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  1. Man, I'd love to go to that! But it's about as far from Boston as you can possibly get. 72 hour drive, 88 hours via Seattle to minimize time in Canada. And you gotta go through Canada to get there... (9 Day drive.) Flying with all those guns and ammo would be... Difficult...
  2. Compare an original Winchester 73, or a 92, or even a real Colt Lightning in .32-20 to the modern made replicas in the same caliber. You will notice that the tube on the originals is of noticeably less diameter than the one on the replicas. As far as I know, the above mentioned sleeve kit is the most effective way to deal with the oversized magazine. Given how popular replicas in .38 Special are, I am surprised that the makers don't create a properly sized magazine for the smaller calibers.
  3. Zoot is a lot of fun! I go by "Uriah the Inkblot" in that world. Had a lot of fun at one match, using a Broomhandle Mauser as my pistol, another Broomhandle with a fixed 30 round mag and shoulderstock as my rifle, a Colt Detective Special as my "snubby" and a Browning Auto 5 as the my shotgun. That was a hoots worth of fun.
  4. When I asked, they did admit that it's been a long time since they did a run of .32-20 and that they had plans to do one sooner or later. Pointed me to Brownells for some .45 S&W cases.
  5. Not a wise thing to do! PaleWolf, how did you disable the safety? How do you find it to be as a shooter? My experience has been easy to use, surprisingly accurate, and it functions well with Short Colts when I want to use them. With "standard" factory .38 Special ammo, it is a little "flippy," but not excessively so. I would not use any "high performance" ammo in it. I don't mean +P type stuff, just the things at the higher end of the acceptable range for .38 Special. I think such rounds would be "safe" but unpleasant to shoot.
  6. I like this one. The safety is kinda silly, but it was my Dad's. Plus, it looks more like a Remington than a lot of the currently made ones.
  7. Is that really an issue? We are shootists after all. I mean, I don't have a Glock, but I do have many other autoloading pistols, and I am sure I could handle one safely. And I do have an AR. I can't be the only Cowboy shooter who also has modern guns in his collection. That said, I can believe the cops not being firearms enthusiasts.
  8. So make it "Old School" cops where they use DA revolvers, pump shotguns and... Tommy Guns!
  9. I still want to be able to draw it from a holster. The 12" is hard enough, to say nothing of the Mares Leg type pistols!
  10. No .45 Colt, but I'm all set there. But no .32-20, which I do need. Nice to see .38 Short Colt and .38 S&W listed, but I'm all set for those. Would like some .38 Long Colts, but, nope... Darn.
  11. Let me add some clarification. The link on Page 1 at the beginning of the thread works just fine. Just this one here on Page 2 seems to have a problem.
  12. I'll never be a top speed shooter. I concentrate on trying for a clean match, and using different guns depending on my mood that particular weekend. This week it's the Bisley's. Next week it's the Mare's Legs (If allowed by local club) Week after that, it's the regular Colts. Then it's the Buntline paired with the Sheriff's model, or maybe 2 sheriffs. Gotta take out the Big Iron at least once a year. Or the Spencer. Walker and Dragoon combo is always fun. Maybe I won't use a Lightning one particular week and use one of my lever guns. Gotta take the Parker out once in a blue moon instead of the trusty 97. The 87 needs to be shot on occasion as well. Maybe the Nagants deserve a turn. I just have fun playing with my toys.
  13. Nah, it's what they called "Wild Bunch" before SASS came up with the SASS rules for Wild Bunch.
  14. No ejector with proper frame = Sheriff's model, regardless of barrel length. Sheriff's Model = C&R C&R = Exempt from stupid laws in Massachusetts that say, among other things, you can't buy a new SAA in this state cuz it's not a safe design. Conclusion: It's just about the only way I can get a new "Buntline like" Colt in .45.
  15. As to why I "want" this, Sheriff's models, in .44 or .45, are all C&R. The odds of me finding another Buntline, in .45, that I can purchase in Massachusetts, are remote. But if I could find a .45 Sheriff, that I can buy. I can then drive down to Hartford and say, "Please put a 12" barrel on this." Maybe. I dunno. Used Sheriff's are getting more expensive every day, and ordering a new one from the Custom Shop is STUPID expensive. And as much as I "want" one, I don't really need it. Much contemplation is in order going forward.
  16. For reference, I offer the following image. Usually when I shoot the top Buntline, I pair it with the nickeled Sheriff. The two Sheriff's are the first "matched pair" that I was able to obtain. The Big Iron is not normally paired with any of these guns, but the image was created for... reasons I don't recall.
  17. Well, I hadn't intended for this to be so silly, but it sure is fun to see how people are responding.
  18. Believe it or not, "Sheriff's Model" does not mean short barrel, it means no ejector. The frame is slightly different from a "normal" SAA, and there's really no way you could put an ejector on it. Now, I have also see pictures of collections Sheriff's models, usually commemoratives of something that have pistols with a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 inch barrel. Kinda cool looking, but out of my price range. That being said, if you could obtain, a Sheriff's model frame and put a 12" barrel on it, what you call it? A Buntline Sheriff's Model, or a Sheriff's Buntline? I am actually considering trying to figure out how to get such a beast without spending stupid amounts of cash.
  19. I don't see them very often in the gunshops. I found this one on Gunbroker a few years ago. It's pretty easy to find conversion cylinders online of that interests you. A quick check shows that Taylor's has them in stock, but they don't seem to carry the pistol itself. They are enjoyable guns to shoot. They fit the hand well and even though it looks odd, the hammer is very easy to cock. Good luck!
  20. They exist. Here's a pic of mine, converted to .45 Colt
  21. Six rounds. I got the gun used, as is, so the cylinder came with it. In fact, there was no C&B cylinder. Looking at it, I guess you could get a Remington style gated ring, but the cylinder would have to be shaved quite a bit for it to fit.
  22. A very interesting gun. Like the 58 Remington, you can quick change the cylinders if you want to. And, they are rather easy to cartridge convert. The hammer is "strange" in some ways. To me, it almost feels like you are pulling the hammer straight back and not rotating it back and downwards. The conversion is .45 Colt. I have fired it a few times, but I've never used it in a match, yet.
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