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  1. My dad said to the VA that he kept seeing some people from Vietnam but he stopped seeing them after he shot them. She told my mom to get rid of the guns as he was homicidal and suicidal. She said she did but kept them anyway. I don't think they have a clue
  2. I just read on cnbc.com that bass pro is buying sportsmans warehouse. I haven't bought from them in a while but hate it for them to be bought by bass pro.
  3. I can only imagine. I get worried about vets who file for disability due to ptsd. I fear they do not understand the consequences besides maybe a monthly check. Personally I doubt I have ptsd.
  4. I do know when I got to basic training, it was a piece of cake. My dad bounced quarters off my bed growing up and looked for hospital corners and if my pants seams were not lined up on the hanger, everything was jerked off the hanger. I kept waiting for the drill sergeant to do the same and they never did. They'd yell but my dad was better at it. I noticed two football coaches yell at my son for two 10 yard penalties in a row and my son didn't realize they were yelling at home, so I might be doing something right.
  5. I'm watching Perry Mason and a Wounded Warior Project commercial came on and the little girl described how they were late for school and her dad started yelling at her and the dad said he went full on drill sergeant. Suddenly my wife chuckles and comments "They act like it is unusual " . I'm thinking I was raised that way as before my dad went to Vietnam he was a drill sergeant. I thought full on drill sergeant was how it was done. Now I find out full on drill sergeant is ptsd. That also means my dad must have had ptsd. Recently my mom let me rea
  6. but you have a 99.5% of living through it, without the vaccine. isn't that better odds for the lottery? my experience though may be different but I don't do well with some vaccines
  7. I wouldn't get it from the first two companies, people are having heart problems from it and bells palsy. Wait for the slower companies then decide. The cdc said we all will get the virus but most will never show symptoms but the vaccine has been shown already to give you symptoms. Why give yourself symptoms for a virus that may never bother you? If others are worried, let them get the vaccine. I never get the flu vaccine anymore because of what it dies to me and how my kids react when they getthe flu vaccine, I figure this us no different plus in GA of the o
  8. Sorry for the extra number , we were in IHOP for our annual Christmas hot cocoa and got interrupted. I fixed it now.
  9. My local gun store has 2, one of them with stainless barrel and black stock. Brantleys marine and gun vidalia, ga. I can look up their number for you if you want to call them. The owner is my neighbor. Tell him michael meek sent you
  10. I probably don't need the entire kit but would not mind the speed loader for a fast reload if around the woods or in town.
  11. I am not fond of the gold bead either, I can pick up the red fiber optic but the gold bead is hard sometimes. Is there a way to check cylinder gap without a gauge?
  12. Ive often wondered why the judge is so popular but the Governor is not as much. I've never heard complaints about the Governor but have heard some about the taurus. I also wonder if the judge is as finicky about 410 ammo as the Governor is. My Governor does not like RIO brand, but loves Remington and Winchester.
  13. Gee wiz, I thought when I posted 44.40 for a third of that I was gouging
  14. I got to try out a smith and wesson model 63 in 22lr today. That is a really nice revolver. A smooth trigger and solid fiber optic front sight, not a cheap easily broken one. It would make a good companion to the 22 mag revolver out there. I like the 8 round capacity. Zero recoil. My mom should buy it instead of the 38 tge gun store talked her into before she moved by me.
  15. Dixie gun works has some as mine just came in mail.
  16. Along with my son needing shoulder surgery we had two weird accidents this week. My wife was relating a story to me about our dogs when suddenly her rubber soled shoe froze in place and she fell face first. She caught herself with both hands. The result though was a fractured elbow and both wrist sprained. She now has one arm in a sling and both wrist in a brace. THEN, my daughter asked me if I'm in a good mood to tell me when she was going to her dual enrollment class the day before a group of ducks were in the road at the school that another driver stired up a
  17. I found one today. A browning pump 410. My local store has one that just came in 699. We R Arming America has it. I can give you the number if you want. In vidalia, ga. Great place to do business.
  18. If I could figure out how to ship and you didn't mind blackpowder loads I have 490 rounds, mostly GOEX blackdawg $32 a box plus shipping.
  19. since I am mainly coking steaks and burgers a weber will be fine but if I want to do a turkey, the green egg would be better?
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