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  1. If I rip open the velcro, it is because I've already fired the 6 that's in the gun, and it is no longer quiet.
  2. I do the same thing, but I use nylon cases. They're cheaper than the leather.
  3. And we can't forget James Earl Ray. I wondered about that, many times. The actor went by the name Wilkes Booth. The Marine that defected to Russia went by the name Lee Oswald. Not John Wilkes, not Lee Harvey. So why did they give them all three names in history books? And you suppose that's the reason that it's always "Leroy Jethro Gibbs"? Not just Leroy, like they called him when he was a kid. Not just Jethro like all his friends say. Leroy Jethro. Because he kills people at long range with a rifle?
  4. If Jill Monroe came with it I definitely jump on it.
  5. And if you had clicked on the link that Cypress posted you would see that that is the one you're talking about. I have no idea why that picture of an RCBS primer tool showed up.
  6. If it used 5 gallons of oil going north, I wonder how much oil it used going south?
  7. Number 18. I do that. And that seems to upset a lot of y'all.
  8. Ah, but the question was, do you keep extra ammo by the loaded gun. In the episode I was speaking of Gibbs had an automatic stashed down there in the basement. 12 to 15 rounds, maybe. In an episode a few years earlier we see he had a Model 66 Smith. Six shot revolver. Maybe that's why he decided he needed the extra firepower of the large capacity automatic.
  9. https://www.fadedpage.com/showbook.php?pid=20240705 1923. "Stories from old Quebec, told in a kind of joual twang which means lots of dialect. Makes for some fun reading. Mostly English with some French words." This appears to be similar to the Uncle Remus stories. This little kid pestering an old man for stories. The first story has Baptiste telling a story about a ghost ship to the kid. “One tam feller an’ hees girl was leeve on France, dat’s on odder side Atlantic. Dey was bot’ w’at you call noblesse. She’s name was Blanche de Beaumont an’ hees Raymond de Nérac; two ver’ nice peop’. But Raymond he not have it easy. W’en you want ver’ nice girl lak dat you got to fight, an’ mebbe odder feller he not fight straight. Dat’s de way; you fin’ out one tam, mebbe. “Dis odder feller, w’ich he was want de girl heemself, he spik on de King, an’ ask heem he’s sen’ Raymond somew’ere else. So de King he say, ‘Raymond, you can go on New France for fight dose Iroquois. Dat’s de place for ver’ brave man lak you.’ “So Raymond he go off. Of course he spik wit’ Blanche, an’ say, ‘I come back soon. You don’t worry.’ An’ she say, ‘I will wait, me.’ But Raymond he not come back soon at all; he stay an’ fight in Canada. Someone in France was tak’ de ver’ good care de King he kip dat feller always was fight de Iroquois. “Dat happen year af’er year, till at las’ Blanche she get tire’ wait. But w’at she do, dat girl? Geeve heem up? You don’t know. She say, ‘He not come to me, I go on heem, you bet.’ Dat’s de kin’ of girl! There's more to the story. I just posted that to give you a taste.
  10. Some of you, I am sure, keep guns in various rooms. Jeff Cooper wore a gun all the time so he didn't have to have a gun in the kitchen and a gun in the living room. It was on his hip. But some people choose not to do that, so they have a gun in the kitchen and one in the living room and one in the bathroom and etc. If you are one of these people do you keep ammunition with the gun? On the NCIS episode where Ziva came back, she and Gibbs get into a firefight in the basement. And both of them were shooting like they were in a 1940s Western - not aiming and trying to hit something but simply pointing the gun in the general direction of the bad guys and pulling the trigger as fast as possible. Amazingly they both shot their guns dry. Wow. And then Ziva asked Gibbs if he had any ammo. He told her not down there. And she also was not carrying any spare, so there they were. And I thought how intelligent it would be to have some spare ammunition - couple of magazines, couple speed loaders, even just a box in the drawer where the gun is. Because a gun ain't worth nothing if you ain't got no bullets.
  11. Kris' is pretty simple. The measure of intelligence is the ability to change. Albert Einstein That other one - nope
  12. There's a man in the funny papers we all know He lived way back a long time ago He don't eat nothing but bearcat soup This man's name is Alley Oop He's the toughest man there is alive Wears clothes from a wildcats hide He's the king of the jungle jive Look at that caveman go I ain't got no idea what he has to do with Dogpatch or shmoos, but there you are.
  13. I was flabbergasted to see the shenanigans that nincompoop got up to trying to make that thingamajig work with the doohickey.
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