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  1. the extra magazines are not repro so they are over 100 each
  2. NY and another state actually put out more stringent rules than the video. They actually advised people to go it alone. One place said to have sex on zoom while wearing a mask.
  3. I want to sell my luger. Last time I shot it it did well with 147 grain ball 9mm ammo. All numbers match best i can tell except for the magazine. The magazine that has no base plate came with the gun and could be correct but I don't know. I bought 2 spare magazines and a repro holster. The holster has a takedown tool in it. I want $2,000 shipped. Now 1800 shipped
  4. That is a good idea to go with the 17 hmr rifle. How does it shoot?
  5. I just watched the video with slow internet so it slowed it down and noticed that he kept his finger out of the trigger guard until the pistol was leveled on target. He must be listening to my reminders.
  6. Here are more pictures. After shooting it I took it apart, pulled all nipples except the red nipple for the empty chamber and cleaned it in hot soapy water and coated it in bore butter and also heated it in the oven at 250 for 10 minutes to drive out the moisture . The Nipples are tresso
  7. Wts 1860 army. I bought it new from a shooter who redid the grip by sanding it down to a natural look and refinished the metal so that the more you clean it the more antique it will look. I have only fired it a handful of times. Recently I posted on the saloon that I had trouble with it going together right. I replaced the wedge and scrubbed the part the wedge goes through and now it is fine, though I do tap the wedge lightly with a rubber handle to get the wedge to seat. It stays put and comes out easy. My son shot it in the attached video and the cap misfires on the next shot so I replaced the cap and it fired. Likes remington 10. I'd like $245 shipped. Now 225 shipped 20200626_202148.mp4
  8. I had a window that leaked only when the wind blew hard from a certain angle. It was on a second story so out of my reach and it is hard to get folks out for minor repairs. Then the roof leaked during a hard rain . I called a roofer and he took 3 days of which it rained each day before he could come and fix both. He came and fixed both and after 2 weeks it still has not rained hard since. We had near constant rain for months and once I fixed the leaky window and the roof and it just lightly rains. No more 3 inches at a time like it was doing. Just odd is all.
  9. Odd for me at least. I prefer 3006
  10. Cabelas and bass pro had a 10% off gift cards for fathers day so I bought one for my son's birthday and myself for father's day. He bought ocean fishing gear with his, and there was a definite short supply of poles and other gear and fishing line had several empty slots. I had hoped to buy a firearm or ammo. The ammo shelves were empty for the most part, some odd calibers that I don't use like 270, 6.5 or a few others. The gun cabinet looked empty except for a fe Kimber, a ruger mk IV and some Uberti cowboy revolvers. I didn't see any rifles except for a fe Henry and some shotguns and bolt action rifles. It was depressing. The one in Savannah is attached to a mall and I had thought since it was my wife's birthday she and the girls could shop there while we went to bass pro. The mall stores were mostly closed. You couldn't get to the mall area from bass pro as they had closed the gate.
  11. I saw that. Suddenly they realized crime is rampant and they are not peaceful hippies from Woodstock but thugs disrupting freedom and preying on the weak
  12. if you want to buy a used Beretta Tomcat in 22 with a NIB spare magazine I have one and can be talked out of it. I'd likely let it go for $255 shipped and insured.
  13. I really like the ruger lcp in 22. Glock makes a 22 that is great as well
  14. i live in the country. some days there is so much shooting from all of my neighbors that I think of Iraq. along with two neighbors having a shootout, some druggies had a gunfight a couple of years ago.
  15. Just found out that the drone flew inside another neighbors shop so he fired a fire extinguisher at it a couple of weeks ago. Glad my barn door was closed last night. A counter drone sounds good assuming I can catch it in the air.
  16. Garth, I thought that very thing. Getting a good drone and following it home and get pictures of them
  17. I'm at my barn near sunset and hear a motor sound and look up to see a drone higher than tree top level over my barn. My barn is 3/10 mile from my mailbox. This drone flies over and past the barn , turns and pauses and heads back the way it came. I texted my neighbor whose 10 acres is between me and the dirt road and he said it was not his. I never found the source but did hear from my daughter that the tenant at the end of my driveway has seen it and thought it was us. She told them no. I intend to see the laws regarding drones.
  18. The lawyer for George floyd said he is against removing statues because history is important lest it be repeated. If all statues are removed, then nothing in our history happened to any race and thus no one owes anyone an apology or reparations. There is no history of slavery for you to be mad at me about.
  19. What is really sad is even statues of President Grant who defeated the south and stopped the Klan from their terror against blacks and got the 15th amendment allowing blacks to vote was torn down. Supposedly because he inherited a slave. No one remembers that he worked with the slave and set him free instead of selling him even though he was broke at the time.
  20. After you posted this, I was reminded my neighbor whose father in law runs a gun store in town does.use it as a woods gun in a shoulder holster. He says he likes it. Then again, when his son in law shot his father in law he let the son in law come to his house. His father in law insults him a lot more since then.
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