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  1. Last time I was there, about 10 years ago, one of the staff that I was visiting with estimated 45-50 years to finish it. The first time I was there the top of the head and forehead were being carved on.
  2. Redwood burl is a beautiful wood to work with. My wife’s planters are over 20 years old now.
  3. First time I saw it was 1960 and I’m pretty sure it won’t be finished in my lifetime but I’m still amazed every time I see it, Rushmore is a miniature compared to Crazy Horse.
  4. I’m in awe and very grateful for that beautiful monument, long may it stand. When Crazy Horse memorial is finished I’ll feel the same way, if I’m still around.
  5. So how would a match director or posse marshal go about silencing the spotters, brassers, peanut gallery, et al during a match? There are a couple of shooters that I won’t posse with because they won’t shut up while people shoot the stage. I have a hard enough time hearing the TO without all of the chatter going on in the background.
  6. No, but I don’t shoot BP and don’t care if the insides are clean or not. My least favorite part of reloading is cleaning brass and that’s how I came up with the pin/media free method. For what I do it works great. If SASS starts a clean brass inspection down the road I’ll have to change my ways but until then this works well for me.
  7. So occasionally I identify as a woman because either the men’s pisser is in use or there is a long line for it at Cajon so I’ll identify as a woman and use the ladies squatter and since I’m doing that would it be permissible under the OPs scenario to identify as a woman to shoot the match? Asking for a friend.
  8. Check the SASS Wire Classifieds.
  9. South Pacific, the original poster lives in Florida. I already have one.
  10. Don’t know if there is enough room for two of you out here..
  11. My thoughts also. As stated in my initial post trying to take multiple KDs down with one shot has rewards and risks but to me it does add another option or element of fun or skill to the game.
  12. I’ll disagree with you on the last part. From my experience those that try it like it and see it as an additional level of challenge.
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