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  1. I sometimes think that if I was only allowed 1 pistol it would be a toss up between a Governor and a 1911.
  2. Btt because they are both good pistols and I still think about the governor but want someone else to get a shot at one.
  3. If they're not from the section of counties around vidalia where the soil has been shown to produce a true vidalia onion then it is illegal to call them a vidalia onion. They are particular about it
  4. My wife says I am wrong, it is 1 dollar a pound here where we grow them.
  5. I'm going to try the Google route and also drs in bigger towns. I talked to the heart dr after my dr sent him a referral and it will be sep 20 before he can see me. That is a long time to wait.
  6. Hey Bob, I'm curious how much do vidalia onions go for in Colorado? Here in vidalia where we grow them a 5 pound bag is 10.
  7. Is the front sight on the governor a night sight like it is on the blued version?
  8. my oldest son agrees with you. He has been trying to scarf mine away for a while.
  9. I truly love a Governor . I use it when on my tractor or even cutting grass since I run into copperheads and rattlesnakes , even in my front yard.
  10. I did get an antibiotic for the tick bite back a few months ago.
  11. I want to thank you for the prayers and guidance. It helped get me to the dr. Now that I checked it out it has relieved the worry which was not helping the pain go away.
  12. Test came back abnormal but not imminent so tomorrow they are having the heart dr call me. The stress test they run at my dr is administered by a nurse from the heart dr office if I understand it right, so they are partners as it were evidently. In a small town you have different options than when I lived near Atlanta. They decided to send me home with a warning what to look for to know when to go to the ER. Our local hospital usually sends patients to Savannah an hour and half away as they cant help heart or stroke. The hospital they send you to has among the lowest ratings in the state and I've known some who got staff there as they cleaned room once a week
  13. I'm waiting for the test results now. I just recall how my dad kept going to dr with chest pains and he was told it was gas until he needed a bypass, then he would go back with pain and he was told it was gas .
  14. Yes, I am saying that the impression I got from the heart dr was he didn't like guns, but I moved to south georgia where nearly all have one. My fluttering stopped when I laid down and my chest pains went away soon as I stood up to preach this morning but I will still go get checked out. Just got home with the family.
  15. I took a shower and laid down and it seems better. It flares up sometimes but this time seems worse. I will get it looked at though. Better safe than unable to be sorry.
  16. My dr is open 7 days a week so I may go see him tomorrow afternoon when he opens 12 to 7. He is a good dr and has a clinic and is partnered with other drs on a clinic for poor people with no insurance. Once my wife was really sick and he was in the ER for another patient and changed the direction the ER staff was taking upon seeing me and finding out she was there
  17. I did the pulse check and while the heart is fluttering the pulse is steady. A heart dr as well as normal dr all found it but didn't worry about it, but then again one heart dr saw my shoulder bruise from shooting a 1884 trapdoor in a buffalo shooting match and told me I didn't need to see him anymore. I did have coffee this afternoon, I drink 2 cups a day. But today we also had a power outage and a blown fuse in the generator which kept me busy.
  18. I have a heart murmur the doc found years ago but said he is not worried about it, 3 different ones said that. A few months ago I was in to see the doc as a tick bite got infected. I mentioned chest pains to the right of the heart and ekg came back ok. This week chest pains to the left side of the heart (just left of left breast) and today for hours my heart has been fluttering, even my wife could feel it. At what point do you go to a dr about it?
  19. Hey Blackwater, I like Joe West. He is a good guy.
  20. We all know that in real life heroes have a bit of tarnish along with the good things that they do. Back then I envision heroes who were also practical
  21. I am watching "How The West Was Won" and it drives me crazy how Zeb Macahan just shot two men who beat up his nephew and were tracking his other nephew and he left their horses and guns. Seems he could sell the guns and use the ammo and sell the horses. I see it in most all westerns, where they kill someone out in the middle of the desert and leave their guns laying in the dirt.
  22. Maybe if more people used a tampion we wouldn't need tampons to plug up wounds
  23. My 7 years old daughter came in our room at 415 that she had a bad dream. She got in bed with us and put her arm around me as she fell asleep. Then a few minutes later, in the dark, I hear the sound of whimpering and heaving IN MY BED. She was sick. My wife grabbed her and rushed her to the bathroom. This went on for the rest of the night so we put her in a recliner in our room. They are so pitiful when they are sick. Makes you sad and worried.
  24. Ditto on the browning 1911-22, but mine had the firing pin break but they fixed it. The browning though locks up if you shoot a shot shell but the sig can eject if you pull the slide back. The browning takes a while to get the casing out. Either way shot shells are for revolver only if a 22.
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