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  1. When I first got into cowboy shooting I purchased a set of Ruger Old Model Vaqueros in .357. Shot them for about two years. I have smaller hands and held another shooters Ubertis one time and really liked the way they felt better than the heavier, thicker Rugers. Sold both pistols to an older gentleman and used the money to buy a set of nickel plated Ubertis. Really enjoyed shooting the Ubertis all of these years, but kinda wish that I still had just kept the Old Vaqueros. Seems like alot of guys/gals put a premium on the older thicker model now. Prices for those Rugers have kept going u
  2. Too Tall, I live in Ohio and was fortunate to pick up two bricks of Winchester SPP last night. Vances is only allowing one box per customer. My son went with me and he purchased the other box. At least they were reasonably priced; $36.99 per thousand. Every other gun shop is totally out of both small and large pistol primers and tI've seen prices at local Ohio gun shows anywhere from $75-100 per thousand. I won't pay that high price, at least right now. I do like to shoot at an indoor range December through March and I think that I've got enough primers to get me through the
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