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  1. great tune and words


    reminds me of Marty Robbins and "Big Gun on his Hip"




    Big Iron, actually.


    A couple of years ago, we had a costume day where I work. I wore my SASS duds. They said anyone who was brave enough to pick up the microphone and sing would get a free lunch. Guess which song I belted out!

  2. Okay, for the record...


    1. I use 2-1/2" all brass Magtech shells in my shotguns 97's

    2. I agree that the 5 rounds in the 1911 magazine makes no sense, but while it is a similar one, that is a separate issue.

    3. The 10 round limit for rifles in both SASS and WB actually makes sense. Sure 24" or longer barrels with full length mags can usually hold more than 10, but even when the game started 20" barrels were often the shortest ones available and they held 10 rounds. Choosing 10 rounds was not "dumbing down" the sport, it was based upon what was commonly available at the time. The shorter barrels that did not hold 10 rounds were, and in some ways, still are, an unusual variant and people who use them know up front that they can't hold the standard 10.

    4. The 97 will hold 5 rounds, and was designed to do so. Some due to manufacturing variances will hold 6. Some people, by their own choice modify their guns to hold 6, and I have no problem with that. But the fact remains that, as they came from the factory, originals AND modern reproductions can only be assured of holding 5 rounds.


    Wild Bunch is a sport built around the 97 as the shotgun. A gun that holds 5 rounds in the magazine. Commonly writing stage conventions with a gun in mind that is either a fluke or has been modified is not right. This is not dumbing it down, it's recognizing reality.

  3. Ok, so have you requested a rule change?

    As a side thought does a Model 12 need modification to hold 6? If not get a nice Model 12 for $300-400


    How does one do that?


    I did get a feeback form after EoT to give feedback about the event. What I liked, didn't like, thought could be better, or just different, etc...


    I did mention the WB shotgun thing in that feedback.

  4. H.K. Uria I think your reason for not shooting W.B. is ridiculous. With your way of thinking, everyone would be shooting black powder. Is the barrel of you shotgun sawed off, if it is, you modified your gun to shoot either cowboy or W.B.


    Actually, I shoot a 30" 97 for both games. :)

  5. Sorry I just don't see the point. If one wants to compete without the so called handicap one has to have the right equipment to play the game.


    Sorry I just don't see the point. If one wants to compete without the so called handicap one has to have the right equipment to play the game.


    THAT's my point. They have designed the game so that you must modify your guns to be able to do it. You should be able to play the game without penalty with unmodified equipment . It has been set up so that the opposite is true. Setting it up so that it requires a modification to avoid a penalty is not right.

  6. I don't know why one would not just change the spring. One can always put the original back in after the match.


    General principal. We should not be forcing people to change their guns if they don't want to in order to participate in an event without a handicap. If people WANT to change their guns, more power to them. But we should be able to use the guns the way they were made. :)

  7. I got some of it a couple of years ago as a gift.


    I wrote to the manufacturer to ask if it is safe to use in antique cartridge revolvers. I was told absolutely not. I have not used it for anything.

  8. I shot it. It was usually 10 rifle, (9 on a couple of stages), 30 pistol and, very annoyingly, 6 shotgun. My 97's are all unmodified from the way they were made, and none of them holds 6 rounds.


    To have a stage convention that requires you to modify your gun if you don't have one of the random ones that hold six from the factory is not right.


    To be honest, if I ever make it back to EoT, I prolly won't bother with Wild Bunch again for that very reason.


    A double duelist '97 leftie? That's allowed in New England??? :P:lol:


    Southpaw, not a leftie, please!


    I am one of the rarest of minorities. I am a conservative, gun owning, pro-life, republican, born again fundamental baptist. From Massachusetts. Don't tell me I am not a minority. :)



    That being said, I should point out that Colt SAA's (and clones) are not legal to sell in this state. They are an unsafe design. You can only buy one used if the seller can prove that it was registered in the state prior to a certain date. (I forget exactly what it is.) The only way around that is if they happen to be C&R. In a rare moment of sanity, the legislature clarified the C&R exemption a couple of years ago.

  10. It is my understanding that the Diamondbacks were the top of the line 97s. (Someone correct me if that is not true)


    Generically, I would never cut a long barrel on a 97. I would absolutely not cut a Diamondback. If I wanted a short barreled one I'd find one that is already short, or buy a clone. I know there is not much of a "collector market" for 97's outside of SASS, but once the long barrels are gone, they can not be restored.


    Admittedly, I am also an oddity in that I prefer long barrels on my shotguns for SASS. I find that I miss less. :) I'm even trying to find a way to have a long barrel put on my 93/97. (Got a lotta laughs at EoT over my 30" 97.)

  11. I have an AWA Lightning in .45 Colt. It is out of the box unmodified. I used it at End of the Trail in 2016 and shot a clean match with it.


    When I was in the market for a Lightning I was able to compare 3 of them at the gun shop. The Taurus felt like pulling two pieces of sandpaper against each other. The Berretta felt very clunky. The AWA felt tight and smooth. I bought the AWA and have never regretted it. To my surprise, it has become my favorite SASS rifle. I'd say go for it.

  12. Interesting question. I too have an Uberti Schofield, and it also has the ring. You can see it in this picture...





    That suggests to me that it is a problem with the design. If the gun otherwise works, I'd not bother with trying to solve the "problem."

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