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  1. Covert sells good ones. I have several
  2. Actually since the newborns who get it are recovering without medication, they seem to handle it better than we do. A newborn has his mom's immune response for the first 6 months of their life. If the area is not a hot bed of infection then it is likely alright anyway
  3. In this case , even bonds are tanking, IF you can get a bid.
  4. Cam seemed like a flash in the pan to me. He reminds me of Michael Vick, another flash in the pan that got hurt and the flash went away and then got in trouble and never made any more sparks after that
  5. The fact that our senator from ga that did it is married to the head of the new York stock exchange and he sold too the same day tells me a lot
  6. Our newly appointed by the governor senator, whose husband is head of the new York stock exchange sold millions the day the Senate was briefed on the virus. This was before the market tanked. Another candidate of the same party will get my vote instead
  7. I have a few metal soldiers to represent things like the revolution so my children don't forget or the alamo since I was born in Texas. I have a Vietnam war soldier since my father was there. I want a desert storm soldier but never found one
  8. I saw him put it in I wonder if he stretched it taking it out
  9. Selling a beretta 21a 22lr bobcat. Has box and papers and nib extra magazine. Excellent shooter. 300 shipped and insured
  10. I have a colt saa with a colt letter that says it was made sep 17 1898. The original rubber grip has been replaced with stag by a previous owner. The 4 3/4 barrel was replaced with a 5 1/2 barrel by a previous owner. Numbers on bottom of grip match the 2 numbers under the frame. The gate has a different number. The hammer has 4 clicks and the cylinder barely moves when cocked. I want $2,500 shipped and insured. Btw, barrel shines.
  11. Yep, I read he went to Tampa bay which means he will be playing the Falcons a lot more
  12. that is right. the previous owner cut the barrel down
  13. I had some rounds from goex their black dawg ammo factory ammo. One of the rounds had a bulge in the case that let me partially chamber it but not eject or fire it. A gunsmith fixed it but in the process now the magazine tube spring does not force the next round into the carrier to chamber unless you tilt the rifle up, then it chambers fine.
  14. Wts excellent condition artillery model U S marked black powder frame that has a 45 long colt and 45 acp cylinder. $425 shipped Previous owner professionally cut down barrel length. Accurate pistol
  15. Excellent condition, 44 mag vaquero $550 shipped and insured. Faux ivory grips
  16. I really need a fast offer to buy this and payment sent to PayPal by morning or I will be in trouble. She's a good rifle.
  17. More pictures 20200112_202713.mp4
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