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  1. Before SASS created rules for Wild Bunch, those things were quite commonly seen. But when SASS created rules, they made WB a 97 only game. That kinda carried over from the 97 being the only allowed pump shotgun in CAS, even though some of those others are perfectly safe to use. As to why early autoloaders are not allowed for WB? "They just aren't" seems to be the only answer.
  2. Oh! I like how shiny your stock is! I have two of them, to be honest. My first one is the first rifle I ever owned, my father gave it to me when turned 12, and it's in .22 Magnum. Then, about 2 or 3 years ago, I found one in a local shop in LR, and snatched it. Surprised at how expensive they've gotten!
  3. The Winchester 9422. Great rifle no matter how you slice it. But, what would you "consider" it to be" The name of course, 9422 implies that it's a .22 version of the Model 94, but we all know that's not true. Others point out that while it's not one of them either, it is in some ways more similar to the Model 92 than the 94. It matches the general profile of either rifle just fine. With all of that in mind, if you were trying to, if for no other reason that a point in your collection, trying to put together a batter of rifles in .22, pistol caliber and rifle caliber lever actions, would you pair the 9422 with a 92 and and 86, or with a 94 in .44 Magnum and .30-30? Or would you use a 9422 for both sets? This is just a "for fun" experiment. (Although I am doing this for a few different "families" of rifles. Don't know if I'll complete the acquisition of everything)
  4. Good point. That was another reason I passed on the 7mm one.
  5. If you mean physically loading and unloading the gun while shooting, they are all pretty much the same. If you mean which one is easiest to reload ammunition FOR, then the first question is, what do you already load for with regard to rifle cartridges? Generically, I'd say it's easier to reload something like .45-70 or .30-40 Krag than .43 Spanish or another "obscure to Americans" cartridge that it can be hard to get brass and/or bullets for. So, what about 7mm Mauser? I'd avoid this caliber. Not because I it's a hard cartridge to reload, but because I have read that the chambers in Rolling Blocks in that caliber tend to be oversized and that the brass will wear out a lot quicker, and may even bulge. I discovered this when I was considering purchasing one in 7mm and did a little research. (I already reload the caliber.) Good luck.
  6. That's what I thought. Which makes the statement in the handbook that reproductions of it are legal for WB all the more strange.
  7. The 93/97 is not a reproduction of the 93. It's a 97 made to look like a 93. If you compare a 93 to a 97 to a 93/97, you can see that this is true. (I have all three) So the question remains. Does someone make a reproduction 93?
  8. Interesting... I double checked to make sure I'd not forgotten. Legal Wild Bunch Shotgun... Winchester 97 Winchester 12 Winchester 87 IAC 93/97 Any SxS or Single Barrel shotgun. Lot's to choose from. But here's the interesting part.... "Original Winchester 1893 shotguns were declared unsafe by the manufacturer and are NOT legal for use in Wild Bunch Action Shooting™ matches. Fully accurate reproductions are allowed." That would indicate that a reproduction 93 would be legal, even if an original is not. Does anyone make a reproduction 93?
  9. I've been looking for a .45 Sheriff for a while now, but the .44's seem to be far more common, and the .45's when I can find them, have gotten STUPID expensive. Not sure what I'll do.
  10. Does anyone know anything about a one time collector/gunsmith named RF Enewold who apparently lived in Reno, Nevada? The information I have found online is rather minimal; he lived in Reno, he collected old guns, he was a gunsmith, he had a habit of stamping RF ENWOLD on the guns he owned, or worked on, a large portion of his collection was stolen, and that's about it. I have a rather nice S&W New Model 3 that has RF ENEWOLD stamped on the frame, under the grips, so there is apparently a connection to this fellow. I am wondering if there is any way I might be able to learn more. The gun is drilled for a shoulder stock, but S&W has no record of doing the mod themselves, so I am wondering if this was something done by Enewold. The factory letter does tell me that it was once owned by AC Gould, a Boston area pistol shooter. I've found losta info on him. Trying to document the history of an old gun is fascinating. You'll never know what you unearth.
  11. The front sight on the brass frame is more to my liking, but while I don't personally care for the style on the other two, I don't believe it's not legal. I've seen it on the range from time to time and no one has ever objected. Hmm.. The brass frame one could maybe be the basis for a Hollywierd Henry...
  12. Mine are .44 Specials with .44-40 spare cylinders. What caliber is (was?) yours?
  13. I'll agree that if you don't wanna use it, you can prolly sell it.
  14. Oh, but you GOTTA try this sometime! I've have used to the two nickel guns together more often than I have the two Sheriffs. It is a HUGE amount of fun, and the laughs you get when other see that snubby come out of a holster that'll hold a second Buntline are worth the price of admission
  15. Actually, drawing one from a holster is a lot easier then you think. In this pic, you can see an important detail... That holster, although it is on my left hip, is "technically" a right handed cross draw holster. That little bit of a tilt makes it much easier to draw and reholster than if you were to have a straight draw one. (Pic taken before I slimmed down from chemo!)
  16. They can be a little pricey if you go nuts with embellishments, but over the years, I have had them make me holsters for my three Mare's Leg type pistols, and a Buntline holster that that I really like. By the way, it is my goal to again visit Tombstone Arizona someday. As you can see in my profile pic, I am wearing my Buntline Special next to the OK Corral. It is my desire to shoot a SASS event there, with this... And this... I figure that'll make me all "Wyatt Earpey."
  17. I like these guys. https://wmbrownholster.com/product-category/holsters/
  18. So did the actor who played Ethen Allen Chord in Paradise. (Can't remember his name.)
  19. Well, that does show that the embellishment was not done at the factory, nor was the nickel plating. But, it does prove to have been an antique. Not sure what all of this means for "value" as originality and condition are everything to "collectors." But nice custom work is nothing to be sneezed at. I can not offer a reasonable guess as to value. As an aside, for as expensive as they are, Colt letters provide very little information compared to what you get from other places for a lot less money.
  20. They work in my Winchester 87, my Chiappa 87, my 97's, 93, Burgess, 870, and my doubles and singles no problem. Tip. After the first time I fired them in my Winchester 87, they would not chamber in my 97's anymore. The RCBS dies don't really resize them after firing. I got the CH4D dies, and now they work just fine in everything I own. The only thing they won't do is cycle the action in my Auto 5 or my 1100. I am running 12 grains of Red Dot cuz 10 was too light. All of my guns are pretty much stock.
  21. If anyone is interested, Glenn's Ammo and Reloading in North Reading has 3 1 pound canisters of Unique in stock.
  22. Just out of curiosity, has anyone here acquired one of the CMP 1911's that they are calling "Range Grade?" I am curious to see what some of the mods are.
  23. You are most welcome. If you PM me, I'll send you the PDF file so you can see if it appeals to you.
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