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  1. in the Gunsmoke episode Texas Cowboy a cowboy is shot in the back. Matt shuts down Front St and the business leaders spokesman said "it was just a cowboy" and went on about the money they would miss if Matt closes Front St. I guess cowboy lives don't matter, only their money.
  2. Btt. The Pedersoli trapdoor is a great rifle. My sons like to shoot it and it is accurate.
  3. 10 feet is too close for power lines. The power line that runs through my property is about 75 feet across for 2 sets of poles going through. The power company comes through about every 8 years with large brush cutting tractors and i have even seen them trim the trees along the power line with a helicopter from the air. Then come back with a tractor and mulch the debri. They will pay me $5 per acre if I cut it
  4. Holy cow that is horrible. I never understood why this happens so often there. I'll pray for rain .
  5. yes because around here even now we are below 1000 total sick the entire year and only 7 deaths total. I don't worry about 7 deaths over a year's time from a sickness. I prefer immunity. If someone is worried, and wants to wear a mask, I am all for it. If someone is not worried and does not want to wear a mask, then I am for that as well. Meanwhile my doctor tells me that I am immune to it based on my health and age I should have gotten it and been hospitalized by now if I wasn't immune. My son got it and had minor sore throat and 100.5 fever for an hour on 2 different days with no medication. He was really tired for a few days and is already back to running around. He still had the energy to do his chores each day. We didn't have to wear a mask for the swine flu or other recent ailments. If I lived in a big city I might do things differently but here in a small town where most do not wear a mask and are doing fine, it was not needed. the experts based their view on the most populous location. Blanket directives are not based on local reality.
  6. I figured not wearing a mask helped me build immunity. It also gave me less crowds as whenever I went to the grocery store and went down the aisle and someone else was already there with a mask, they often sped down to another aisle.
  7. I'm noticing that the health professionals down in South Georgia have Dailed the fear back a good bit. Initially they had the far left attitude we were all going to die and die alone and spread fear to everyone. Once my son got sick I noticed how unconcerned different Dr's had become and both said that there is no treatment, just keep the fever down below 101. A nurse went from changing her clothes outside before seeing her family now said even though we were in quarantine to come see her to buy a $40 calculator from her that quarantine didn't matter, she would be fine and even had my wife go inside and see her baby. I just know that when I take care of my son, I forgot about the mask and God has protected me and the rest of us from it. I really wonder if not wearing the mask in town has actually given me a chance to build antibodies and if so, we are all better off leaving the mask at home.
  8. Very good pistol. I used to have one and miss it sometimes.
  9. I can't set it up yet, the layout table is in the area my sick son is. He is better and not sick at all now but still has a few more days to quarantine. I see him often to feed him and tell him to get outside and feed the chickens so probably could set it up. I will wait for now
  10. Sorry to hear that. Hope the family will be alright with God's help.
  11. Cnbc reported a drop for unemployment and continuing unemployment but an increase in California in unemployment. A decrease in Florida so even the commentator wondered if it was because of the lock down in California.
  12. After being injected and taking pills in the army before going to Iraq I prefer to never take another vaccine again. The flu shot gets me sick so I will do without. My doctor says I probably already have antibodies in my system.
  13. I told my mom about my son testing positive for the china virus. She told my siblings. I had told my mom he only had a fever of 100.5 for an hour on 2 different days and a sore throat and got tired really quickly but is all better now. I told her his doctor and mine said since the rest of us have not shown symptoms we likely won't get it. I told her my doctor said we likely already have antibodies that fought it off and have immunity. My siblings are the kind that won't leave the house, fear the virus, might die instantly and hate the president with a purple passion. My siblings are telling my mom we don't have immunity, my doc is wrong, need to stay home beyond the day the doctor set, are contagious from now on. They even added my son's health will be scarred for life and still might die. My son never missed a day of doing his chores, worked on his 4 wheeler axle today and is doing fine. It seems folks have carried this thing too far. Yes it is here and some folks get sick, but even the cdc says you are immune after getting it and a new study in Iceland says it may last over 4 months. How come the people who says you should believe doctors and scientists don't want me to believe my son's doctor and my doctor? Another article on cnbc recently said some areas already have herd immunity. At some point we have to live and take our chances.
  14. Wait until he gets sent to prison and some big fellow makes him his new girlfriend
  15. back in February lionel sent an email about a sale on their trains. I ordered a HO scale US Army hospital train. Then I got an email saying everything was shut down and on backorder. It just showed up today. I've wanted an army train for years and while in Germany was able to get a German army train. If we are back to making toys, perhaps things are looking up overall.
  16. Seems like part of why hillery lost is because she didn't go out and make speeches near as much as her opponent, thinking she had it in the bag.
  17. The university of Georgia put out that if you have intimate relations with someone you need to wear a mask, but my wife said no, so i put a handkerchief over my mouth to kiss her. It just wasn't the same
  18. My doc called me today (they prefer phone visits only these days if possible). They said that since my only symptom was a sore throat, I likely do not have the china virus. They based that on my age, diabetes and blood pressure. They suggested I do not need a virus test but wait until after the quarantine is over and get an antibody test to see if I have successfully fought it off and have antibodies. They suggested I keep the sick child isolated even though he is better but the rest of us keep the house sanitized and don't get in each other's face but we don't have to avoid each other, because if we were going to get it, we'd have it by now, since I isolated my son last Monday at the first sign of a mild fever. He still gets out of breath when feeding the chickens and goats so my doc said to keep him moving to get his strength back. God is good all the time.
  19. Thus far with us anyway, milder than most flu seasons, sadly though others mileage has varied.
  20. It makes it hard to make good decisions. I put each child in their own room. Thankfully I have a finished basement with a guest bedroom and bathroom and shower and eating area. I volunteered to sleep elsewhere but my wife says she can't sleep in a bed without me but can sleep in the recliner in our room so we are spread out. I feed the two in the basement and she feeds the healthy little ones upstairs. Meanwhile my doc is scheduled to call me tomorrow to discuss testing for my daughter who has a job and I.
  21. If you go to school or other places they check you for a fever. Does that mean if you have a sore throat but no fever you are not contagious? A friend who had a daughter get positive said if after 3 days with the person if you don't have symptoms you likely won't. How accurate is that? Different doctors told me if the rest of us don't have symptoms then we don't need a test. I asked my doctors office and mentioned the sore throat my daughter and I have but since we don't have a fever they don't seem concerned. The doctors keep saying that we only need to quarantine until the same day my son does, even though he got it first. That makes me wonder if it truly has a 14 day window. It is hard to know who can sleep where or eat where with conflicting information.
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