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  1. It is my understanding that the Diamondbacks were the top of the line 97s. (Someone correct me if that is not true)


    Generically, I would never cut a long barrel on a 97. I would absolutely not cut a Diamondback. If I wanted a short barreled one I'd find one that is already short, or buy a clone. I know there is not much of a "collector market" for 97's outside of SASS, but once the long barrels are gone, they can not be restored.


    Admittedly, I am also an oddity in that I prefer long barrels on my shotguns for SASS. I find that I miss less. :) I'm even trying to find a way to have a long barrel put on my 93/97. (Got a lotta laughs at EoT over my 30" 97.)

  2. I have an AWA Lightning in .45 Colt. It is out of the box unmodified. I used it at End of the Trail in 2016 and shot a clean match with it.


    When I was in the market for a Lightning I was able to compare 3 of them at the gun shop. The Taurus felt like pulling two pieces of sandpaper against each other. The Berretta felt very clunky. The AWA felt tight and smooth. I bought the AWA and have never regretted it. To my surprise, it has become my favorite SASS rifle. I'd say go for it.

  3. Interesting question. I too have an Uberti Schofield, and it also has the ring. You can see it in this picture...





    That suggests to me that it is a problem with the design. If the gun otherwise works, I'd not bother with trying to solve the "problem."

  4. Left handed shooter here.


    Used to always pull one with right hand, toss it into the open port, close the action, BANG, open the action, repeat.


    But recently I have started this...


    Pull 1 with right hand, toss it into the open port, close action, BANG, pull 2, stuff 'em into the mag, pump, bang, pump, bang. Repeat as needed.

  5. I'm taking some notes to use the next time I posse up with Driftwood. So I can drive him a bit crazy. LOL!!!



    Hmm.... Let's coordinate that. Maybe Driftwood and I will show up with our S&W Model 3 DA's. After all, they are "of the era."

  6. Well, I always thought back in the day was defined by the context of the conversation it is used in. For example, when talking about Cowboy Stuff, back in the day would refer to the time frame of 1860 to 1899.


    But, since it grates on Driftwood, and since I consider him a friend, I shall refrain from using it. :)


    After all, I would not wish to intentionally cause stress to a friend, irregardless of what my intent in the matter actually was. Irritating a friend is something I ain't gonna do. It's just something I want no part of. Is that alright with everybody?

  7. I always like the phrase, "of the era" to refer to things that existed back in the day, and that are still made today. You know, Colts, Winchesters and many other things that are, and are not, legal for use in our game.


    As far as things that were not made back in the day, but are used in our game, I prefer the phrase "evocative of the era." You know, things like the Ruger, Big Boy and other things that did not exist prior to 1900 but are made in the spirit and style of things that were. Most of which are legal for our game, but there are also a few that are not.

  8. With regards to the Colt style pull to open vs the S&W style push to open.


    I always preferred the Colt style pull. But then again, I shoot left handed. I find that just moving my trigger finger backwards and pulling on the latch as I go is easier than pulling it back to push it forward.


    Once again, I saw that many "right handed guns" are actually easier for southpaws to use than the people they were designed for. :) (With certain limitations...)

  9. Snafu...













    All (or Any)

    Repair (or Recogniton)











    Mel Blanc did indeed do the voices


    The cartoons themselves were directed by some guys named Bob Clampett, Robert McKimson, Friz Freleng and Chuck Jones.


    I once loaded up a batch of cartridges for my standard broomhandle with Triple 7. It cycled well enough that I used it in an early Wild Bunch match.



    I've used a Luger at "original Pre-SASS rules" Wild Bunch on occasion, but never have a chance to use my Broomhandles. Did see a few though on occasion, including one in .45.


    I did however use the above pictured one, with shoulder stock attached, as a "rifle" at a Zootshoot match once, along with a regular one for my pistol. It was a hoot.



    Me too. Another case of S&W recycling a venerable old name on a new model that has absolutely nothing to do with the original gun.


    This is a Victory Model.


    (Picture snipped)




    So is this...




    Can we have a link to this new Victory model? This is the first I have heard of it.

  12. I recall several posts here in the wire about people using them at SASS matches. Various methods for loading have been discussed such as using dummy rounds to indicate that the next round is live, or something like that.


    As far as legality goes, that's where the memory gets a little more fuzzy... I *seem* to recall it being said that it was okay. I absolutely do not remember anyone ever saying there was any objection to one being used on when pards showed up with one. More like a chorus of, "Can I try it?" type comments.


    But the memory is fuzzy....


    I might still like to have one. :)

  13. Check your local hardware store. That is where I got the wheels for my cart. If they don't have the exact/size you want in store, they may be able to order it.


    Remember, the wheels are the things that allow you to push the cart over sometimes rough terrain. While the rest of the cart may very well look like something made in 1887 if you want it to be, completely modern wheels may be preferable just so you can move the think when it is weighted down with guns, ammunition, going uphill, over a gravel or dirt path, or any other myriad of things you'll see at the range.

  14. If I shoot a .38, would I compete against .35 shooters?


    OR are there different catagories?



    I am gonna guess that .35 is a type for .45. In that case, the answer is yes you would compete against them.

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