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  1. I was looking around online and saw a used Kimber Rimfire on gun broker for 700. I have used the Sig (which is a GSG rebranded under Sig) and wonder is the Kiber that much better ? How about the rimfire conversion kits? If I put a conversion kit on a 45acp kimber frame will it be as accurate and reliable as the Kimber rimfire from the factory back when they made them?
  2. I keep no name brand maxi pads I got in the bargain buggy from the grocery store along with surgical bandages in my emergency bag. Never thought about a tampon
  3. With a wilson it seems to be several hundred rounds if not a couple of thousand
  4. I agree and won't carry it if dirty , at most a 16 round count since cleaning if it goes anywhere.
  5. Wilson combat says not to clean their 1911 until it starts to jam , but as for an ar15, the bolt inside the bolt carrier gets real grungy.
  6. Hey Rooster. You and I have similar stories . I left at 17, married at 19, 33 years later still hitched and watched my 3 siblings take from my parents and Gov't, but thankful that God blesses me to never had to
  7. The wiring was updated 15 years ago and is grounded etc. Even has a tankless water heater
  8. Best I can tell it is likely the old style tin just painted numerous times, matter of fact it looks like the old paint was covered each time so likely water has to go through several layers to find the leak.
  9. Often children rebel against their parents ideas and they may turn conservative. Sadly today many view children as a nuisance instead of the blessing that they are
  10. I looked at a house to consider buying this week. It was built in 1917. The disclosure says part of the roof was repaired in the 1980s so the roof is older than that. It goes on to say that the roof is painted with fiberglass paint every 5 years. It looks thick but I do not see any water stains in the ceiling. Just how long will a metal roof last? How effective is the fiberglass paint? Does anyone have experience with these things? The house looks fairly solid over all.
  11. This law is why it is best not to open carry these days. Keep it hidden from view.
  12. I hope to do mild commercial farming on 20 acres. Thank you for the link I will use it
  13. I am trying to get more into farming. I have problems each year with bugs eating my turnips and tomatoes. What organic pesticides are you using that works. I have read about an extract from daisies or baby soap. Also herbicides are needed
  14. Thru out history socialist would point to a group of people and blame them for everyone's problems, hitler said it was the Jews fault, evidently a conservative is the scapegoat group this time. They pick someone to blame and rally the country against the group to create unity and gain support for new laws that get passed
  15. Dont forget the guy who drove a golf cart into Walmart and ran over some down in Florida. If we ban golf carts too a lot of people are going to get upset
  16. Part of the Heller decision mentioned number of people who own a type of gun, since then gun companies made lower cost ones to increase ownership so that the courts would overturn the ban that might get passed. Besides, they are a good investment when Democrats are in power as they go up in price you can sell them for every time there is a shooting
  17. My favorite of all is a cheap trinket knife with wood handle that says "us army " that my son bought me with his own money when he and a friends family went to an amusement park called wild adventures. It is so cheap that he and I were fixing something together that a blade broke and the cheap key ring broke as well but it is always in my pocket. For actual work I also carry a small bench made.
  18. I've got too much live and let live in me but should have called
  19. I went to Verizon tonight to get a flip phone for my 15 year old since she has a babysitting gig this week. A woman was there in the store because she had bought an Apple yesterday but forgot her password. She had left her car running and after a while a distressed girl about 3 peered through the window, that had been asleep. The woman commented how she had left the car running thinking we were worried she had left her in the hot car, but I had noticed it running already. She gets her daughter and comes back in and she plays with my 9 year old son with the sample phones. They were not able to help her so she got in her van to leave, leaving her child behind. The child just stood there as we gasped at what she was doing. I and another woman ran out to stop her from leaving. She rushed in and got her child. The store clerk said she was not all there yesterday either. While there she inquired about getting an iPad or tablet for her daughter. She had already heard me declare to the clerk I would not buy a smart phone for my children. This woman asked why and I explained that I had already experienced what goes wrong, they don't know here they are going on the internet and get themselves in trouble and it takes a lot of unscrambling to do afterwards. It has taken us over 2 years to unscramble my 15 year old from the last smart phone. the woman laughed and mentioned how they get addicted and cry when you take it away. She has no idea and whats worse , evidently pays so little attention to her children.
  20. I have an original 1873 rifle. The serial number puts it around 1875. How do I determine value so I can sell it?
  21. What is in the new background check bill the house passed?
  22. Ditto on the 938. I switch around but go back to the 938. I like the plastic holster it comes with and walk around sloppy with my shirt untucked. I like the Smith 352pd 22mag as well.
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