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  1. Iver Johnson made some excellent pocket pistols. Less "prestigious" than a S&W, but every bit as serviceable and reliable. I have several pocket pistols. Among my favorites are an Iver Johnson and a Merwin & Hulbert, both in .38 S&W. I also have a few in .32 S&W, which is a nice caliber, but I prefer the .38. That's just a personal preference. You can't really go wrong with either caliber. The M&H is single action, so I only use it for the occasional accuracy match. I always use a DA for the speed ones. I also have a Colt Lightning in .38 Long Colt that is a lot of fun to shoot. Depending on make/model/date of manufacture a pocket pistol stands a good chance of being black powder only. For example, the Lightning, although made until 1909, was never approved for smokeless. Other pistols, it depends on when it was made. Good luck!
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