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  1. I don't think so. The grip of the gun in his hand has a rounded bottom, like a broom-handle Mauser. The grip of the gun and your link has a flat bottom.
  2. I suppose this made sense to you.
  3. On another board there is a lady who was married to a Japanese gentleman. I asked her if that was a real word. Yes. My father-in-law used to say this occasionally. He'd ask for a snack and say kuchisabishii, and my mother-in-law would say "masaka". So my word is "masaka" which means: Nonsense.
  4. If people shoot at Firefly, he is liable to shoot back.
  5. More power to you Hardpan. I don't expect to make it to 121. Ah well. That would be 2076. Hopefully I will still be here in 2026.
  6. I believe it was a chop-a-matic.
  7. That was the first thought that came to my mind. I thought about posting something similar, but I decided it was tacky.
  8. If I was McGee, or Kate, or Ziva, I would be reporting Tony to HR about every other day. But Gibbs seems to think Tony is just wonderful. Episode I was watching the other day involved a remote-controlled jetpack. McGee had built his own controller, and as the murderer is attempting to escape by flying away in the jetpack, McGee locks on to him and is bringing him back. Tony thinks that's really cool and tries to take the remote. "I want to fly him", and they squabble over it. And I wondered if because of his childish "I want to do it" attitude he had knocked the remote to the tarmac and broke it, and the murderer got away, Gibbs would still like him. As to this British car show - I just found the videos on YouTube and thought they were funny. Never heard of the show.
  9. I was just over on this one board. Guy wanted to know if you could size 45 ACP in a 45 Colt die. Apparently he has a turret press with seven holes. And he has set his 38/357 up with the size die in the middle. Then turning counterclockwise he has the 38 bell, then seat, then crimp. Or, turning clockwise, he has the 357 bell, then seat, then crimp. He has the same setup with his 44 special and 44 Magnum. He wishes to set one up with his 45 Colt and 45 ACP, but this requires the ability to size both cases in the same die. So he asks. Three people told him it would not work. They show the dimensions of the cases as proof that it will not work. I told him to try. Size a couple of the ACPs in the Colt die and see if they work. If they do, he's golden. If they don't, resize them in an ACP die. All it takes is a little bit of time wasted, maybe. Another guy, different board. Wanted to know if he could use 44 magnum brass to make 44/40. Several people told him it would not work. I believe it would. I don't think you would have enough rim for it to work through a lever action, it would be a little bit short so you might have to shorten the crimp die to get the crimp shoulder down for enough, and you might only get two or three loads out of it. But, if as the man said, he had lots of Magnum brass and was unable to find any wucf brass anywhere, it was worth a try.
  10. There was a movie called The President's Analyst. One scene in the movie had them drive off the side of a ship - SPLASH!! - and then drive up to shore, drive up on the beach and go on down the road.
  11. They're coming to take me away haha They're coming to take me away ho ho They're coming to take me away ha ha ho ho hee hee to the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time Happy Dale rest home The place where tilted people go
  12. The nice young men with the butterfly nets and the rubber truck?
  13. Did you notice that while one is marked right handed and the other is marked left handed, in the fine print on both of them it says CAUTION THIS TOOL ONLY WORKS ANTI-CLOCKWISE?
  14. Ginger ale and Ripple - that makes pink champipple.
  15. Yes, the mighty amphicar. Except they're not.
  16. At one point in here he talks about bovril. This is similar to Vegemite, except it is made with cow instead of yeast. If you dilute it you end up with a drink known as beef tea, which I presume is what he poured in there.
  17. Many many years ago, when I was young and stupid - we put about half a cup of gasoline in a 5-gallon can, put the lid on, shook it vigorously and then threw it out in the bay. Stood there and watched it until the tide took it out about 100 yards, then shot it with 308 tracer. Nothing happened. Saw the can jerk when the bullet hit it, so I know we were hitting it, but nothing happened. With only being about a hundred yards away from it, it's probably a good thing that nothing happened.
  18. Several years back I was reading - probably in Hot Rod - an article about a mechanic on a professional stock car team. He said that he could temporarily fix anything with orange sunshine, silver magic, and a blue tipped wrench. And they went on to explain that orange sunshine with some heavy-duty industrial adhesive, silver magic was duct tape, and a blue-tipped wrench was an acetylene cutting torch.
  19. I didn't slow down, because I did not want to be caught in it, but I did watch in the rearview mirror, until he went around a curve and I turned off.
  20. Those of us that have been here a while remember Suzee Silk Knickers (died 19 years ago next month). Suzee was a well-known author of books on how to take tests. What many people are unaware of is that she was also a big game hunter. She went after Caribou one year. She asked the guide (guided hunt) if he had a generator, and if the generator was powerful enough to run her blow dryer. She told me that there was no way she was going to spend two weeks in the woods without a hair dryer. Her hair would have a case of the permanent frizzes. She got her caribou (she called him Rudy) before the first week was over, and she came home. But, at the request of the other hunters, her hair dryer stayed in the woods. They were using it every evening to dry out their boots.
  21. I'm on my way home from the grocery store, and I see a bicycle approaching me. He has something large and red in his right hand. It appears to be the big thermal pizza carrier, that pizza delivery guys use. I bet he's going to have to hustle to make that delivery in 30 minutes or less. As he gets closer I see that it is not a pizza carrier. It is a 5 gallon gasoline can. By the way he is holding it it is obviously not full of gasoline. But if it ever had gasoline in it before, it is most likely full of gasoline fumes. And he's smoking a cigarette.
  22. Nope Johnny, I don't wonder at all. I know I have.
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