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  1. I have a pair of Cattleman IIs in 44-40 that I bought just to shoot black powder and have had no issues. The controversy at the time of my purchase was the retractable firing pin. Folks were saying that would just not last, but I bought them anyway and have not regretted my decision. I did however, stay with my Vaqueros as my main match revolvers as they just seem to be smoother for me.
  2. State Matches or large matches are often scheduled next to their adjacent states. The PA State Match is always scheduled on the same weekend as the Ohio State Match. I went to the PA Match two times and this year I will go to the Ohio State Match. Last year when the PAS State Match was moved, it ended up being the same weekend as the WV State Match. I went to the WV Match. We make our choices.
  3. Vaquero skipping? I have never experienced that, as I have not yet learned to shoot fast.
  4. You can buy an el cheapo tripod for almost nothing, I carry one with me to lend. One of my degrees is in Photography. You can spend more on the tripod than a camera, then you have to purchase a head. Here at our 1000 yd club, some have bought surveyors tripods, which are very sturdy and strong. You buy an adaptor for under $20 which will fit the scopes' threads and you are ready to go. The surveyors tripod does not fold down into as small a bundle as camera tripods, but they will hold almost any size scope.
  5. The surgery is the easy part, you sleep through that. The therapy is the hard part. Be tough, listen and go for the angle.
  6. I bought a couple (nylon) from Lowes. They had them in their specialty Drawers for adds and ends.
  7. I have made several target stands using PVC and they work fine. I use threaded connectors so they come apart for hauling. I also put threaded ends on the bottoms so the two are filled with sand for weight and stability. We also use them to sight-in rifles and shotguns. I have used these for the past two years.
  8. In West Virginia winning at the state level just makes one eligible to purchase their own buckle. I have yet to purchase any of the six I have won, but if I do buy one, I will wear it on my shotgun belt.
  9. I have made 18 tables so far, all of treated lumber. The size sometimes is determined by the length of the stock you are using and how the table is to be used. I assembled them with production screws, 20 and 8 penny nails. I made the back legs from 4x4s and the front from 2x4s so they are 32 inches tall. I can get three legs from each eight foot 4x4 or 2x4. Six are stage tables and have 3/4" plywood tops x34"x24" (for staging firearms and props). Six are unloading tables and are 27 1/2"x24" with 5/4" decking boards for the tops. The others are loading tables and I used 3/4"x2'x4'
  10. I have shipped rifles and pistols via our local FEDEX without any problems. I did however always purchase the additional insurance to cover the cost of the firearm. I didn't compare cost, they are just convenient being the closest to my home. The man at the counter told me he is not permitted to ask what is inside of the package.
  11. Here in West Virginia we say, what are these buckles you speak of? I have won six state competitions and have the certificates for proof, but no buckles. If you want a buckle for winning, you buy it yourself. We do get a mug and sometimes a plaque, but mostly just make a lot of noise and smoke along with the fun.
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