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  1. 4 hours ago, Painted Mohawk SASS 77785 said:

    Now an Aussie will just plain up & tell 'ya what the F' means in IJAFG   :ph34r:.......never waste a good swear word.

    Yeah, that'll just SNAFU the whole works.







  2. Well, I had a lot of fun at the range today.  The Danvers Desperados of Middleton, Mass put on a 6 stage shoot, and I got to do something I've wanted to do for a while and have alluded to in the past.   But before I get into that, let me give a shout out to all the great pards I shot with today, and for the people who put on an excellent shoot.

    Okay, at long last I have been able to compare 4 of my rifles to each other to see how they compare, and which one I am personally best with.   

    The guns used were as follows....

    The Shotgun.




    Winchester 97, 12 Gauge, Black Diamond Trap Model.  30" Barrel.  Date of Manufacture: 1-6-1914

    This was actually the first time I used this gun, and I have to say that it seemed shoulder faster and point more naturally than my "regular" 97 with the same length barrel.

    Everything that follows was chambered in .32-20.


    The pistols.


    Top.  Third Generation Colt, 5.5" barrel.  Date of Manufacture:  2005.  (This was the baby of the group.)
    Bottom.  First Generation Colt, 7.5" barrel.  This one letters as a .44-40.   No idea when it was changed to the smaller caliber.  Date of Manufacture:  1881

    Rifle #1. 



    Winchester 73.  24" Octagon Barrel.  Date of Manufacture:  3/28/1903


    This battery in action.


    For me, this was a respectable run.


    Rifle #2


    Winchester 92.  20" Round barrel.  Date of Manufacture:  12/21/1909


    This battery in action.


    Had a bit of a hiccup with the rifle, but then I recovered.   I felt like I did better with the 73, but only slightly.


    Rifle #3


    Marlin 1888.  20 Octagon barrel.  Date of Manufacture:  3/1/1889


    This battery in action.


    I felt like this was something of a train wreck.   But, I did try the rifle again for the last stage of the day.  (No recording)  I think I got the hang of the rifle that time, and it didn't give me any trouble.  Performance was on par with the 92 and 73 overall, but I'd give an edge to the Winchesters.  You may have noticed from the pic that the gun has no rear sights.   That caused me to have a lot of misses.   I'll have to find replacement ones.  I really like this gun, it has a super smooth action.  I think with time, it could edge out the Winchesters performance wise.

    Rifle #4.


    Colt Lightning.  26" Octagon barrel.  Date of Manufacture:  1897.


    This battery in action.


     Another hiccup, and I did use it again on the next stage where I did MUCH better.  


    When you come down to it, I think this was an apples of apples comparison.  All the guns were in the same caliber, of similar vintage, and for the most part, not worked on all that much, as far as I know.   Given their age, who can say what previous owners did, but I don't think they are modified any.  I have replaced the original magazine springs in the 92 and the Colt, as they were old and worn out, and the Colt was sold to me as having had an "expert action job" and "lovingly restored."

    Overall, I think that I did best with the Colt, then the 73, the 92 and then the Marlin.  But, not by a very significant margin.  It was remarked to me by a couple of shooters that I run the Lightning well, and I certainly FELT like I did better with it, but that may just be preference.

    Anyway, I had a huge amount of fun, got experiment with my toys, and while I didn't shoot a clean match, I think I did pretty good for me.  All in all, not bad.




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  3. 2 hours ago, Captain Clark said:

    Incredibly self centered response IMO! Just deactivate your ejectors and move on with the game. I’m sure your Ithaca SxS is VERY special….. but the reality is that it’s not. If it bothers you that deeply, get a less highly prized alley howitzer and retire that Safe queen to the dark recesses of your favorite gun safe! GEESH! Remember …. IJAFG <_<


    Boy, what a grouch.


    I know full well that there is nothing "special" about this gun.   I also know that my own skills as a home gunsmith are rather limited.  I am hesitant because I'm afraid I'd break something, and I am merely recognizing my own limitations with a screwdriver.   I guess admitting that you don't trust yourself makes you self centered?   

    Oh, and is it too much to ask that people not throw out a bunch of initials without defining them first?  What the heck is IJAFG?


    Good grief.

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  4. 3 hours ago, Jack Spade said:

    The ejectors can be easily disabled and made to just extract which is perfectly legal. 


    Yeah, I know some people do that.  I have considered it, but I am not sure if I wanna mess with it.   I'll give it some consideration.

  5. 1 hour ago, PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495L said:


    1992 SHB p.9

    Single shots without ejector were added in 2002

    Ejectors for single shots were added in 2009


    The quote I posted in my original post, I got from the link on the SASS home page.  But, there is something in your post that intrigues me.  "Any pump shotgun with an exposed hammer (i.e. Winchester 95 or Marlen model 16 except the military configuration of such guns.)"

    Does this mean that the Burgess is legal?   It fits the definition of "Any pump shotgun with an exposed hammer"   The Marlin 16....   That's a member of the Marlin 98 family.   Has it been unbanned, or just this specific model?   I am confused.

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    I was fiddling with my new (to me) Ithaca SxS in 16 gauge, and I discovered something.  That odd clicking sound I heard when opening it was not the internal hammers being cocked, as I had assumed.   It was the ejector popping itself backwards.

    To quote the Shooter's Handbook...

    "Any side-by-side or single shot shotgun typical of the period from approximately 1860 until 1899 with or without external hammers, having single or double triggers is allowed. Automatic ejectors are allowed on single shot break action, lever, and pump action shotguns ONLY. Side-by-side shotguns may not use automatic ejectors."

    That means I can't use the gun.  Oh well, not really a problem, I have plenty of other options.    I am curious though, has it ever been said why this is the rule?  I mean, the rules are the rules, and that's fine.  But I am wondering if there is a reason behind this rule, or if it's another "just because" one.

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  7. 34 minutes ago, Seven Mile Tom said:

    Here is a list of side matches from last year GOA. They should be the same for this year.

    Side matches Pocket pistol – 10 RNDS. Derringer – 6 RNDS Speed Rifle – 10 RNDS Speed pistol (duelist, GF, traditional) – 10 RNDS Speed Shotgun (pump, lever, double & hammer double). – 6+ RNDS Long Range Rifle - Pistol Caliber – 10 RNDS Long Range Rifle - Rifle Caliber – 6 RNDS Long Range Rifle – Single Shot – 10 RNDS Long Range Rifle – Quigley Pail – 10 RNDS Long Range Rifle – Teddy Roosevelt – 5 RNDS Long Range Rifle – BAMM – 15 RNDS***REFER TO SASS WILD BUNCH RULES FOR LOAD LIMITS ***

    There is also a 4 stage wild bunch match and a 4 stage warmup match.


    Thanks, Seven.   This'll work well for me.


    For TR, I'll use the 95.   For BAMM, I'll use uhm...   Well, logic says I should use the 1903 for various reasons.   Or maybe the SMLE.   But I REALLY like shooting my Krag.   Oh, choices and decisions!



  8. 7 hours ago, Three Foot Johnson said:

    I shot a six stage match in 2013 using not only 24 different guns, but each one chambered for a different cartridge or gauge. With the consent of the posse, I added .410 and 28 ga to get six different shotguns. All of the pistols & rifles were shot with their respective "dedicated cartridges", meaning I didn't shoot .38 specials in .357 magnums or .44 specials in a .44 magnum. My '82 Honda Civic hatchback served as my gun cart that day. :P


    At the MA/CT/RI Tri-State last weekend, I used different guns on every stage.  The stages were inspired by "Westerns through the decades."   So, I tried to use guns that were seen in the Western in question.


    On all stages, since in the movies that had a shotgun, a side by side was featured, I used a 30" Parker with F/F barrels.


    The Great Train Robbery:   Remington 1875 (replica).   Colt SAA (2nd Gen)  Both with 7.5" barrels.  No rifle featured in movies, so I just used an ASM 92 rifle.  .45 Colt.

    Stagecoach:  Large Loop Winchester 92 carbine.   Uberti SAA, 7.5".  Original Great Western, 5.5".  .44 Magnum

    Treasure if the Sierra Madre:   ASM 92 Rifle.  4.75" Colt (3rd Gen)  7.5" Colt, (2nd Gen) .45 Colt

    High Noon:  Winchester 92, Colt 7.5" (1st Gen) Colt 5.5"  (3rd Gen)  .32-20

    The Magnificent 7.  S&W New Model 3.   Colt 5.5" (1st Gen)  Uberti Henry, .44-40.
    The Outlaw Jose Wales   Uberti Walker, Pietta 1860, Uberti 1866 rifle.  .45 Colt 

    Silverado:  75 Remington 7.5" SAA 2nd Gen, Hollywierd Henry based on Uberti 66 carbine.   Pistols in .45, rifle in .44-40

    Unforgiven:  Uberti Schofield, 75 Remington, .45 Colt.  Original Spencer 56-50.

    Open Range  7.5" Colt and 75 Remington.  66 Rifle  .45 Colt

    True Grit (remake)   Colt Dragoon, Uberti Schofield, 66 rifle.  .45 Colt.

    I had FUN.   


    I think I set a record on the Unforgiven stage, 200+ seconds!   Not only was it with a Spencer, but it didn't eject the rounds properly, just pulled them halfway out of the chamber so I had to flick 'em.


    I shot a clean match.   :)

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  9. I'd check with your various local places that sell eyeglasses, especially the independent shops.   One of them can prolly make and fit lenses with you Rx.

    That being said, as others have pointed out, they may not provide adequate eye protection on their own.   I think there's even a line about that in the Shooter's Handbook.


    Yep, there is...

    "While small, period glasses may look great, full protection/high impact glasses are strongly recommended."



    This is entirely theoretical.


    On one stage over the course of the match, you encounter the following...


    There is one pistol target, but it's smaller than normal, and a bit farther out than normal.   Perhaps it's out at typical rifle distance and maybe one half to three quarters the typical size.   Stage directions tell you to hit the target 5 times total.   Reloading as needed after shooting both pistols to empty.

    In other words the target should be of a size and distance that it's possible to hit it five times with the first pistol, but understandable if you need both, or more, to do it.

    Not sure what the rules would require you to do with unused rounds.   Dump 'em?  Since hammer would be down on an empty chamber/spent round, don't worry about it?   

    I think it could make for an unusual variation every once in a great while.   Wouldn't wanna see it more than once in a match, and prolly not in every match, but I think it might be interesting to give this a try.

  11. I have main match guns in...


    .32 S&W


    .38 Long Colt


    .44 Special

    .44 Magnum

    .45 Colt

    56-50 Spencer

    Depending on which caliber I decide to shoot at any given match, I get to choose from all kinds of different/fun guns.

    At once upcoming match, I will run .32-20 so I can compare a Winchester 73 to a Winchester 92 to a Colt Lightning to a Marlin 1888 to see which one I am best with, and which one is the most fun to shoot.

    At another, I'll run .44 Magnum so I can compare a pre-safety Rossi 92 to a pre-83 Winchester 94.

    I am looking forward to it all with anticipation.

  12. I am about 90% certain I'm gonna try to go to Guns of August again this year.   (Hopefully, I won't get another KABOOM Award)  Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what the likely side matches will be.   I want to know what extra ammo to load up.   I am assuming Speed This, Speed That, and Speed the Other Thing, but am wondering if there'll be anything else.

  13. 16 hours ago, Jed I. Knight, SASS #36423 said:

    That is a really nice looking loadout!  :wub: I’ve always fancied one of those .22 Yellowboys. 


    When I was in the market for this, I had a line on both this 66 and 73 at the same time.  Just like their .44 caliber cousins, he .22 73's and 66's are remarkably similar to each other, but being essentially reproductions of the .22 caliber Winchester 73.   

    Interesting thing about the 66 .22.   Winchester never made such a beast, and Uberti uses the exact same frame for that they use for their Henry.  In fact, given how there is no loading gate, the argument could be made that it's a .22. Henry, not a .22 66.   But, the .22 73 doesn't have a loading gate either so....

    Anyway...  I'd love a sidematch where you need a .22, a "main match" and "long range" repeater.   I could easily come up with 3, or maybe 4, batteries where the guns are all of the same "design."

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  14. 5 hours ago, High Spade Mikey Wilson said:

    Any SASS legal shotgun is allowed in our .22 class. You could use a 410 if you wanted to, but at .75+ cents a shot it would be the most expensive ammo on your cart.


    Well, .444 Marlin brass will chamber in a .410.   Use that and capsules to make shotshells.   Far cheaper than "real" .410 all brass shells.

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  15. 29 minutes ago, Jed I. Knight, SASS #36423 said:

    I was thinkin’ about something like the Winchester 9410


    If it wasn't angle eject, I'd like to get one of those.  Sadly, Cimarron has no plans to market such a chambering in their more accurate reproduction of the 94 Winchester.

    As far as .22's to use go, I have a pair of Colt revolvers and a Colt, an Uberti or a Winchester to choose from for the rifle.


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  16. On 6/1/2024 at 9:03 AM, Texas Jack Black said:

     What was so special about TB


    1. Low, almost non existent, recoil even with maximum loads.

    2. Useful in everything from .32 S&W to .45-70.  (Including modern rifle rounds such as 7mm Mauser and .30-'06 if you are so inclined)

    3.  IMPOSSIBLE to overcharge a cartridge.  Their own data said that a double max charge will no exceed max safe pressure for the cartridge in question, and will probably overflow the case anyway.


    Those three things made it very attractive to me.

    And after losing 2 revolvers to overcharges W231 loads, well, even more so.


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  17. Well, this past three days, the Harvard Ghost Riders of Harvard, Mass held the Hellfire and Barrister's Junction match, also know as the MA/CT/RI Tri-state Championship.

    I must say that I had fun.  The "theme" of the match this year was "Westerns Through the Decades," whereby one western from each decade made up the inspiration for the stages.   Well, this gave me an excuse to do something different.   Instead of going with my Lighting, a pair of Colts and a 97, I decided to use guns seen in the movie that inspired each stage.   Not all movies showcased all three types of guns, so when they didn't, I just used something I'd brought along to use on another stage.   The shotgun I used on all 10 stages was a 30" Parker since a SxS shotgun appeared in all the movies that actually featured a shotgun.

    For pistols, well, yes, I did use Colt SAA's of 4-3/4" 5-1/2" and 7-1/2" depending on what was seen, but they were usually not paired with each other.   Other revolvers that I used were...

    Remington 1875

    S&W Schofield

    S&W New Model 3

    Colt Walker

    Colt Dragoon

    Colt 1860

    Only the Walker and Dragoon did not fit in my "standard universal" holster, so I had to swap out for a Walker holster for these two.   All of the percussion guns are cartridge converted.

    For rifles....


    66 rifle

    Large loop 92

    Standard 92

    66 carbine.


    Hollywood Henry made out of the 66 carbine.


    On the stage with the Spencer, I was told I may have set a new record, 201.xxx seconds!  The old Spencer is genuine Army Surplus, and was rather touchy about ejecting the empties, I had to flick them all out by hand after they only half ejected.


    On almost every stage, I had failures to fire.  I am pretty sure I have a batch of bad primers, as it happened in almost all of my guns, and the primers were clearly well hit.   It was very annoying, but I soldiered on and fumbled and stumbled on reloads for the jacked out rounds with the rifles.  Luckily, I got through all 10 rounds with the Henry without a hiccup.  But when I had THREE consecutive bad rounds with the "Hollyweird Henry," I looked at the time operator and said, "I'm glad this is a Hollyweird Henry and not a real one," and went in through the Loading Gate.  The S&W's were also much easier to reload than the Colt types!   Luckily, I didn't have any problem with rounds going bang with the Dragoon, I would not have wanted to pull the barrel off on the line to get access to the cylinder.  (The Walker and 1860 could load from the back)  But I DID experience the loading lever falling and jamming the Dragoon.  But not the Walker.  Go fig.

    It was very frustrating at times, and my times were much longer than they normally are, even for me.   But you know, I had FUN.  And isn't that the main thing?

    And oh yeah, I shot a clean match.  :) 



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