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  1. You might try here:  http://lapidarysupplies.com/catalog_pages_2019/page_05.pdf

    I assume vibratory type?

    I believe these motors have bearings and not sleeves, big difference in life expectancy.  You may want to call Minnesota Lapidary. Their page claims they will work with you to find that correct solution.




    Replacement Motor for U-V 10



    Replacement Motor for U-V 18



    Replacement Motor for U-V 45


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  2. My take? Buy once. Decide how many shells you'll reload per week. Don't forget to include practice rounds.

    Remember mid-priced machines make better shells than cheap but useable machines, They resized the brass base as part of the reloading process

    MEC Sizemaster would work for 50 to 100 rounds per week

    My cheap/poor skeet shooting friends use a MEC Grabber but they shoot 200 to 500 rounds per week.

    My rich/old skeet shooter friends swear by Ponsness/Warren. Since they are retired and shoot in the 1,000 shells per week range range. it still doesn't make sense as PW is a year wait and unaffordable.


    The Sizemaster, when lubed, should last a lifetime and makes good shells. It helps to standardize on similiar shells as setup is a time waster. I use Claybuster Wads purchased by the case. From old, 1 piece, Winchester AA hulls I get 7 to 10 reloads. This is for an over/under and after 5 reloads I doubt they would work in a pump.


    Don't forget to save the boxes.

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  3. After you relieve the stock, find a diabetic friend who uses syringes and 32 gauge, very fine, needles. Fill with Tite Bond and slowly fill the crack at various locations. Clamp and wait a few (3) days.

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  4. I believe some states require unload magazines as well as above suggestions. Don't speed crossing Illinois!!!If it were me I break everything down. Remove bolts/cylinders/slides and pack in various luggage. When I worked out of my car, my rule was too never leave anything in the car when at a motel. 

  5. Because of recoil light, fast bullets shot low (less time in barrel). Heavy, slow bullets shot high ( more time in barrel). Just by changing bullet and powder you should be able to adjust at least 2 inches below to 2 inches above with stock sights.

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  6. Could this be an answer?



    11.15 X 55R LK EXPRESS

    The 11.15 X 55R LK EXPRESS was never officially listed in any catalogue. There are however numerous specimens in existence with varying case lengths. All cartridges were manufactured between 1890 and 1910 and have H Utendoerffer headstamps.

    RWS purchased the company.

    Full Company Name: Heinrich Utendoerffer

    Location: Nurnberg, Germany


    Additional Information: Heinrich Utendoerffer began production in 1855. In 1889 he sold his business to Rheinisch-Westfälischen Sprengstoff-Fabriken A.-G.

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