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  1. I do believe that somewhere about-45 the scales meet
  2. I was the President of the Crime Prevention Association of Pennsylvania. The main speaker at our yearly conference was Steven White the Chief Deputy Constable of the Republic of Northern Ireland. After the conference we adjourned to a friend’s home in the woods to continue the conference. We cracked a large bottle of Jack and the three of us started in on it. I thought I could drink but I was wrong. That bottle disappeared and I learned never try to out drink an Irishman even if he was from the North
  3. Simple Green because if it's good enough for Bob Dunlap it's good enough for me
  4. Thanks but I don't have direct tv anymore ad never will have it again
  5. I'm still not clear on the rules since I don't watch it. Are the hunters allowed to break the law?
  6. With training a cane can be a very effective self defensive tool that can be carried anywhere
  7. I don't and won't waste my time on it but how are they getting the information without violating the law?
  8. I shot a nice fat doe with my original Model 92 in 38/40. It was my grandfathers gun so it really had special meaning for me.
  9. As both a Glock and Sig armorer I have mixed feelings. The Sig is a great gun no doubt about it. The drawback is it is twice the cost with twice the parts. I could teach a monkey to strip a Glock not a Sig. It's hard to screw up a Glock, there is one piece in a Sig that if put in wrong turns the gun into a single shot pistol until it is returned to the factory. The Glock is a much easier gun to train the average person on.
  10. I spent about 45 minutes in a holding room with Clinton. He was not rude at all but very lets say presidential and stayed with his staff. Like him or not you could feel the power in that room. Obama was just plan rude
  11. Every President from Regan to Obama working the dignitary detail Jack Twyman NBA hall of fame Lones Wigger Franco Harris Mike Reid Mario Lemieux Phil Bourke Jim Carmichael Babe Winkleman Jerry Mckinnis Al Gore Mr Rogers Tom Ruger Sheriff Joe Arpaio James Mcphearson Gary Gallagher D Scott Hartwig Dale Gallon Ed Bearss Leslie Easterbrook My wife sold Marvin Lewis his first home when he was a coach at Pitt
  12. I'm thinking that maybe part of the reason for the reluctance to ship to California is the stupid approved gun list and a fear of shipping the wrong model of a gun
  13. Apparently the Raiders are going going gone to Vegas lol
  14. I see they changed the time for the layoff game. Good luck everyone it could get bad
  15. Call it tactical and a million idiots will buy it because t's tacticool
  16. I have pretty much every caliber covered but my favorite all around caliber is 32 mag. I shoot 45 colt for SASS but just like the 32
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