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  1. Does not have to be freezing. My last house had a gas space heater. Being paranoid of being burned to death, before I went to bed I would turn the heater off. Sleep under a couple of three blankets. Get up in the morning and light the heater. Originally I used kitchen matches. But here in Florida it is quite humid, and the matches got where they would not strike. So when the temperature was in the 50s I would use a Bic to light the kitchen match, then use the two and a half inch long wooden match to light the gas fire. But when the temperature got down in the 40s the Bic would not light. So I started doing as Texas Joker said. I would get up, put my pants on, and then stir around the house - pee, brush my teeth, let the dog out, things like that - for a half hour or so, and by then my body heat had warmed the gas in the Bic enough so that it would light and I could light the match with it to light the heater. Not the best solution in the world, but it worked every morning. Added: when it was very cold - and the 30s, and for Florida the 30s is very cold - it took too long to warm up the Bic. So I bought a Zippo. Temperature didn't seem to matter too lighter fluid. And I used the Zippo to light the match. Still had to use a flame to light the match to light the heater.
  2. Thanks Joe. This was 22 years ago. You're probably talking to some punk kid that was still in high school at the time.
  3. So --- even though this is a good warning, this email is not legitimately from SASS? I mean, if I get an email from Misty, or from Hardpan, or from Utah Bob, telling me that I need to go down to Walmart and buy gift cards and send them to him for whatever reason - I'm going to figure that's a scam and throw it away. Matter of fact, if I got an email from Donald Trump asking me to send them Walmart gift cards I would throw it away. I can see someone asking me for money, but gift cards? That just screams SCAM. So I suppose this is a good warning, even if it didn't come from Misty.
  4. I wonder how many people forget the words? Robert Goulet was singing it at the beginning of a boxing match (pretty sure it was a boxing match) and he messed up the lyrics. But, as he explained later, "I'm Canadian. Why would I be expected to know the United States anthem?" And then we have this one. Television show, but I can see it happening. She had been studying Romeo and Juliet in English class. "But soft, what light through yonder window breaks".
  5. You got the wrong attitude. I don't see how more tax money would do anything about the oil, but --- By paying more taxes, we allow the government to prevent another ice age, prevent acid rain, and save both the ozone layer and the ice caps. Thank you government, for saving us by spending our money.
  6. You suppose she's in the boys room or he's in the girls room?
  7. Thank you. Never knew the name of that thing before. Looked it up, and found this. https://jennyclarinet.com/2020/06/lets-talk-about-ligatures-the-complete-guide/ Very interesting.
  8. Past or present, I don't care. The bracket that you held your reed on with. Do you have the screws on the reed side? Or on the back side? I always had it on the reed side. But there were a couple people in band that had it on the other side. And occasionally I will see someone playing one on television or in a movie and they will have it on the backside. I've never been able to find out if there was any advantage to that. There is a disadvantage. Sliding the mouthpiece cover on, with the screws on the backside means you have to have the cover run down the reed. Good chance of damaging it. With the screws on the front side, the cover slides down the solid back of the mouthpiece, and doesn't touch the reed.
  9. Not a bad song. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wStpfMRECr8&embeds_referring_euri=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thefirearmsforum.com%2F&source_ve_path=MjM4NTE&feature=emb_title I tried to display that as the video but it wouldn't embed for some reason. It said it did, but it wasn't there.
  10. Brown on the outside, white on the inside? Never heard that one before.
  11. On a paved road I've driven through water about a foot deep. Off-road - if it looks like it's deeper than about 3 inches I stop and go up there and wade it. I would druther get my feet wet then get my truck drownded. Especially since I'm now driving a Chevy truck, and GMs drown on a heavy dew.
  12. I just realized that's a turban. Every other time I've seen that picture I thought it was a bra.
  13. I guess I need to turn the radio on again. While talking about lousy renditions they mentioned both Roseanne Barr and Fergie. Fergie? I thought Fergie was the Duchess of York. What the hell is some Brit doing singing the National Anthem at a ball game? Oh. Different Fergie.
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