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  1. I think that we all need to say some extra prayers for Utah Bob and his bride. Unless you are seeing the world through his eyes, you can not know the suffering and trouble. He has the added stress of not being able to take her home after each treatment and surround them both in familiar and comfortable surroundings. There are many in similar situations this day. Let us pray for them as well to the phycisian that knows all of His patients by name.
  2. I will check my stash tomorrow afternoon. I can't remember about the bumps.
  3. Put on freddy Kruger gloves or Edward scissorhands
  4. Would a 6.5 be good for swimming beavers or otters?
  5. How come you don't like the governor? It shoots 45lc and acp accurately and little recoil. 410 feels hefty but not the 45s.
  6. Maybe try the thunder ranch version of the Smith and wesson. It has rubber grips, a picatinny rail for a flashlight on bottom. 45acp is great with that one
  7. I might add that I partially based my statement on a gun dealer who sells sig and glocks and 1911s of many brands who also said his buyers want the sig but buy the glock because it is cheaper. I agree with him based on my own observations. Glocks are fine just not the same as sig.
  8. I've decided that the only kimber worth the price is the used k6s I bought. The 1911 is ok, but I had a pro carry ii compact that would jam after a couple of hundred rounds. Sig just plain knows how to get it done right. I had taken my 938 and put it up a while and carried the ruger lcp 22 for snakes put I decided yesterday that I don't like it that it automatically goes on safe when you chamber a round so I put it up. I think I will put the 938 back on.
  9. I've noticed that there are lots of glock owners who want a sig but settle for the glock because it is cheaper, not realizing that you get what you pay for. When I carried the colt double eagle I could qualify but had to focus. I bought a sig p220 and went to qualify and didn't even have to try. It was like the twilight zone episode #3 in season one where a peddler gave a colt saa to the town drunk and he would hit without even knowing he was going to shoot. Sig is just that good.
  10. For decades I was a 1911 fan. Mainly because I am a military weapons fan. I carried a colt double eagle 45acp , a double action version of the 1911, that I bought from my chief. He discouraged a 1911 as a carry because as a Vietnam veteran he had seen mishandled 1911 misfires. Then one day the department tried out the glock. Some officers had trouble with the ergonomics of the glock and couldn't shoot well with them. Since I collected military pistols and was familiar with the luger, it was not a problem for me. I bought one but only carried it a little while, trading it for a smith 686 to a deputy. I opted to carry the sig p220 in 45 for a while instead. I kept buying the 1911 for fun, and then the glock for giggles and because I missed my buddy who bought my glock 23 but died before paying for it. I got to really like the glock UNTIL I discovered the sig m17. A 21 round magazine sold me to it. It is more accurate than most of my 1911s and glocks. Holds more, has better ergonomics than a glock. It just really settled it for me. Sig: because sometimes glock just doesn't cut it
  11. From my understanding his character was based upon his grandfather?
  12. How about the couple in Illinois who had symptoms and tested for the virus and were so convinced they had it that the husband shot his wife in the head and then himself only later the test came back negative
  13. If he doesn't answer he may have died holding her hand
  14. My bank lobby is closed.drive thru only so I can wear what I want
  15. Some pecan trees I had ordered came. I add a few each year. I planted them and 3 peach trees I bought yesterday. At 6 we went on a state required stay at home order so I got on a side by side with one child and my wife on another with another child and the 2 older ones ride their ATV between us and we went 3 miles down the road and filled every ATV and all the gas and diesel cans we have for farm work tomorrow.
  16. A full auto m16 with m203 grenade launcher attached A sig m17 Mossberg 590
  17. Maybe her version of weapons trained is she saw an airsoft match on tv once
  18. A couple of weeks ago I recall someone in government was asked what we could do and he replied buy toilet paper and bottled water. That didn't help either. It was a way to get people to the store so the economy keeps moving just like after 9-11 Bush said go buy duct tape and plastic sheeting to get us out of the house as the economy was in danger of shutting down then too
  19. How does the. 223 wylde compare with a regular. 223? Nice rifle
  20. In my county we have 0 infections but in my county is a small Chrstian college and a dairy queen and subway. Not much else. In the county beside me are 3 cases on each side and 0 in the ones above and below. The state has 4400 or so. Georgia needs to get back to work but instead we go to a stay at home order Friday.
  21. Problem is that if you have gold coins, unless you have a coin shop , no one will take it, not even the bank. A pawn shop may give you 70% of its value. If a neighbor took it, are you really going to pay 1500 for a loaf of bread because I doubt they'll have change?
  22. I worry about local businesses that will never reopen. I worry about farmers too. A farmer sometimes sells locally only now his customers are closed. Meanwhile there are areas with little to no infections that are being treated like new York city unnecessarily.
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