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  1. Looks very useful. But... I dunno. It's known to cause cancer in California.
  2. Thanks, Seven. This'll work well for me. For TR, I'll use the 95. For BAMM, I'll use uhm... Well, logic says I should use the 1903 for various reasons. Or maybe the SMLE. But I REALLY like shooting my Krag. Oh, choices and decisions!
  3. How short is your trapper? 16" won't do it no matter how hard you push.
  4. At the MA/CT/RI Tri-State last weekend, I used different guns on every stage. The stages were inspired by "Westerns through the decades." So, I tried to use guns that were seen in the Western in question. On all stages, since in the movies that had a shotgun, a side by side was featured, I used a 30" Parker with F/F barrels. The Great Train Robbery: Remington 1875 (replica). Colt SAA (2nd Gen) Both with 7.5" barrels. No rifle featured in movies, so I just used an ASM 92 rifle. .45 Colt. Stagecoach: Large Loop Winchester 92 carbine. Uberti SAA, 7.5". Original Great Western, 5.5". .44 Magnum Treasure if the Sierra Madre: ASM 92 Rifle. 4.75" Colt (3rd Gen) 7.5" Colt, (2nd Gen) .45 Colt High Noon: Winchester 92, Colt 7.5" (1st Gen) Colt 5.5" (3rd Gen) .32-20 The Magnificent 7. S&W New Model 3. Colt 5.5" (1st Gen) Uberti Henry, .44-40. The Outlaw Jose Wales Uberti Walker, Pietta 1860, Uberti 1866 rifle. .45 Colt Silverado: 75 Remington 7.5" SAA 2nd Gen, Hollywierd Henry based on Uberti 66 carbine. Pistols in .45, rifle in .44-40 Unforgiven: Uberti Schofield, 75 Remington, .45 Colt. Original Spencer 56-50. Open Range 7.5" Colt and 75 Remington. 66 Rifle .45 Colt True Grit (remake) Colt Dragoon, Uberti Schofield, 66 rifle. .45 Colt. I had FUN. I think I set a record on the Unforgiven stage, 200+ seconds! Not only was it with a Spencer, but it didn't eject the rounds properly, just pulled them halfway out of the chamber so I had to flick 'em. But.... I shot a clean match.
  5. I'd check with your various local places that sell eyeglasses, especially the independent shops. One of them can prolly make and fit lenses with you Rx. That being said, as others have pointed out, they may not provide adequate eye protection on their own. I think there's even a line about that in the Shooter's Handbook. Yep, there is... "While small, period glasses may look great, full protection/high impact glasses are strongly recommended."
  6. This is entirely theoretical. On one stage over the course of the match, you encounter the following... There is one pistol target, but it's smaller than normal, and a bit farther out than normal. Perhaps it's out at typical rifle distance and maybe one half to three quarters the typical size. Stage directions tell you to hit the target 5 times total. Reloading as needed after shooting both pistols to empty. In other words the target should be of a size and distance that it's possible to hit it five times with the first pistol, but understandable if you need both, or more, to do it. Not sure what the rules would require you to do with unused rounds. Dump 'em? Since hammer would be down on an empty chamber/spent round, don't worry about it? I think it could make for an unusual variation every once in a great while. Wouldn't wanna see it more than once in a match, and prolly not in every match, but I think it might be interesting to give this a try.
  7. I have main match guns in... .32 S&W .32-20 .38 Long Colt .44-40 .44 Special .44 Magnum .45 Colt 56-50 Spencer Depending on which caliber I decide to shoot at any given match, I get to choose from all kinds of different/fun guns. At once upcoming match, I will run .32-20 so I can compare a Winchester 73 to a Winchester 92 to a Colt Lightning to a Marlin 1888 to see which one I am best with, and which one is the most fun to shoot. At another, I'll run .44 Magnum so I can compare a pre-safety Rossi 92 to a pre-83 Winchester 94. I am looking forward to it all with anticipation.
  8. I am about 90% certain I'm gonna try to go to Guns of August again this year. (Hopefully, I won't get another KABOOM Award) Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what the likely side matches will be. I want to know what extra ammo to load up. I am assuming Speed This, Speed That, and Speed the Other Thing, but am wondering if there'll be anything else.
  9. When I was in the market for this, I had a line on both this 66 and 73 at the same time. Just like their .44 caliber cousins, he .22 73's and 66's are remarkably similar to each other, but being essentially reproductions of the .22 caliber Winchester 73. Interesting thing about the 66 .22. Winchester never made such a beast, and Uberti uses the exact same frame for that they use for their Henry. In fact, given how there is no loading gate, the argument could be made that it's a .22. Henry, not a .22 66. But, the .22 73 doesn't have a loading gate either so.... Anyway... I'd love a sidematch where you need a .22, a "main match" and "long range" repeater. I could easily come up with 3, or maybe 4, batteries where the guns are all of the same "design."
  10. Well, .444 Marlin brass will chamber in a .410. Use that and capsules to make shotshells. Far cheaper than "real" .410 all brass shells.
  11. If it wasn't angle eject, I'd like to get one of those. Sadly, Cimarron has no plans to market such a chambering in their more accurate reproduction of the 94 Winchester. As far as .22's to use go, I have a pair of Colt revolvers and a Colt, an Uberti or a Winchester to choose from for the rifle.
  12. I have a great desire to do a ".22 Cowboy Match," but nobody here in New England seems to hold one. The interesting question, and which the video seems to answer, is, "What to use for the shotgun?" Just a regular old 12 gauge would work just fine, it seems. No need to get a .410. (Although, that might be fun as well.)
  13. Love the octagon barrel. Not crazy about the strange hammer profile. But they sure do look like nice guns.
  14. 1. Low, almost non existent, recoil even with maximum loads. 2. Useful in everything from .32 S&W to .45-70. (Including modern rifle rounds such as 7mm Mauser and .30-'06 if you are so inclined) 3. IMPOSSIBLE to overcharge a cartridge. Their own data said that a double max charge will no exceed max safe pressure for the cartridge in question, and will probably overflow the case anyway. Those three things made it very attractive to me. And after losing 2 revolvers to overcharges W231 loads, well, even more so.
  15. Well, this past three days, the Harvard Ghost Riders of Harvard, Mass held the Hellfire and Barrister's Junction match, also know as the MA/CT/RI Tri-state Championship. I must say that I had fun. The "theme" of the match this year was "Westerns Through the Decades," whereby one western from each decade made up the inspiration for the stages. Well, this gave me an excuse to do something different. Instead of going with my Lighting, a pair of Colts and a 97, I decided to use guns seen in the movie that inspired each stage. Not all movies showcased all three types of guns, so when they didn't, I just used something I'd brought along to use on another stage. The shotgun I used on all 10 stages was a 30" Parker since a SxS shotgun appeared in all the movies that actually featured a shotgun. For pistols, well, yes, I did use Colt SAA's of 4-3/4" 5-1/2" and 7-1/2" depending on what was seen, but they were usually not paired with each other. Other revolvers that I used were... Remington 1875 S&W Schofield S&W New Model 3 Colt Walker Colt Dragoon Colt 1860 Only the Walker and Dragoon did not fit in my "standard universal" holster, so I had to swap out for a Walker holster for these two. All of the percussion guns are cartridge converted. For rifles.... 66 rifle Large loop 92 Standard 92 66 carbine. Henry Hollywood Henry made out of the 66 carbine. Spencer On the stage with the Spencer, I was told I may have set a new record, 201.xxx seconds! The old Spencer is genuine Army Surplus, and was rather touchy about ejecting the empties, I had to flick them all out by hand after they only half ejected. On almost every stage, I had failures to fire. I am pretty sure I have a batch of bad primers, as it happened in almost all of my guns, and the primers were clearly well hit. It was very annoying, but I soldiered on and fumbled and stumbled on reloads for the jacked out rounds with the rifles. Luckily, I got through all 10 rounds with the Henry without a hiccup. But when I had THREE consecutive bad rounds with the "Hollyweird Henry," I looked at the time operator and said, "I'm glad this is a Hollyweird Henry and not a real one," and went in through the Loading Gate. The S&W's were also much easier to reload than the Colt types! Luckily, I didn't have any problem with rounds going bang with the Dragoon, I would not have wanted to pull the barrel off on the line to get access to the cylinder. (The Walker and 1860 could load from the back) But I DID experience the loading lever falling and jamming the Dragoon. But not the Walker. Go fig. It was very frustrating at times, and my times were much longer than they normally are, even for me. But you know, I had FUN. And isn't that the main thing? And oh yeah, I shot a clean match.
  16. Well, it sounds to me like a gun in the Magnum caliber can probably run the Specials as long as you load 'em long. But getting it to run even shorter cartridges would require a lot of work and modifications. Perhaps a .38 Special could run Long Colts, but I am more interested in the 44s. All sounds reasonable to me.
  17. Yeah, I almost bought one of those once. Lost on Gunbroker at the end of the auction. After my bid held for many days, the bid price shot way up at the end, and I passed.
  18. That's why I am indifferent to the threaded barrel. I have nothing against silencers in principle, it just seems like an odd feature for a lever gun. But then again, I never got one of those "tachticool" 94 based rifles because they don't have a bayonet lug.
  19. If I recall correctly, flammable and inflammable have separate derivations. Inflammable has it's roots in the word inflame, meaning to set on fire, so inflammable means capable of being inflamed. It's also the older word. Flammable come from flame, which means fire. Which means flammable means capable of being set on fire. Technically inflammable and flammable therefore have a slightly different meaning, but it's such a subtle difference that it's not worth worrying about. Although, I have also read that flammable came about by people dropping the the in off of flammable to create a word that meant the opposite in inflammable, just as vulnerable and invulnerable have opposite meanings, but it didn't work. English is a fascinatingly weird language.
  20. Simple question, is there a way to allow a Winchester 92 to reliably run shorter shells? What I mean is pretty straightforward A .44 Magnum 92 can at least supposedly run .44 Specials, but in my experience, it is an iffy proposition. (240 grainers with a slightly longer overall length work fine, but 200 grain bullet cartridges, with a slightly shorter OAL tend to stovepipe) I'd assume trying to run .44 Russians will not work at all. My brother's Rossi 92 in .357 Magnum would usually run .38 Specials okay, but had problems with .38 Long Colt jamming the gun and .38 Short Colt feeding 2 rounds at once. I'd assume one in .45 Colt would have similar problems with .45 S&W or .45 Cowboy Special. To say nothing of one chambered for .454 Casull. Would any theoretical fix make the longer cartridges no longer fit? Or can it be done at all?
  21. Ah, but quiet and quieter are adjectives. Silence is a verb, and silencer is a noun. So it doesn't work. Kinda like how the palindrome of Bolton woulda been Notlob. Hmmm... Kinda shoulda been on the list. Coulda should've been as well. Interesting... Coulda, woulda and shoulda did not come out as misspelled words, but kinda sorta did. Argh... Sorta didn't.
  22. The following is an attempt at humor. What is an “irrational” word? Some would say it is word that is not standard in its derivation. Or that perhaps it is a word the means something different from what people think it does, or one that has changed its meaning over time. Or perhaps it is a word that just doesn’t “make sense” for some odd reason. There is truth to all of those definitions, but that’s not what I am talking about. Consider the following words… Ain’t Alright Dunno Gonna Irregardless Silencer Transpire (When used to mean to take place, not to leak out) These are words that, even though you hear them a lot, and everyone knows what they mean, the so called “grammar Nazis” have apoplectic fits of rage when they hear them being used. They will say they are the wrong word, are not a word, (and I’ve never understood THAT argument) or that there is a “better” word to use. In other words, they have an “irrational” hatred of these specific words. There may be more, but I think you get my point; these are perfectly cromulent words that embiggen the mind. Have a nice day.
  23. I suppose I should mention that I use 3.0 grains of Trailboss to push a 100 grain .313" bullet. I works remarkably well in a First Generation Colt, a 3rd Generation Colt, a pair of 1st Gen Colt Bisleys, a Winchester 73, 92, Colt Lightning, and I am gonna assume, an 1888 Marlin I have not fired yet.
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