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  1. Yes, I don't have the lighter fluid taste by using a few match lite coals and a lot of normal coals. The natural coals i usually find are cowboy brand and they burn fast but the wood chunks and branches I put in help extend it some.
  2. Walmarts web site had 1 bag of weber charcoal so I bought it to try and weber cherry wood chunks. I did not see green egg brand so I assume weber is the same.
  3. I like to cook steak and usually a mess of burgers and hotdogs for the next day. The branches I put on the charcoal are either oak or pecan. I use natural wood charcoal after I get the fire going with a handful of Kingsford matchlight.
  4. I was looking at charcoal as I like to put limbs from my yard on top of the charcoal. My chargrill with iron grates is wobbly and one of the grates rusted even though I keep it under a carport and oil it sometimes
  5. Lowes has their charcoal grills for half what they were during the summer. I then was at a different store and they have Weber instead of charqrill brand. They even have a green egg. What makes a weber grill twice the price? What is the deal with the green egg? Is it really better than the rest?
  6. I lost count of the number of times my wife and I have told him no more football. My son just wants to be cool is all I can figure and cool is not an excuse worthy of fostering. Supposedly my son says he heard the school pays for his surgery but I have not heard that from a reliable source so before I tell the coach what I think I am going to see if that is true. Meanwhile NO FOOTBALL , EVER. They only had 14 players and yet played him 5 minutes a game. The only game they won was when the other team got the china virus and forfeited
  7. My 15 year old son tore his labrum. We went to see a 2nd dr for a second opinion yesterday . Not only did this dr say yes to surgery but he went and showed me that his other shoulder is prone to do the same. This dr also said repeatedly to avoid football. He suggested tennis or baseball since the left arm won't move much in those sports. My son still says he wants to play his senior year so the dr repeated it. I told the coach the dr said no football in 2 different text. His reply, "we have special pads for players with shoulder problems for ne
  8. Its new made. He wants 699, which seemed a lot for a 22, but it is close to what he is charging for the longer barrel model 22 revolvers from smith.
  9. Local store has a model 63 with 3 inch barrel in 22 long rifle. How good are they? Anyone ever see a used one go by?
  10. We are a small town with 2 main gun stores and both have a lot of guns. Neither have many ar15s though. Lots and lots of concealable pistols and hunting rifles and shotguns. One goes to gun shows and reports good volume but not taking trades as the sellers think their guns are gold and priced as if new . It is hard to tell. If biden does his plan of taxing seminauto rifles pricing may drop unless through private sales with no record of the transaction.
  11. I put 50 rounds thru her and she is accurate. Initially if shooting one handed , often the hammer would not go all the way back so sometimes it skipped a round getting it to work, but it got better as I went. Two handed with more leverage the hammer worked right most of the time. Initially rounds struggled to come out but by the end they would fall out. One quirk was that if I held the barrel end up to let the rounds all out, other rounds would drift back and lock up the cylinder but after a while I could tilt the barrel back down then rotate the cylinder to the
  12. Sorta like how the garand can not handle most commercial hunting rounds due to the oprod. So u might would be better off with the 7.62 x 51 ammo then ? Use hunting ammo in 308 sparingly unless down around 150 grain?
  13. I'm new to the rifle. Please provide more detail
  14. If you could only buy 1 box of ammo.to zero your m1a with , would you buy PMC 165 grn 308 , 155 grn colt match ammo in 308 or 7.62x51 all 3 being FMJ of a differentbrand? I have good hunting rounds for afterwards.
  15. The other day someone asked about how good a wilson 1911 is. I love them and can tell a difference. One version. Of the wilson us one inspired by Vickers, a former delta force veteran. Today in my local store they had a Springfield inspired by vickers with wilson parts for 1400. Much cheaper than a wilson but the same features. I wonder how it compares. I wonder if Santa will bring me one to try out one day.
  16. It took a while but I found one.
  17. I also have a single shot hatfield new in box literally. 115 shipped.
  18. I once did a test between a wilson cqb and a kimber pro carry and colt and sig 1911. The colt was not even close. The kimber and sig were neck and neck, only the kimber would start to jam or get sluggish after it passed 200 rounds. The wilson was better. It was somewhat more accurate but a whole lot smoother and just felt better. My favorite is a wilson ultra light compact carry . It is noticeably better than the cqb. The difference between a wilson and every other brand i have tried can't really be described in words. Al
  19. I use GOEX powder and I won't miss next time
  20. When I target practice with my repro civil war musket I pour boiling water down the barrel with the barrel canted so some flows out the nipple and then turn it upside down to empty the rest. I then swab it and use a brush and repeat the procedure until it is clean. I once in a while pull the nipple and re lube the threads. Today I fired once at a deer. She was 120 yards out, I missed. Do you go through the entire process for one shot or just scrub it with lobbed patches and a pipe cleaner for the nipple?
  21. Looks like 40 is catching on again as my local shop said they only had defense rounds and not many of those.
  22. I remember in the 1980s when senator Moynihan advocated a severe tax on ammo. I started adding ammo back then, whenever I could. A box here and there and not really buy during times of shortage unless I had shot some. I've noticed that cap supplies can be found right now so I bought some like I used to do ammo.
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