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  1. my son is happy with his Hatfield for the school shotgun team, but it beats him up even after 500 rounds. After a lot of research I'd like to find a Benelli 12 gauge over/under shotgun.
  2. he could hit, the problem was he hit everything
  3. Here's a question: the same people advocating defunding the police are the same ones that want law enforcement to run background checks and police gun and ammo purchases. That takes money, which tells.me the defunding the police movement is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.
  4. We need an angry button. We also need to vote a certain antigen party out of office at every level.
  5. With all that, it still was better than the time in Germany in the field and my canteens froze solid so no sanitation or drinking for a while
  6. One other thing: keep lots of water. 10 years ago I had bought 5 gallons of water in gallon jugs and kept them in the refrigerator for toilet use since they were so old. It works. My little voice (think Thomas magnum ) told me to buy a slat of water bottles last week. They helped us brush our teeth and helped me take a shower since everyone took theirs before telling me there was no water pressure and then no water. Cold water from a bottle makes you shiver when used to rinse off shampoo.
  7. in El Dorado he insisted that Mississippi draw and shoot fast and accurate. In The Shootist he let mr Rogers take steady and slow and accurate aim before shooting.
  8. I asked a while back for a hand pump as a backup but they won't do that. I took the opportunity to teach my children how to brush their teeth with very little water. I haven't had that much fun since I left the army. They didn't seem to appreciate it
  9. I'm thinking the same thing badlands . I could take a picture of the wires before taking it apart and then replace it.
  10. He got here at 8am. They have good service. The part he replaced was the pressure switch. The part I keep a heavy eye on. No dirt or bugs in it, just had corroded at the points. I had replaced it twice before and always caught it while it was working. This is the first time I didn't catch it in time as it was working good the day before. I didn't know what it does when it goes out completely. It is on a cement slab inside an insulated metal building. It gets real humid, as in 90% during a rain storm, which is why I run a dehumidifier in there. I need to find a better solution.
  11. Living in the country is wonderful, but one draw back is the well may not work one day. Today is that day. I check it periodically to make sure air pressure stays where it should and run a dehumidifier in the pump house to keep humidity down so the points don't rust. I checked it just yesterday and emptied the dehumidifier. Tonight , about the time everyone got their shower but me, when they went to brush their teeth, there was no water. The part that controls the air pressure is depressed all the way to the bottom and the pressure is zero. It will not move. It has a 350 gallon tank. I called the well people and they plan to get here first thing in the morning. I checked every outdoor faucet and did not find leaks so I wonder if it is the pump that went back or if the air pressure part went bad, did it over heat the pump. we shall see.
  12. Try the hornady lite with pink on the box. Excellent and accurate round and easy to shoot. Matter of fact tye baby glock 9mm prefers it while the sig 938 likes 124 grain
  13. The Kimber compact pro carry was not a good kimber. It jamed a lot after a couple of hundred rounds. I sold it. I don't trust kimber 1911s since then. I have shot the commander size and it has not jammed. You are right they are over priced.
  14. a jam in a semiauto is often easier to fix than in a revolver. I had a S and W governor once and didn't know it didn't like Rio brand 410 ammo and it locked up tight and took a while to clear. Ammo or other factors can cause a revolver cylinder to freeze up and you are stuck.
  15. I like the G44. The glock flashlight also fits.
  16. I liked the looks of the Kimber K6s 357 revolver but did not like the 900 price tag. I waited and found one used for 700. It is an accurate pistol. I used to lament it not having a hammer and longed for the hammer version but since then sometimes also carried a smith revolver with a hammer and dust and lint get into the hammer area. Not a problem for the hammer less Kimber. I often switch around and try other pistols but keep going back to the Kimber K6s. It absorbs recoil fairly well even though I do have the pinched nerve issue going on and can't shoot many 357s because of it.
  17. I like the ruger 9mm with moon clips idea chili Ron. The S and W version Holds more but it is too big for a pocket.
  18. A remington pocket with 32 caliber cartridge conversion in it is small and concealable. Maybe try that if you want to. I might try that for fun one day . I often have 2. It could be my second one. As finicky as cap and ball can be i doubt I'd try it with the cap and ball cylinder.
  19. Maybe because of it, some.of the "woke" out there will wake up and see they have been played for fools by the democrats
  20. I'm wondering how many alcoholics drink their hand sanitizer. I pulled over a guy once who drank bottles of rubbing alcohol because he needed a fast fix.
  21. if you keep a bottle of jack Daniel's in your car and declare it as hand sanitizer would you still be charged with open container? If you put it in a coozie marked BLM would that make it more legal?
  22. Some of the rioters also booed and cussed tge Portland mayor.
  23. He shot the same ammo in both. The state provides Federal #8 to the school.
  24. His shotgun only has the hard rubber thin pad, not much there.
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