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  1. Someone should buy this before it gets contaminated with the china virus.
  2. Whenever a child in the school tested positive for the china virus we would get an email. If the child was in the same class as one of yours you get a notification that your child had been in class with a positive case. Since it never told me which of my children had been near the positive case , I would have to ask. Today I got the notification that my child had been near a positive case, only this time my child was the positive case and thus all of my children had been near him . The bell was tolling for us. Even though I had isolated the sick child at the first sign of sickness, and even moved him to the basement, they all had to come home for 2 weeks. None of them have symptoms, thank the Lord, but now we are spreading them out as best we can. The son that showed symptoms had a 100.5 fever for an hour on 2 different days and a sore throat. Then I made him keep up with his chores and he got spurred by the rooster and hurts worse from that than the virus.
  3. oh well. do you all want a M1 Garand instead?
  4. My luger is lonely as I never fondle her any more or even take her dancing. Please provide a good home for my luger
  5. "Gloom, despair and agony on me. Deep dark depression, excessive misery. If it weren't for bad luck , I'd have no luck at all. gloom despair and agony on me"
  6. What's also interesting is the virus test takes 3 to 5 days to come back. He is already better this morning and Lord willing will be fine by the time we get the results. What is more is they said take him home and treat it like any cold, fluids and rest and over the counter meds based on his symptoms so I mostly just give im a shot glass half full with honey and brandy heated for 15 seconds.
  7. My spypoint don't work but my covert wireless work great. My covert wireless are so good it caught me on my lawnmower and you can see me tongue is out.
  8. We wash the mask faithfully every day for all of the children. I hand wash mine myself most of the time and sometimes my wife washes it in the machine. I get the science of mask usage but I also know that medical staff who wear a mask all day still get the virus and my son is sick with something and wears it all day except for football practice but no players are sick with anything. Other students are out this week with other sicknesses and 1 probable china virus and my son possibly. To me we need to ditch the mask and go to school or work or the store like a normal people. They are likely making things worse.
  9. It may be academic anyway as a student on the shotgun team is being tested for the virus as he is sick and lost his sense of taste and smell. Strep is rampant here but my son tested negative for strep so he is waiting on the results of the china virus test. Obviously mask do not do anything but make you feel better like the woman with the broken pistol in st Louis, who was later arrested.
  10. It just confirms to me that the virus is real, just not as contagious as we gave been led to believe and that the original cdc statement that most would get it but never show symptoms is likely accurate and we might as well stop fretting over it unless we are elderly.
  11. I bought a base model Benelli 828u over/ under for my sons to share for the shotgun team. We haven't used it for a match yet but my youngest used it at practice yesterday. It has a 30 inch barrel. Weighs about 6.5 pounds. The internal recoil management system seems to work really well. The coaches were impressed with it. My son did better. He had been using a remington V3 semiauto . The true test will be a match.
  12. The water fountains are shut down and a dr in town said strep is going around in the town itself. They distance in school as well. Just makes me wonder
  13. the school mandates mask and social distancing. Even the football team finally gets it after the second virus case showed up. My oldest son is sick with STREP symptoms. The school told me there are several out with STREP. If the mask and distancing didn't stop STREP then how is it stopping the china virus?
  14. during this time you repeatedly hear people say to believe the doctors and scientists. Today I discovered yet one more time they were wrong and boy am I glad they were wrong. A couple of years ago my 16 year old daughter got sepsis and went to the hospital. During test they felt she had lupus. Later we went to her normal doctor who said it was inconclusive but it looked like it to her. She referred us to a juvenile rheumatologist. He did test and said it was inconclusive but prescribed the maximum adult dose of hydroparequin (sp). After 3 months of taking it more test were run but still inconclusive . There was no change in symptoms. I decided to take her off . More test were run a few months later and the results were the same. This year during her physical for school band the doctor was more determined that she has lupus. We said we wanted a different doctor. This time we went to the university in augusta. The rheumatologist there , 2 different doctors, both showed us the lab results and showed how if the other doctors had looked further it would have showed no lupus or other autoimmune illness, the numbers that bothered them occur in 20% of the population. They will keep an eye on her every few months. Meanwhile, what a relief that we stopped listening to the doctors and went with our gut feelings. What a blessing that she doesn't have those illnesses.
  15. my mom lives near the youngest sister to help take care of her. My mom had a spike in blood pressure from a prescription from the dentist. She passed out and went to the hospital. The hospital took the virus test but sent her home as she likely didn't have it. I live 20 hours away so I texted my sister to please go get her as she planned on getting a cab. My sister offered to bring her cab fare instead. I later told my sister she should have taken mom home. She said she has kidney problems and if she got the virus she "will die instantly " and blocked my number. Others had already said you die alone. I now picture people walking somewhere alone and dropping dead. My mom is moving near me soon as she can.
  16. Much to my 15 years old son dismay I got him a flip phone. Verizon sold it to me and it works, may need a new sim card
  17. I bought a pair for both. Next I will work on getting a set that fits over my glasses. Thank you to everyone for their input. I bought them from midway USA. What's good about that is midway sends money to the school shotgun team. I had not checked them until someone mentioned them here.
  18. I'm not offended. All is well. I'm a cheap dad sometimes. We never wore shooting glasses in The army so i never took the need seriously.
  19. I looked at the link sent but the wiley x ranges from 61 to over 100 but none offered the lense colors needed for clay shooting. I looked at Amazon and pickings were slim there as well. Beretta sells a different brand but doesn't mention milspec ballistic glasses but are rated right otherwise . Bass pro and cabelas had $30 or less. I'll keep looking.
  20. I wear regular glasses so don't need shooting glasses but I got a cheap pair for my children from walmart. At the shotgun team match one kid who was using a $17,000 beretta told my son he was wearing shooting glasses that cost over $400. Beretta sells some for around $100, and Briley where they sell chokes has a pair for $445. What benefit do I get between the $29 pair and the $445 pair? Keep in mind, my son was shooting a Hatfield shotgun that cost me $350.
  21. I finally relented and let my sons play football. The coach said if late for practice, the door is locked yet he releases them at least 30 minutes late consistently. Today he said once a week they practice before school at 550 am and if they don't show they can't play Friday 1 quarter for each practice missed. Knowing my 15 years old will doze off in class, I suggested that I would feel better about getting him there that early if they would assure me that if he nodded off he would not play a quarter for each time caught. The coach said no. Not happy about the inconsistency and inconvenience and lack of respect.
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