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  1. Howdy Dirty Low Down: Did you do anything with those 32s ?

    Polecat Joe

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    2. polecat joe

      polecat joe

      I'll take them if you want to sell.

      Polecat Joe

    3. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

      Dirty Low Down sass 23492

      Polecat------yeah I need to let em go------as I quoted the folks inquiring about em------$1400 shipped FFL to FFL----they be stainless--4&5/8 barrels(??)---short grip frame-----excellent condition-(only about 300 rounds thru each of em)-----got 2 sets of double strong side holsters---  1 store bought-(midway)-KKK brand brown color--new never used----$125 shipped --1 set black custom made--$225 shipped----both are for waist size 36 to 38--------I'm thinking ya live in Fla. right??? FFL here won't ship to Calif.-- My puter won't let me post picts.---if ya got a cell phone I can send ya picts that way!!---------Dirty

    4. polecat joe

      polecat joe

      My cell phone is 732-672-1642

      I live in south Florida and I shoot with three clubs down here.

      I don't need any leather but will buy the guns.

      Polecat Joe

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