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  1. Ditto on the browning 1911-22, but mine had the firing pin break but they fixed it. The browning though locks up if you shoot a shot shell but the sig can eject if you pull the slide back. The browning takes a while to get the casing out. Either way shot shells are for revolver only if a 22.
  2. thanks all. Just making sure I had the best out there. I really like my Sig 1911-22 . My 9 year old does as well. Just curious if costing more means more or if costing more means you wasted more.
  3. I was looking around online and saw a used Kimber Rimfire on gun broker for 700. I have used the Sig (which is a GSG rebranded under Sig) and wonder is the Kiber that much better ? How about the rimfire conversion kits? If I put a conversion kit on a 45acp kimber frame will it be as accurate and reliable as the Kimber rimfire from the factory back when they made them?
  4. I keep no name brand maxi pads I got in the bargain buggy from the grocery store along with surgical bandages in my emergency bag. Never thought about a tampon
  5. With a wilson it seems to be several hundred rounds if not a couple of thousand
  6. I agree and won't carry it if dirty , at most a 16 round count since cleaning if it goes anywhere.
  7. Wilson combat says not to clean their 1911 until it starts to jam , but as for an ar15, the bolt inside the bolt carrier gets real grungy.
  8. Hey Rooster. You and I have similar stories . I left at 17, married at 19, 33 years later still hitched and watched my 3 siblings take from my parents and Gov't, but thankful that God blesses me to never had to
  9. My favorite of all is a cheap trinket knife with wood handle that says "us army " that my son bought me with his own money when he and a friends family went to an amusement park called wild adventures. It is so cheap that he and I were fixing something together that a blade broke and the cheap key ring broke as well but it is always in my pocket. For actual work I also carry a small bench made.
  10. From my sons point of view, both of them prefer the 410, but my 14 year old is getting used to the 12 because he likes bigger calibers. The 9 year old can tell the difference
  11. i have seen foxes before and coyote poop and once a bobcat and once a black panther. the poor male duck keeps calling for her. my 3 dogs must have been out exploring to not have noticed
  12. each day i look to see how my 2 ducks made it through the night. this morning in the midst of the fog I saw both of them. Male and female. An hour ago i looked out again and saw only one and can hear him quacking over and over. usually they are mostly quiet except for chatter among. they are so close to each other that often it looks like one duck is in the pond until they turn and then you can see 2. while ago i saw a trail of white feathers leading into the woods on 2 different cuts in the grass which makes me wonder if it was 2 predators. i have not found any bones as of yet so it must have eaten it or carried it off. when my dogs used to attack my ducks they always hurt them and then left them to die so i figure it was not them especially since they have stopped doing that.
  13. as often happens to the Falcons they fold and every other time the following year they would fight for last place. wonder how it will be next year.
  14. took a shotgun course once and they demonstrated why the pistol grip is not practical. even at close range a miss is likely, verses actually aiming the shotgun with a shoulder stock and hold. having said that there are a lot of people who have not been trained in the use of a shotgun and the accuracy it can achieve that will buy it
  15. My toy store says they are out of stock at the distributer so does anyone have a used 938 in 22LR?
  16. ran into some female Marines on base during AIT and they were also privates but sure were pretty. made me wish i had joined the Marines instead. but then again most girls are pretty when you are 18 and have been away from women for a while in training.
  17. I'm wondering will the patriots underestimate the falcons like green bay did? I'm hoping that they do, I'm also hoping the falcons don't get cocky and take the patriots serious. the last time they went to the bowl they were cocky. the "christian" leader of the team got popped for prostitution, michael vic was cocky like normal and the falcons got their empty plate handed back to them
  18. matter of fact i told her Calico Mary's reply and she laughed just like she did the last time i told her gagas secret. regardless i still do not plan to watch the halftime show. gaga does have a nice voice but so did the sirens that caused ships to crash in the odyssey
  19. then when the big wave comes, lets go surfing! seriously way back in the 1930s before WW2 a very large iceberg broke off and floated down to Australia and eventually melted in the warm pacific waters then new ice formed and is breaking off. its called a life cycle.
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