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  1. Mississippi Mud Pie. Yummy http://www.mycountrytable.com/mississippi-mud-pie/
  2. Spelunker (otherwise known as a proctologist)
  3. "Serious conversations"? Like hoobeats being heard on the trail to Toostone? The Hugemador? The Nursifyin' Nuns? The three-story outhouse? Coffee Jerky? The lawyer with his office being an orange crate in the alley behind the Saloon? Fred the wolverine? Those sorts of serious conversations?
  4. 1886 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/She:_A_History_of_Adventure
  5. I'm confused. "A whole lotta folks DON'T LIKE TO READ THEM..." Then don't open Father Kit's threads. Problem solved.
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