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  1. Over here the radio keeps saying that Pfizer never tested to see if it protects others from you .  They are saying that if you get the vaccine you still need to wear a mask to protect others incase you are still a carrier.  


    They are also saying that Hank Aaron died after getting the vaccine.   

  2. I read an article on cnbc.com that the cost of shipping is rising due to a shortage of shipping containers.   Usually a shipping container cost $1,200 but due to the virus and the resulting shortage of containers,  especially for Chinese shippers, a container is now $6,000. 


    I doubt it takes long for the consumer to have to absorb that cost. 

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  3. I manage my moms and am not convinced stocks.will go down under biden.  They usually go up under democrats.  Under Obama it was hard to make money but it could be done.  Biden will likely be the same since many of his advisors are Obama people.  


    I refuse to buy any mutual funds but other people are better off buying funds .  On tge rare occasions that I buy a fund, it is on a down day and is an index fund.  Usually if the markets have been down a while.  


    Keep in mind though that my advice is free and back in February and March I almost went under because I was too invested in the market and not enough in cash.


    I tell folks to buy companies you know , especially if they pay a dividend. 

  4. Sadly my oldest daughter is the same.  If she has no choice and goes in a gun store with me , she looks with disdain at all guns UNLESS they are purple like the sig 938 with reflective purple slide or have a purple grip like a ruger semi auto.  Drives me nuts.  She knows better.   


    Meanwhile I went to buy my mom a hogue grip for her j frame and she could xare less about the color of the grip but all midway had for hers was purple so purple it is.

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  5. I told her what you all suggested and she asked me to work on it for her as her thumb is bruised.  I wish she had bought the 22 mag like I told her.

  6. When my mom lived in st Louis and there were riots there she asked for my help getting a gun.  I suggested a 351pd in 22 mag since it has zero recoil , holds 7 and would be easier for her to handle.  The local dealer had one in stock but talked her into the 642 in 38.  Not a bad choice really.


    Now she lives by me so I took her out to shoot it.  Just as I figured,  it hurts her thumb and the trigger pull is hard so the dealer told her to use a finger from both hands to fire it.   


    It has the wood grip with finger grooves.  Is there a grip that will help her hold it better and not hurt her right thumb?  A rubber grip maybe?  


    He sold her winchester hollow points.  After letting her shoot cowboy loads from it, I gave her hornady lite 90 grain rounds to keep in it.  I told her she would be helpful to someone since they are the pink breast cancer rounds so whomever she shot would not get breast cancer.  She giggled. 


    She shot those rounds better.   

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  7. A month ago I fired the new Cimarron Old Glory 1860 Mason 45 LC.  Back then, it had a hard time pulling the hammer all the way back one handed.  Initially hard even for two handed shooting.  It would jam once in a while during the first 50 rounds.  It got slightly better as I went.  


    Today I fired another 50 rounds  MUCH, MUCH better.  zero jams and the hammer goes back and locks fine.  Fires smooth fast or slow.  It seems to just to have needed to be broke in .  I like the pewter American flag on the grip.  


    I love my country.  I usually do not go for the guns with American flag painted all over it.  I find ti disrespectful to our flag, but one on the grip seems alright to me.  

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  8. When I was a teenager in the 70s I ran into an actual reformed hippie .  We spent the weekend with his father who, like my dad was a preacher.  


    He told me before he repented from that life he could look at someone and tell if they were pro or anti establishment.   He said I was pro establishment.   I was glad.   


    A true believer,  either way can probably tell if they thought about it. 

  9. Chevy stooped making the Volt because no one was buying it.   A couple of years later they announced an increase in electric vehicles and the stock price jumps up.  It doesn't make sense to me.  


    I know tesla sells a lot but tesla seems to be more of a status symbol .  An electric chevy is not a status symbol.   A stock broker buddy of mine says with the new administration electric cars will become mainstream.   I don't think so.  


    An electric car cost is such that it takes years to appreciate the savings in gas.  


    Given power outages for storms in winter and hurricane in summer and the rolling black outs in California,  it would make an electric vehicle an inconvenience.   Gas can be bought before the storm and stored in gas cans but not electricity.   I still recall that manufacturing the batteries pollutes more than a gas car does in several years of driving. 

  10. I have a few hundred GOEX BLACK DAWG 44.40 ammo .  It is blackpowder ammo.  I won't charge $100 a box like my dealer does. Much less.   Probably $38 a box plus shipping.   I also have 45lc blackpowder rounds.  12 guage as well.

  11. As you know any ammo you find is a miracle.   I went to my local store yesterday and they had 2 boxes of eley 22 lr for $25 for 50 rounds, 2 boxes of hornady critical defense for $44 each, and a couple of boxes of winchester 150 anniversary edition 200 grain 44.40 for $99.99.  


    I looked at the girl and  said $100!  Wow.  That is too high.  She said it is for a lot of rounds.  The 20 round box of hornady 205 grain was $24.99.  I did not buy any 44.40

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  12. I was watching a movie called The Battle of El Alemein this morning that was made in 1968.  It has several Italian actors.   


    As the British launch their attack on the Italian army, several M113 Armored personnel carriers showed up.   


    I knew they were old but didn't know they were that old.

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  13. Jesus once said that before you do something,  you should sit down and count the cost first.  


    Getting arrested doing something doomed to fail can cost you the right to vote as well as everyone owning firearms, not to mention a loss of freedom.   

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  14. I'd imagine that the lost blood would make it easier to put pressure there, though I lack experience with a lower torso wound.  Maybe thats why in westerns they hand you a pistol when gut shot. 

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