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  1. I have found the cap and ball version but the 45lc version looks stainless. I want to pair it with the cabelas 1860 army with white grips and American flag my wife gave me for Christmas years ago
  2. I can't find a cimarron 1860 Richard mason 45lc Old Glory model. Has anyone seen one anywhere?
  3. I heard that a local store offered them a free ar15. That is cool.
  4. Part of electric fence makes sense as years ago it was formed and lots of fence all over. It is also near where a still was.decades ago, or so I am told.
  5. If you get the sig 365 ate you going to get the one with normal sights or the one with hidden sights ?
  6. we installed a syphon to compensate for my neighbors broken dam and the rush of water on the other side from the siphon unearthed the item in the picture that my son found today. We don't know what it is.
  7. Why do you want to bury your propane tank. Mine is above ground partially hidden by bushes. A generac generator with above ground propane tank is great to have. The downside is I wonder if my neighbors noticed i have lights while they sit in darkness even though I'm 2/10 miles from the road.
  8. Saw a guy at a range with a sig ar and he could not cycle wolf steel ammo but i could in my smith and wesson. We traded . Tried steel in a 9mm revolver smith and wesson the other day and had a hard time extracting the spent rounds even though they were in a moon clip. Not a real fan.
  9. I don't hear about them anymore, did they disappear? Did they die in the fires started by the looters?
  10. There is an app that ties to alexa and you tell it Alexia, I am being pulled over by the police" and it immediately starts the video recording and notifies your friends . Just do that and take their picture and a social worker may stop by later to offer platitudes.
  11. I shoot deer with mine and they don't go far when hit with it. Fairly loud though.
  12. it was both their idea. They drove around the nearby subdivisions and got cheers from some.
  13. I keep a baseball bat by my bed for bumps in the night.
  14. definitely and he knows I have the cash. we are neighbors. His grandfather used to farm the land I live on. I am glad he did it that way this time as it saved me some money. He gets ornery sometimes. a friend of mine grew up with him and said his father beat the snot out of him regularly. I don't hold it against him. It just saved me money and I really didn't need it. I was just tired of my Sig 1911-22 and wanted something with more rounds.
  15. Last trip up. Feel free to make an offer
  16. I really like the smith and wesson 351pd revolver in 22 mag. Accurate, light, 7 rounds easy to carry.
  17. Better yet, I still have the mossberg 590 with bayonet lug that I carried on duty.
  18. I'll wait until things settle down. I've been through several panic buying periods.
  19. I have bought numerous items from him and he is usually at least 10 % higher than he should be. Sometimes he will come off the 10% , other times he will take off the tax. He knows I will go elsewhere as my son wears the t shirt from the other store into his store. Right now he knows he will sell it. He has been selling 35 guns a day lately.
  20. Yep, that's what I was thinking about. The lawyer had room for one , even loaded with powder only would have solved his problem.
  21. I wonder if a napoleon with canister might be better than the AR.
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