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  1. It was The Challenge 1970 starting Darren McGavin. JEL
  2. Anything that I hunt and kill. I can clean and dress game I just don't like doing it. I love eating venison and small hogs. Just don't like skinning then. Probably why I don't hunt anymore. I'll kill a hog if it's on the property but now I'll just cut out the backstrap and ham hocks, leave the rest for the buzzards, then bury it with the tractor when they're done. If I get a bug up my butt for some deer chili then I'll suck it up and do it.... but I'm hating it the entire time. JEL
  3. This is a 1995 Marine recruitment video shot at Parris Island. Fast forward through the video to 28:30, IMO it's 1995 boring. There you will find my friend, co-worker, and a True American Hero, Gordon "Lou" Gregory. He is a Silver Star and dual Bronze Star recipient. Back Story: When they were filming this video they wanted a certain DI who was force recon, who they had only heard about through his accolades, do the bit at the end of this video. At the time Lou was out training the new incoming DIs on some multi day march. He arrived back just as the film crew was getting packed up and leave. They asked him if he could give a "real Marine world speech" to "discourage any undesirable recruits" from signing up. The only caveat was that he could not swear. He said yes and they asked how long would he need to prepare. He said let's do it right now. If you look the sweat bands from his pack are still clearly on his chest. It is so funny to see my 60 year old friend in his prime like this. Lou did 25 years and retired then went into the private sector with Blackwater and Triple Canopy for several years until he retired again and now works for my agency as our armorer. Lou is battling health issues right now. He has a bacteria in his lungs that has been resistant to IV antibiotics 5 times a day for the past 2 months . After years of parachuting straight into scuba diving combined with who knows what he's breathed in over his 30+year military career, most of which was spent in the middle east, there is no telling how much damage to his lungs was already there. He has had slow improvement, but if it doesn't get any better they're going to have to remove part of his lung and forced retirement. I pray for him daily, because he is truly an awesome guy. Hope y'all like this....I did! JEL Thank you for you service Rod. Welcome Home! God Bless You! JEL
  4. Just wanted to post that I got my new super sizer and it works fantastic! Couple that with the Slix crimp tool and the hulls just fall out. The hulls coming out of the Lee Load-all were inconsistent at best having 6 of 10 not case gauging correctly. Run them through the MEC and the Slix and they slide in and out freely. The MEC even tightened the crimp up on hulls done with the Spolar. Thanks for all of the info, especially Sadalia Dave. His comment is the reason I went ahead and bought one. JEL
  5. Was there anything left of the original piece?? JEL
  6. After a few years off I think my Cracker Crew membership has expired. I'm signed up and still not showing so I hope more of the CC are signed up than the list shows. I look forward to seeing pards we haven't seen in awhile. JEL
  7. I've built several with that new frontier side charge upper. IMO that makes the PCC. And for those looking these are phenomenal prices for what Slick is selling here. That stripped upper alone is $275. Good luck with the sale. JEL
  8. Olivia Newton-John passed away today. What a beautiful lady. RIP. Many fond movie memories JEL
  9. I never got the idea that you were looking for anything, only putting out info about this sleezy guy. I don't know where you're at but depriving a person of their property, even if temporarily, is theft. If you rent/borrow a vehicle and fail to return it, that's theft here. I can see a borderline civil issue if you have violated the consignment contract ie if there was a time limit on how long they had to sell the guns and you wanted them early, but the guy outright keeping them? That's theft. At least it is here. I was the property Detective sergeant for my agency for 9 years, till December 2019 when I'd finally had enough. I'd be calling a different agency AND the ATF, I can't stress that enough. Good luck. JEL
  10. First off if it's anything other than a monthly match then the rules should be followed evenly across the board by the sanctioned body's rules, ie SASS. BUT if we're taking about a monthly match where different clubs allow a lot of different things. One going on commonly right now is shooting 22lr for cost savings. Should it be allowed, ABSOLUTELY, should it be allowed in a Regional or State match? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I cannot imagine DQing a person for shooting 22lr at s monthly while signed up as a 49er for not following the firearms Covenants. Same as If I person shows up to a monthly with Blackhawks and wants to shoot gunfighter just for fun. WHO CARES, it's a monthly match. It means nothing. State and regional matches are different, ALL SASS rules should apply, why? Because all clubs do things differently and when you combine all of those clubs there should be a single standard. I see monthly matches as practice and fun. State and regional are where you compete. If you want to change the rules that says modern sights are allowed in duelist and gunfighter FINE. But, if you want to add yet another category where there is now duelist traditional sights and duelist modern/adjustable sights then I'm 100% against that. I've already said my piece in regards to the new shooter making an error because they're new in that other thread so I'm not beating that horse again. But when saying that, if someone brings a brand new shooter to a state or regional match for their very first match, I've seen it happen, then that's not only an overly unsmart thing to do, but that leniency that's allowed at a monthly is now moot. ALL SASS rules then apply. Agree with it or not that's my opinion. JEL
  11. But fanning was and the two handed grip was not uncommon. Who's can say an old shootist didn't cock the hammer with the off hand? You can't. They invented and manufactured these amazing machines with the crude machinery of the day. Do you honestly believe that that same intellect didn't come up with better ways to shoot them?? JEL
  12. "someone that enforces rules strictly with no exception" ESPECIALLY to a brand new shooter at their first or second monthly match. Dropping a loaded gun absolutely, everyone should know that coming in and expect the penalty. Misses and percedurals? Yep, again expected by even a 1st day shooter, but uncommon rules to our game or to someone new to action shooting such as the rifle cocked, stepping away from the losding table with loaded pistols because they forgot something at their cart, or dryfiring at the loading table? These would be immediate teaching moments for the new shooter not a chance to show your vast knowledge of the rulebook The rifle cocked can happen by accident just picking your rifle up from the loading table. New people are nervous and may forget something at their cart and not realize or know the penalty about leaving the LT. A new shooting may have just been told how to hammer with the off hand and attempted it before loading. Etc. The mantra of "well they have to learn the rules" which they do. But slapping then with a SDQ only chases new shooters away from ever coming back again, I've seen it happen. And yes the term does sound bad, but I have seen that same person, in different name, all over the country who does this. There's always that one shooter, who 99% of the time is slow as molasses thrmselves and there thrill is the rulebook, who's of the mind that "well the rules are the rules and should always be enforced or is not learned". Well that's BS. If it endangers then absolutely, but if not then make it a teaching moment like Creeker did. This strict mindset, even from the few that their are, are killing this sport. It's hard enough getting into this game without someone chasing the new guy off for a minor rule they had no idea existed. i also shot USPSA and 3 gun. I'll take CAS everyday and twice on Sunday over the others because the people are usually A-holes, EXCEPT when it comes to this topic. USPSA and 3-gun shooters are jerks to people who are competition to them, NOT to the new people coming in. They are very forgiving to new shooters and always try to teach mistakes rather than penalize. id also add "rules that don't exist" but in my experience I haven't had that. Misinterpretation yes, outright making one up? No. JEL
  13. Two handed grip was not uncommon in the wild west. I remember an article in True West magazine that specifically talked about this. JEL
  14. And that's why new shooters walk away from this sport after 1 or 2 shoots. I get the rule and why but a brand new guy is already nervous enough. I think Creeker was 100% correct and probable kept that shooter in the game. Well at least for one more match until a rule nazi destroys his image. And how it this rule SOO dangerous when it's placed down carefully and the issues can safely be remedied with or without penalty depending on the outcome? When the new rule on closed Levers allows people to drop their rifles from 2 feet up, because they no longer care if the rifle closes, not? I HATE this rule. I've have never seen such unsafe discards since it's inception and there is a lot more chance of a serious accident happening, especially on 9 round rifle stages, than their is with a cocked rifle that's controlled. JEL
  15. I always aim and I still regularly run 13-15 second stages. My fastest for a 10-10-4 was 11.49 (then Duece came right behind me and ran it a half second faster giving me all of 10 seconds to float on air about my stage) I've never thought about not aiming. I get outlaw but the other catagories? As for the post. I agree. Obtain the correct gear or shoot in another category. We're way to watered down now with categories. JEL
  16. If you don't think cowboys from the 1880 didn't modify their firearms to better suit their needs you're gravely mistaken. JEL
  17. I've had the same thing as everyone here. The best one was when I got a call from the CC company asking if I just authorized a $14,000 set of rims and tires. Ah, NO. I use my card for everything. I don't carry cash or a debit card at all. Since i do that I check my account daily and review my purchases because the fraudsters always try several small purchases to see if it'll work before trying big stuff. On a different note, Forty Rods comment reminded me of my buddy and a car rental issue. He rented a car and they tried to charge him for 3 red light camera fines. Problem was the 3 tickets were issued within a 20 minute period 500 miles apart and 275 miles from the only location he drove around. JEL
  18. It's plumber's dope that I get all over and around drag everywhere for days even if I only move the bottle out of my way to get something else. JEL
  19. Official SASS rules regarding Prairie Pimp Category Costuming example: JEL
  20. Come on man it's Dave...Open the door! JEL
  21. I have some already. I use it on AR barrel nuts....and a lot of other stuff. Works great. Thanks for the heads up on it. JEL
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