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  1. I step out the front door this morning, and I wonder what the PO-lice are doing this early at my neighbor across the street's house. Then I realize that it is their white car parked behind their just slightly taller red car.
  2. Difficult trying to decide whether to say I like it or to laugh at it. So I did both.
  3. I hope that played. I've seen many things that people posted that apparently played for them but then wouldn't play for anyone else. I really like the end where the one dog got the carrot and the second dog bit the guy's hand. If anyone deserved to get bit it was that jerk in the box.
  4. The ones with the cookies or the ones with the guns?
  5. It appears to me that the bike was not quite talented enough to do that headstand by itself, so the rider was helping to hold it upright. Once it's done a few more, the bike will probably be able to stand on its head without help.
  6. I also did not follow the trial, but somehow I have formed the opinion that that guy in the window was the prosecutor. I could certainly be wrong about that.
  7. Farthest I've gone is Fandango, in lower Wisconsin. The handy dandy internet just told me it was 1267 miles. I went there in 01, 03, and 05. Used to go to Mule Camp every year, around Atlanta. That's about 350 miles.
  8. They would have to get a free bottle. As I understand it, the Jack Daniel's distillery is in a dry county, so they could not pay for one.
  9. Using them for fuel or as construction material is fine. But I thought, from the title, that they were making new adult diapers out of them. Somehow cleaning them up and putting them in packages and back on the shelf. Eeeeewwwwwww!
  10. You know, I didn't notice this when I first saw the movie, 40 years or so ago whenever it came out. But when he is running up the stairs he was skipping stairs. It would have been better exercise if he had stepped on everyone.
  11. Yeah. Those are called hurricane anchors where I live. During a big storm they will hold your building together better than just toenailing.
  12. Most definitely use hurricane anchors. They're in Louisiana in the story. But you still have to attach the hurricane anchors to the ridgepole. For anyone else that read that and thought HUH??? https://www.wood-database.com/ipe/
  13. This is from a fiction, but it got me to wonder. They have the ridgepole from the old barn. It's forty feet long. Twenty inches square. 180 years old. They plan to use it as the ridgepole in the house they're building. It is heart pine. The statement is made that it is so hard they could not drive a nail into it. So how do you attach the rafters? I assume that you could drill holes into it. Would it work to drill slightly undersized holes for the nails, and driving the nails into the undersized holes would give it the grip needed? If it's too hard to nail, would that work? Still with the drilling the holes, but instead of driving nails into the holes use screws? If it's too hard to nail, would it be too hard for the screw threads to bite? Maybe that would just be a surface hardening from age, and once you have drilled through the surface you could easily screw into the wood below?
  14. My list is pretty simple. I hope Santa has deep pockets, though. 5 inch blue steel N frame 45 Colt. 5 inch blue steel N frame 357. 5 inch 38/44 heavy duty. K32. One of the newer Model 16s, in 32 H&R would be nice. I would probably never shoot the Magnum through it, but having the ability would be sweet. But I really want a K32 to go with the K22 and K38. I want the set. Lastly, a pre-war hammer 410 side by side. Before the war they actually built shotguns on their own frame size. Now you buy a 16 and they just put 16 barrels on a 12 gauge frame. You buy a 410 and it's 410 barrels on a 20 gauge frame. But before the war they actually made a little bitty 410 frame.
  15. Daly is an importer. Surely they have more than just one double barrel.
  16. You ever wonder if the people that review the movies have actually seen the movie? One of several Wayne attempts at comedy, "Donovan's Reef" is the last collaboration between Wayne and director John Ford. The film follows three veterans on an island in French Polynesia who try to claim a fortune one of them has inherited. Hmmm. And here I thought it was about the three veterans trying to prevent one of them's snobbish daughter from finding out he had some half Polynesian children. In "Hellfighters" Wayne plays a firefighter who, along with his crew, fights oil rig fires all over the world. His marriage is falling apart and he is falling in love with a colleague's daughter. Actually Jim Hutton fell in love with Wayne's daughter. "Without Reservation" marks a significant departure for John Wayne -- even though he is again playing an enlisted man -- as the film is a romantic comedy. This time, Wayne portrays Captain 'Rusty' Thomas, I didn't know Marine captains were enlisted men.
  17. You got that right. I use them. But I have no idea how they work.
  18. For years I thought the way this worked was if your heart was beating wrongly, this shocked it back on to the correct path. I was recently told that is not the way it works. The heart is beating wrongly. You zap it and it stops working. Then it starts back up. Hopefully when it starts back up its beating correctly. So that means that computers were designed more after people then most people think. Your computer starts acting up, and you do a hard reboot. You turn it off and then turn it back on. Hopefully now that it has started back it is working correctly. Sounds like the way a defibrillator works. It's just a hard reboot of the heart.
  19. No you are legally an ordained minister. Different term. In a Spenser novel we have this guy that has started a cult. Spenser goes to talk to him, and says, "Mr. Winston...", and is immediately corrected, "Reverend Winston!" Now if he wished to call himself Doctor Winston, he would need to have a piece of paper from some institution of learning saying that he has earned a doctorate of some sort. It might be from the University of Bugtussle, and he might have a PhD in basket weaving. But he has a doctorate, so he can call himself doctor. I'm just trying to find out if there is any requirement before you can call yourself Reverend? Not what it takes to become ordained. Not what it takes to actually be a minister of the Gospel. Is there a requirement, or can anyone call himself Reverend and not get in legal trouble? There have been replies about how to become a minister in this or that church. That wasn't the question. There has been a reply about how to get ordained by a diploma mill. Also not the question.
  20. That "plain dry toast on lame white sandwich bread" looks suspiciously like French toast to me.
  21. I remember back in the late 80s my brother-in-law sent a check to someplace and got a thing back saying that he had been ordained in their church. He was quite happy and proud about now being an ordained pastor.
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