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  1. I find it interesting how, back in the day we pretend to play in, most makers of revolvers either made full size revolvers, or pocket pistols. Very few made both, at least not among the "big name" makers. Let's go down the list.... Colt of course made full size revolvers. They did make a few things we could call pocket revolvers, but it was not their mainstay. Smith and Wesson made both. Marlin only made pocket. Merwin & Hulbert made both. But can we call them one of the major players? Iver Johnson, Harrington and Richardson and countless others only made pocket guns. Remington only made full size revolvers. They did of course make their derringer, but that's not what were talking about. Eventually they got out of the pistol business anyway. Anyway, I have always wondered why most of the makers seemed to go one way or the other, and not try their hand at both. Anybody else ever wonder about that?
  2. To many initialized abbreviations. I am not sure what half of them mean... \
  3. Hmm... .44-40 revolvers. (antiques) 1 1st Gen Colt 1 Merwin & Hulbert 1 S&W Model 3 DA 1 S&W New Model 3 1 Colt 1878 (modern) 1 Uberti Clone 1 3rd Gen Colt 1 3rd Gen Buntline, .44 Special with .44-40 Cylinder 2 3rd Gen Sheriff's Model, .44 Special with .44-40 Cylinders I use Winchester primers, the ones labeled "For use in standard or magnum loads." They always go bang in all of the above. Don't know what that means, if anything.
  4. For pistols, I have a 1st Gen (Antique) and 3rd Gen Colt. an Uberti clone, A S&W NM3 antique, Merwin & Hulbert antique, .44-40 Conversion cylinders for 2 Colt Sheriff's and a Buntline that are nominally .44 Specials, A Colt 1878 antique and a S&W Model 3 antique. For rifles, I have an early Navy Arms Uberti 66. a more contemporary Uberti Henry, an AWA Lightning, a Colt Lightning and an Uberti 73. I've never slugged anything, but I know some of the stuff has .427" bores and others have .429's I run .428" soft lead bullets in everything in .44-40 and have no problems with anything.
  5. Any 3 die set is good, but I think Lee is the best. I really like the powder through the expander die feature. That being said, no matter which kind of dies you get, only use the third one to seat. Don't try to use it to seat and crimp like you do with .38's. Rather, get a Lee Factory Crimp Die to do the crimping. You'll be much happier if you do.
  6. I have one SAA with the 1860 grip on it. It's wicked cool, in my opinion. Of course, there are some other mods as well...
  7. A lot of people dislike how the modern Henry company has advertising that implies a connection to the original Henry company. No such connection exists. In fact, technically, the original Henry company does still exist. It's called "Winchester." While they do still make ammunition, they don't many ANY guns. Rather, they license the name to others to make guns for them.
  8. Just be sure that whatever wad you use is properly lined up, if not placed by hand, into the hull. The shorter length MAY cause things to not perfectly align, and you'll get a squashed mess.
  9. I have both a 12 and a 20 gauge Parker. The 20 gauge is noticeably smaller. Both have 30" barrels and the 12 is a joy to shoot. When I loaded the exact same 20 gauge loads that I had used in my Stevens pump with good results, in the Parker they were a painful shoulder thumper. So, I have to find a new load for use in the Parker. Problem is, all the data I've been able to find are for hunting loads, which tend to be heavier. I probably haven't looked hard enough, I am sure there is lightweight target load data to be found, but so far, I have not found it.
  10. I trim AA's to 2.5" I run them through my Mec press, and everything is set the same way as for 2.75" shells. I get a nice "roll crimp" that holds the overshot card in place. I run these in my Winchester 87 and 97s The work okay in my 870 too, but will not cycle my Auto5 or 1100, even though it's the same load. Go figure.
  11. I love Red Dot, especially for Shotgun use, and it can also be used for various SASS Main Match type calibers. But I have not been able to find Red Dot for a couple of years now either...
  12. 1. It's probably not SASS Legal, as it doesn't have a tubular magazine. That being said, if somebody showed up with one, especially if the there was a loose, "steampunk" theme to the match, I'd not object. 2. If it was in .45 ACP, I'd by much more interested. In that caliber, it should use either extended 1911, or perhaps Thompson magazines. 3. No bayonet lug? It should have one! Preferably for an M1/1903 Springfield, or perhaps the M1917 one that the 97 Trenchgun used. But we'd probably have to go with/get the same bayonets that are for the M-16. Seriously, why no bayonet lug?
  13. I am actually using HP38, which is the same thing as Win231, for most of my pistol loads right now. But where Trail Boss really shines, IMO, is in low recoil rifle cartridges. Things like .30-30, .30-40, .30-'06, .45-70 and many others. It will not be "high performance" hunting type rounds, but for reduced power loadings, it's great.
  14. I got an e-mail from them saying no availablility in 2023. But this is the first I've heard of availability anytime. Even if it is a year from now, it's promising.
  15. Des Moines? The other side of the barrel says Restoration of Old Fort Des Moines on it....
  16. That's not entirely true. I have a Colt 1917. If you don't use moon clips, the .45 ACP rounds will just fall through the cylinder. Well, I guess I could use .45 Autorim.
  17. Shouldering a lever action rifle give you more "leverage" to work the lever. When you give a lever gun the "mares leg" treatment, you can't shoulder it anymore, so smoothing it out and making it "easier" to work the lever is an attractive thing to do.
  18. I know what the model designations for Winchesters are, be they 22's, Main Match rifles or Big Rifles. What are the model designation for the various Marlins?
  19. With all due respect... "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort." Treason is very specifically defined as above in the Constitution of the United States. We should not throw the term around, claiming it means something that it does not. Various actions may be reprehensible, illegal, and even worthy of the death penalty, (Which is the penalty for treason.) but they are NOT treason.
  20. Mine is a .44 Magnum. Works just fine with that cartridge. Stove pipes on .44 Special way too much.
  21. Connors and Wayne were both over 6' tall, with correspondingly long arms. They also were using short barrel rifles, 14 or 15 inches as I recall. Me, I'm 5'8"
  22. This.... ...is a real Winchester and has a 17.5" barrel. When I bought it, I spun it. I "impressed" myself, so I spun it again. Front sight caught my shirt ripped it open, and left a scratch across my chest. (No scar) I've never tried to spin it again!
  23. At 16", the barrel is too long for spinning. Also, the balance is not quite right. On the other hand, this thing with the 12" barrel doe spin quite nicely. I tried with snap caps, and the faux cartridge dribbled across the floor. Now, this... is not spinnable. Nor is this... If I could figure out how to modify the lever, I would do so for visual reasons. But the 18" barrel would make me not want to try to spin it either.
  24. If it's got a 20" barrel, it'll hold 12 .44 Magnums. I can't believe the same gun would only hold 8 .44-40's.
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