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  1. I pretty much just watch Forged In Fire, the two game shows and You Tube
  2. You do know that we are all here for you in your time of need
  3. I would like to take a class on knife making. Stock removal method
  4. Her her name wasn’t Cathy S was it
  5. I used to watch Hickok 45 but he is just too long winded and juvenile for me
  6. Don’t forget Cap and Ball with Balazs Nemeth. Probably one of the best channels for classic firearms
  7. I know that this is a little large to carry easily but is it mean enough?
  8. In Pennsylvania it’s a crime of theft of property lost mislaid or stolen Of course if the package has your name on it all bets are off
  9. I keep the proper size vinyl tubing and hose clamps in stock. They are great for quick emergency repairs
  10. Several years ago our son was looking for a way to give back over Christmas, He remembered how much he and his twin sons enjoyed Hot Wheels. He founded a small charity called Little Wheels Big Hearts to raise cars to donate to Toys for Tots. He enlisted the help of a couple social media friends and in three years the have collected over thirty thousand cars. At our age my wife and I need very little so we donated most what we were going to spend on each other to Little Wheels Big Hearts. Our wallets are empty but our hearts are full
  11. Use it for SASS it’s long enough to just poke the targets over. Seriously since I don’t shoot for score load that thing up with black powder and make large clouds of smoke
  12. Has the insurance company paid you for the gun. If they have the gun is no longer yours
  13. Alabama Christmas Not a traditional song on the CD but everyone is meaningful
  14. I would be much more concerned with the interest rate I was talked into a Home Depot card and was shocked that the interest rate was 32%. I didn’t activate the card and destroyed it
  15. Fifty years ago I was watching the Hallelujah Trail with my Girlfriend. She got on the phone with her sister and pretty much ignored me so I started to take a shot every time Bert did. Let’s just say that by the time her father got home from work at midnight I was rather intoxicated and spent the night on the couch. He was not impressed
  16. I want to thank both you and Forty as well as everyone else on this board I’m not going away I enjoy the people here to much to do that. Wouldn’t this be a boring forum without the spirited banter and debate that makes this place what it is
  17. Thanks I finish my treatments in February and I will have it beat but the side effects from the treatments will be around for awhile. My shooting days will be limited but I’m staying for the people they are the greatest asset SASS has
  18. I guess that I should take my cancer and other health issues and just go home
  19. Right now my neighbor and friend is laying in the hospital in a coma and on a ventilator.He’s dying and it’s a horrible death. Give it up there is no conspiracy this disease is serious Put your damn mask on
  20. Please tell my neighbor and friend who is in a coma and on a ventilator that it’s just a government hoax. BTW he probably isn’t going to make it
  21. To my mind nothing can match the 1985 Alabama Red Christmas album. Not a traditional song on the album but every cut is meaningful. I have bought more copies than I can remember from cassette on
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