fooled a lot of people.
  3. Welcome back HD. Hope things are looking up.
  4. My wife manages a large avocado and citrus farm and ornamental eucalyptus. The ornamental eucalyptus has become the big money maker any more because after the first year it takes very little water. The packing houses end up screwing the growers out of most of the profits on the citrus and avocados so they have started selling most of those crops to the farmers market operators for cash. The ornamental customers pay cash also. My wife took a deposit to the bank today and the money counting machine rejected a $20.00 bill and a $100.00 bill as being counterfeit. So in the first picture can you tell which one is fake? The second picture is of the 20 and the 100 together. I held both of them up to the light and it sure looks like they have the colored threads in them. The teller at the bank told my wife that there’s been a slew of fake bills lately. My wife sends them up to the corporate office and they handle it from there.
  5. We stay here because we’re stuck. Business interests and the wife’s large family.
  6. Mo T Bator has those long arms and could probably make these sing.
  7. Thanks Slim. That’s what I was looking for. If I don’t get in as a shooter I’d like to help out to some degree.
  8. Will there be jobs for them or do the hosting clubs have it covered? I’d like to be a greeter if they need one.
  9. Dawg would probably let you shoot Josey Wales every match if you showed up with these, just sayin.
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