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  1. Thank you for the input so far. I did expect the number to be low (I was thinkning 20%), but was trying to get a idea of what the real need is. I would think most would reload at the cost, but I also think that the ever so often shooter may opt to use factory since they may not shoot enough to get setup on reloading. I was thinking 38 SPL in 125 Gr, and 45 COLT in 200 Gr with a velocity in the 700-750 FPS might be a good average but still just throwing it out for the shooters of SASS.



  2. How many shooters use factory loaded ammo? If a manufacture offered loaded ammo what caliber, grain bullet would you want. Not looking for every caliber but what main 3-4 would you want. 38 cal in 158,125,110,95? 45 Colt in 250, 200, 185? 44 Special? 32?


    Im posing this question because there is talk of a manufacture producing a revolver/lever gun specific ammo for shooting sports. So im looking for honest input from those who shoot factory loads. Obviously many reload and this line would not really apply to them. Just trying to see what key calibers, bullet weight the SASS community would want.


    Thank you for any input on this.

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