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  1. Daughter in law in Az. who’s a nurse got the first one and was sick with flu like symptoms for a couple of days and she had no reaction to the second one given on Monday.
  2. It looks like an ornamental pear tree to me. We have a couple of them and when they are blooming they’re beautiful but when they shed the white petals they cover the patio like snow. We’ve had them for 20 years or so and never had any pears. Our apricot tree is another story. It’ll be loaded with fruit in about a month or so.
  3. Yes, those are the frames that I’m interested in in brass for the ROA’s.
  4. My thinking too. According to the owner everything is CNC made. Interesting grip frame choices for sure.
  5. My step daughter took their old cat to the vet on Friday because it has a sore on it’s butt. I’m no veterinarian but I could tell by looking that it was probably cancerous. The vet took one look at the cat and wanted to take a biopsy and said the cost would be $1,100.00 for the biopsy and test!!! Any treatment would be additional. She brought the cat home un biopsied. My wife manages a avocado and citrus ranch and the elderly owner has an old black lab that has numerous medical issues, including cancer and in the last two years the vet bills have exceeded $13,000.00. The ranch pays t
  6. I’ve got you covered, PD. I have plenty to spare. I’ll get them on the stage. Yul
  7. I’m trying to find a pair of grip frames for a Ruger Old Army project and came across RW Grip Frames out of Houston, Texas. They have kind of a confusing website but I guess they’re working on it. They show some very interesting grip frame profiles and will build them out of brass or aluminum. Have any of you had dealings with them? They are fairly expensive so I’d like to find out a little bit about them before I take the leap. Thanks.
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