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  1. 1 minute ago, Diamond Jake said:

    One of my best buddies was healthy as an ox at Christmas.  Mid January he caught the Covid...he died a couple weeks ago.


    I grieve him daily.

    I know.  We lost one at the church I pastor.  She had breathing problems for years, rarely went anywhere and if she or her husband went somewhere they wore gloves and a mask.  After not getting her hair done for a year, she wore the mask and gloves and got her hair done, got the virus and in 2 weeks she passed.  It happened right after Christmas.  My main thought is to spread the news that cases are down even though the news headlines say the opposite.  

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  2. I have a fever to buy lately but want to limit it to things I don't have, like a 44-40 lever action, something with a red dot or something I have wanted for a long time, like a Wilson Combat AR-15.  


    Having said that, are Wilson AR-15 that much better than normal AR15 like the S & W sporting model for example?  A local gunsmith called Vidalia Police Supply builds AR15s with criterion barrels, 2 stage triggers some of the same things a Wilson would have and his are really more accurate than a good S & W or Colt.  Another local store has 2 Wilson's in stock in 5.56 for 1900.  the local guy charges 950.  A S & W is around 800 , same for a Ruger.

  3. 1 hour ago, Four-Eyed Buck,SASS #14795 said:

    Check some of the more populous states with huge cities in them. Cali, New York, Penn., maybe Ill. , numbers are much scarier there:blush:

    Yes but we should not base how the rest of the country acts based on isolated areas. 

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  4. In Georgia,  the state said we had 954 new cases and 2 deaths yesterday.  Thus far in total, less than 8% of the population in our state has gotten the virus in over a year's time.  Less than one percent has died from it.  

  5. I never owned a red dot sight.  I worry about dead batteries and not being able to use the iron sights in an emergency.   


    Today I saw a Sig 365 XL with factory red dot.  It gave me a hankering for a red dot .  Before I decide , does anyone have experience with the 365 ?  Is there a better option out there?

  6. We had a sleep number bed for years and liked it but my side leaked a little and she snored a lot so we bought the newer model that let's me raise her head if she snores (not the automatic one).  The snores have dropped off considerably.   


    The bed has an app that follows your sleep pattern.   It monitors heart and breathing and tells you the best time to exercise and when you are most alert based on your sleep. 


    Once you tell the app the number of hours sleep you plan to get, it scores you the next day.  If your goal is 8 hours,  it scores you based on how many hours in bed, how long to get to sleep and if you got up.  One night my wife was sick , slept until 230am.  Slept in the recliner until 6am and in bed until 630.  Her score was a 9.  Usually she scores 80.  


    The other day the app noticed I had not met my goal and actually suggested I lower my goal to meet my actual sleep habits.   I guess the next time I fail at something I should lower my expectations.   

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  7. For years I refer to my cars and especially my trucks as a girl.  Whenever I gun the engine to pass someone or get out of someones way, I rub the dashboard and tell her "good girl".  What if my truck identifies as a guy?  will it shut down on my one day out of anger that I mis-gendered it?

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  8. Tonight gunsmoke had a fellow selling elixir.  One poor victim was over 80 with a weak heart that doc adams told to stay in bed.  His son brought the snake oil salesman to his dad.


    His dad bought some bottles, not knowing they contained opium.  He thought he was 40 again and went out to plow his field.  


    His mind said he was 40 again,  but his heart knew better.  The snake oil salesman was run out of town and accused of murder.  

  9. Watching the end of The Virginian Incident at Diablo crossing.  An old man was shot in the leg by a calvary carbine.  Before medical attention he hobbled over to Trampas and sat down, after a  bandage he hobbled off using a cane.   No wonder we lost at Big Horn, we used weak rifles.  

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  10. I carry a benchmade clipped to my front pocket.   A lady at a church I pastored was offended by my knife so she bought me a mini Swiss knife without a Clip so I could carry it in my pocket.   I sometimes forgot and carried the benchmade anyway,  other times I put the benchmade in my pocket until church was over.

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  11. A dr at John Hopkins said the virus will have run its lifespan by April.  Why get a vaccine for something that might be gone in 2 months?  


    I have been exposed to it and didn't get it, and got the antibody test afterwards and it came back negative,  why get a vaccine for something I may not get?  

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  12. Down here there are virtually zero cases and only a handful of deaths,  mostly in the nursing home.   We have the only walmart and lowes for several counties and thankfully to God still have barely any cases.  If I lived in Atlanta I might feel differently but what highlights the oddity to me was we left her at our house where she wore a mask but ate our food that we cooked and breathed on while serving it and went to a school dance where the lunch room was full of people and only 3 wore mask.  In the gym we all stood in line for pictures and only the 3 taking care of photos wore the mask, we all stood in line without them.  Add to it, a study showed 87% of those who get the virus wear mask.  My own experience confirms it, those wearing mask get the virus more often than those who do not.  

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