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  1. I’m thinking about upgrading from life to patron membership. About how long does it take to get the new patron membership badge and certificate?
  2. These guns are no longer available as of late yesterday. Sorry folks. I get on the wire once a year, on average. Hope to see you at EOT.
  3. But I got buddies who could bring it down. Let me know.
  4. I probably will not be at Texas State. Longhunter tuned them and Rusty Remington touched them up.
  5. I have two tuned CZ Sharptail coach guns, 12 gauge, for sale. $1200 each. Dallas area. Longhunter tuned them and Rusty Remington did a touch up. Kid RIcky Bobby fka Huckleberry Pace 66389 L
  6. Never mind. I found it. And I'm not smart enough to know how to delete my original post.
  7. Is there a list of SASS regulators somewhere? If so, please share. I looked on the website and didn't see anything. Maybe I missed it. Huckleberry
  8. Beautiful guns. I, myself, am a recovering gunaholic. Just kidding, I'm on my way to the gun store.
  9. Well said. I'll be upgrading to life member next renewal.
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