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  1. Thankfully I have plenty of grease pots from my garands but will not grease the oprod then. I even found my m 14 cleaning kit I got from the cmp over 20 years ago for when I was planning on getting a m1a. The m1a even came with a copy of the army manual for the rifle.
  2. Why do you not put grease on the end of tge oprod where it goes into the gas plug? Seems to me since it metal to metal contact that you would. The garand is the same, why not put grease at the end of the oprod?
  3. Folks thought he was bold after impeachment failed, he's going to be even more so now that he fought the virus and God blessed him to beat it.
  4. That is true. 850 is just the amount I put on the credit card. But the discount, points used did lower the price some
  5. I bought it for my sons to use for the school shotgun team but even though some had a semiauto, after a couple of matches I realized an over/ under was better so you could have different chokes at the same time. Also because semiauto requires more maintenance over time if you are shooting several hundred rounds a year.
  6. I have wanted one for decades and even once settled for a Chinese knockoff but it just didn't cut the mustard. Sold it in the 1990s. I likely would not have bought it this time around had there not been anything on the shelf and the gift cards had not been burning my pocket.
  7. I bought a Remington V3 semiautomatic 12 gauge 28 inch barrel, extended chokes, camo pattern. We used it for shotgun team practice and fired 150 rounds or so in it. How much value did it lose? I paid 999.
  8. that is a good point about getting the scope and mount right. I will stick with iron sights for now. Once I registered it for the warranty, Springfield sent an email telling me about discounts on magazines and other items for the rifle.
  9. that's tight, be careful but do not let the virus dominate your life. Do not fear it.
  10. After discount for being the one on the rack, points on my credit card and a pair of gift cards it came to that.
  11. Let's say that tomorrow i walk into bass pro and buy the remaining m1a on the shelf for 1629, then they give me 5% off because it has been handled and the clerk is new. Then I use gift cards and credit card points and can get it for 850 out the door, What scope and mount would work best? Other than a sling that I already have on hand, magazines and ammo what else is helpful? What ammo works best in the m1a?
  12. It sounds like he is having the same symptoms my son had . A fever off and on and low oxygen. My son was better in 5 days and likely the President will be well in a few days.
  13. My son's varsity football team went into quarantine because a kid with symptoms played a game. That meant 2 weeks at home for all but my son who just recovered from the virus so he is good for 90 days. One of the players thought he'd visit his classmate who was not under quarantine while he was quarantined. That kid turned up sick so both had to quarantine for 2 weeks. Then as the sick kid recovered, he healthy football player got sick himself so.now has 2 more weeks in quarantine, 6 weeks total in a row. He is also on the one act play team so they can't practice like normal
  14. I've seen those same headlines from the usual suspects that he made it up. Even heard some say that he made it up to go into hiding because Hillary is about to be arrested. There are some saying the virus makes him incompetent to lead and needs to resign. Odd. I am glad they may send him home Monday. The virus doesn't usually last but a few days in many people
  15. I might try, "I don't have an Amazon account. I hate amazon."
  16. My oldest son lokes it because the scope sits high enough he can use the iron sights for close shots and the scope for further out. He took a deer with it last year
  17. I had a preaching appointment this morning that took me past a bass pro distribution center. Ordinarily I am opposed to shopping on Sunday but my son was with me and we reasoned it would be ok, so I gave in to temptation. There was a decent amount of shotgun ammo on hand. Rifle and pistol ammo was sporadic so half the shelf space was filled. no 308, but some 3006. a lot of 300 but I don't need that. There were a handful of Uberti cartridge SAA type pistols, a Vaquero, a few Kimber 1911 and 1 4 inch barrel Kimber K6s 357. A few FN pistols, a few SIg 1911, 210, and a couple of other large
  18. What type semi auto shotgun are you looking for? I have a fairly new remington v3 . My sons used it for shotgun team practice a couple of times is all. I then bought over under shotgun.
  19. Good rifle. My dad hunted with one in 35 remington and took deer with it and gave it to me before he died. My sons have used it.
  20. This year my mom will be living at the end of my long driveway so I imagine it will include a bigger turkey. Each year I tinker with putting butter or bacon or fat back under the skin but this year I will put butter under the skin and olive oil around the outside with pats of butter and possibly honey on the outside. Then dressing , half without onions for us normal folks who don't like onions , green beans, cranberry sauce, hopefully with fresh cranberries, maybe some brown sugar carrots or broccoli casserole. Pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes sufle, with pecans
  21. Praying for them both. Since I have not heard him having symptoms, he likely will be ok. The good news is he now is immune at least 90 days and likely longer. My son had it, none of us wore a mask around him, and none of us got it. I took the blood test afterwards and was told I never got it, so likely he will be fine.
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