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  1. Its the same in the little county of 10,000 where I live. Very low numbers compared to the areas that make the news. Is it because we are not stacked on top of each other or because the air is cleaner ?
  2. He went to tonights game that was 2 and half hours away and they got beat 48 to 6 (YEA, they actually scored) and my son called to tell me he should have played this game because three other players got hurt, two with the same dislocated shoulder that he has. I was listening on the radio and it was sad. the coach keeps them in a shotgun formation yet every game the center over hikes the ball over the quarterbacks head or hikes it too short and often the other team scores on the fumble. I keep asking my son why doesn't the coach do like the other teams and have the quarterback right behind t
  3. I agree with you on that. I discovered though that the real reason for football came out in a budget meeting at a private school. The headmaster said the revenue from football was dramatically more than double all other sources of revenue combined, including $4,400 per child tuition.
  4. Very helpful. Thanks to all for the replies. I played one year of little league baseball and it never came up and 1 year of high school soccer but since my parents made me miss lots of practice because it was not convenient for them to get me, I never got to play in a game and finally gave up. I wanted to play more sports but it was not possible, so it taught me sports are unimportant so your replies help.
  5. I have a question about football. My 15 year old didn't get played much , as in about the last 5 minutes of each game even though they lost each game 52 or more to 0. He is not that good. the last game he played he got called for unnecessary roughness on a drive that they were finally making progress that cost them 20 yards total. He hurt his shoulder a while back in a game (in just 5 minutes playing time which tells me he needs another sport). We took him to the doctor, he said there was swelling but he would be fine. He had popped it out of place. During practice this wee
  6. McPherson, thx. The 938 caught my eye online. I really like the normal one, and wondered if the Legion would be better or not.
  7. Every now and then I go to the Sig website and it mentions the Legion series. I looked up the difference from a normal sig, but am curious if anyone has handled one and if the difference is noticeable.
  8. My dad always called Marines jar heads so happy birthday jar heads. Personally I'm not prejudiced against Marines, some of my friends are Marines. Just funnin. Happy Birthday to an essential part of our nation's freedom.
  9. I got a spam call and tge foreigner said he was from my satellite TV company and said "is your TV on?" At the time I was watching TV. I asked which company are you from? He stressed in a commanding tone to "turn my TV on". I replied, " I need you to speak English and leave me alone" It got me to wondering what would happen if I had told him my TV is on. Would he be able to hack into my internet connection somehow? Why couldn't he tell it was already on?
  10. the idea of the smith 627 intrigued me so I looked it up and they make one with a short barrel. I wonder what the recoil on a 2 1/2 inch barrel on the 627 is like.
  11. Mainly want it for defense in case the alleged winners of the election keep their promise to ban magazine fed guns.
  12. If you wanted a higher capacity revolver would you prefer the S and W TRR8 in 357 or.the ruger redhawk ? Both hold 8 rounds. If not , is there another version you'd recommend? I figure it never hurts to go the revolver route as they usually pick on magazine fed pistols before anything else.
  13. Honda pioneer 500 sxs. Fits inside my pickup bed. Designed for atv trails where a regular sxs is for forbidden. Has a rack on back but can put a back seat that lays flat like a bed.
  14. I took my wife's car for service and like always we strolled the lot to see what they have. We stumbled on a 2019 Ford fusion titanium, 35000 miles. A salesman walked up so we asked him how much. He said 23500 but it had been there 90 days so it had room to negotiate. I drove it and was pleased. We told him we'd would research it and get back to him. I later went to kbb.com to price its value and found the listing of used ones in my area and found that very car on that very dealers listing for 17500. I was miffed and told him to do better on the
  15. My oldest son lokes it because the scope sits high enough he can use the iron sights for close shots and the scope for further out. He took a deer with it last year
  16. Good rifle. My dad hunted with one in 35 remington and took deer with it and gave it to me before he died. My sons have used it.
  17. My wife wants to know if you are married. I love what you had to say myself, as I just told her Monday when she was nagging about the bushes and etc that complaining too often makes.people not listen
  18. Once in Florida at the beach during the florida gator, Uga game weekend a 70+ year old man who could barely move was trying to get in his dodge ram pickup with only a ga bulldog red with black tiger stripes tight speedo. That was 15 years ago and am still traumatized.
  19. I just did this to my wife. She was sitting quietly by me in her recliner on her computer and she jumped a couple of inches out of the chair and turned to look at me and screamed aaahhhhhh. I'm over here rolling with laughter
  20. i have seen foxes before and coyote poop and once a bobcat and once a black panther. the poor male duck keeps calling for her. my 3 dogs must have been out exploring to not have noticed
  21. each day i look to see how my 2 ducks made it through the night. this morning in the midst of the fog I saw both of them. Male and female. An hour ago i looked out again and saw only one and can hear him quacking over and over. usually they are mostly quiet except for chatter among. they are so close to each other that often it looks like one duck is in the pond until they turn and then you can see 2. while ago i saw a trail of white feathers leading into the woods on 2 different cuts in the grass which makes me wonder if it was 2 predators. i have not found any bones as of yet so it mu
  22. as often happens to the Falcons they fold and every other time the following year they would fight for last place. wonder how it will be next year.
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