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  1. White belt is the very basic starting place. You have to learn to stand before you can walk and walk before you can run. Every block, kick and punch must be learned and perfected before a student can move on. These are the building blocks that insure a strong foundation and must become instinctive. Some children learn faster than others, some are more athletic and some are more focused and mature. There is little more frustrating than trying to teach a child who doesn't want to be there. Don't get in a hurry every child progresses at their own rate. If the school promises a black belt in an unreasonable amount of time please find another school. There is no such thing as a nine year old black belt. If it's not earned it's less than worthless it's downright dangerous.
  2. We don't use 13 year old kids to teach or do anything else for that matter. There are schools that have the kids sweep and clean the dojo. That isn't us. My son started to teach children at age 14 but by that time he had been training for 6 years held a black belt and was never unsupervised. He was paid and his tuition was covered. He did teach five days a week after school but was home every night in time to do his school work. Working there was his choice and kept it up till he was in college and he will still stop in and teach a class or two if he is in town and his schedule permits. I don't see any problem with a 13 year old with experience helping the younger kids before class with their homework if she is compensated and supervised. We do get kids who are dropped off after school by the school bus and are there an hour or more before class so help would be appreciated. But this child isn't experienced. As far as talking to both parents that isn't often an option. We get kids who are brought by mothers, grandparents, and siblings, fathers are rare. We teach in a fishbowl there is no place on the floor that cannot be seen by the parents and staff and parents are welcome and encouraged to stay.
  3. If you are working for your tuition how is that working for free? BTW I guess I'm a fool since I teach for free and I drive 60 miles each way to do it.
  4. Go down to the evidence room get a dozen bags of pure heroin inject into a vein problem solved
  5. while his colleagues went to war he was at home and furthered his career playing a war hero in the movies while the true heroes like Stewart and others served
  6. Every time he put on a uniform he was pretending to be something he never was
  7. He was everything Wayne pretended to be and wasn't
  8. The Union had no shortage of coffee they in fact drank copious quantities when they had the time to boil it. On the march they just chewed the beans. When the armies were close coffee was traded for tobacco
  9. It's amazing how much less stress there is on Sunday when you don't watch the anti-American National Felons League
  10. Gets your attention doesn't it. Been there done that
  11. We should have never dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. It should have been 200
  12. Never Forget Never Forgive We must never forget their sacrifices a generation of true heroes
  13. Wrangler National Finals Rodeo the Superbowl of rodeo
  14. Amazon has always been easy. Call them leave your # and they get back to you in minutes without sitting on hold
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